Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blog Help...

I'm in need of some blog help! Here are a few of my questions:

1. Why can't I see my followers? I haven't been able to for at least two days. When you look at my blog are you able to see the followers?

2. How do you cross out words when you are writing? I only have the bold and italics font choices??!!

3. If someone could please explain the "Links to this Post" on the bottom of the page...that would be helpful ;)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Much love from,
The Sick Girl!


  1. okay..using a new browser so i fixed the first problem!

  2. #2: When you are writing a post, there are two tabs at the top right corner: "Compose" and "Edit HTML." To "strike out" words, you will need to click on "Edit HTML." I wanted to write it out for you, but Blogger thinks I'm trying to write HTML in this comment and won't let me. Here's a link to some instructions on it:

    #3: No clue. Ha!

    Get better soon!

  3. With Blogger, you should see an ABC button next the Bold and Italic buttons. That's the strikethrough.

    I think the Links to this post is for others to make links to your blog from there links list.

  4. I can see your followers :) Not sure on the others. Oh and u didnt miss my's still going on for a week!

  5. As far as your blog questions go, focus in on your 'Dashboard' when you log into blogger. Your Dashboard is your portal to the blogger world. Lots of neat stuff.

    You will find your Followers, the blogs YOU follow, the blogs that you write, and much more.

    When you create a 'new post' pay attention to all the 'text formatting' buttons above where you write your post. Its a bunch of buttons that almost look like a word processing program. Lots of neat stuff there.

    Goodluck. (And if you have time check out my blog)

  6. here's another problem...I can't see my title anymore! Can you?????? So annoying!

  7. I can see your 'post' title (Blog Help) and your 'blog title' ('Running' In the Right Direction), but if you have any background image behind the title words, it is not visible.

  8. Go to my blog and search livewriter. It's the best program for authoring your blog and I have a tutorial on how to get started using it.


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