Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recovery is NOT so fun

So its been 10 days since I have ran and its slowly getting to me. I've been trying to keep busy and its easy to do that but it doesn't take my mind off of the fact that I still feel everything in the groin"ish" and hip area. I need to get out and do something because all my thoughts are getting clogged up and its causing some ruckus...and not the fun "Let the wild ruckus begin" type! I plan on swimming tomorrow am (notice the word plan...), and hopefully I can bike on Friday. Friday pm, after I bring the kids to their new "Meet the Animals" class, I will be seeing Jason, Mr. PT genius. Best thing that will happen all week...he better have that positive and hopeful face on...or sh&t is going down!
Questions for my PT genius:
*How long till I start feeling pain free
*Will it heal permanently?
*Why did it say Stress Fracture on the script when the Dr. told me it wasn't a stress fracture yet?
*What can I do at home?
*Am I hurting it or helping it when I push in on the hip bone where it hurts lol...he will laugh at this one.
*When would he run if he was me...
*What can I do to prevent this from happening again?

If you have any other advice on what I can ask...let me know. I will update you with the answers when I find out. Until then, I will stretch and continue to push in on my hip bone. lol.


  1. Oh boy. This sucks for you. I fractured my shin last year. My doc said 16 weeks (and I'd already started to heal before I saw him). But that was in my shin, so it might be different. I really focused on strength during that time and getting my weight down -- the recumbent bike and elliptical were allowed and that's what got me through it. Hope you get some good news.

    BTW-I used Jeff Galloway's marathon plan because it was slow and easy following my injury. Run/walk method. Loooooong training schedule. Builds up and backs off. Perfect for coming back from injury. :)

  2. Thanks Kerrie! I will check out Galloway's plan...I was going to do Higdon but we'll see which is better for now with this "almost" stress fracture!


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