Friday, April 20, 2012


The last post where I complained about that "funky" run and how I was all disappointed....well lesson learned and I love every minute of it.  I think the best part of all races is the training you go through FOR the race.  I learned a valuable lessons with those two runs...

*1 You can hit the wall on a training day. You don't just hit it in a race.
*What you put into your body is what you get out....literally and figuratively.  I didn't prep for that difficult pace run. I just expected my body to do it because I pulled out a half the weekend before.  IT JUST DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT.  I really love these lessons..and I annoyingly use them everyday in my classroom.  I mean isn't it the truth of life.  You get what you put into it?  I took advantage of my body and it said "Yeah?! Ya, think?  I think NOT."  I was so glad to even be able to recognize this and not stay in my funk...blogging about it helped that.  Plus it didn't help when these little green monsters knocked on our door with their "thanks for giving" delivery!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Buyer Beware!

*A lot of comments mentioned that I shouldn't be running that much...but honestly...I IS what the program said.  It IS why I ran 14 miles on Sunday and then went walking around Epcot with my family.  What isn't it the program that I made a mistake with is running it at my hardest...I am supposed to run a certain pace though....which is what I am still learning working my ass off to try and figure out This pace stuff is hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had a hard time regulating my pace so ran pretty fast in the start and then bonked in the miles I always bonk in...8-10. 

*  I also realized that you have to choose one goal at a time...or prioritize a few.  I can't beat myself up for time when I am still working on not stopping. I really liked when I read in "Train Like a Mother" (highly recommend), that they describe their goals as good, better and best. 
good- being a time goal
better-how you run the race...form, mental toughness, focus
best- finishing! and reminding yourself you are doing what only 4.2 percent of Americans have the motivation and courage to do (FROM TRAIN LIKE  A MOTHER)

So training continues and it HASN'T gone as perfectly as I have planned...but I can't and won't expect it to.  I'm a mom, a teacher and a wife...and a homemaker, and a get the point.  I hit a PR which is huge for me and I will make that sub 2 goal...if not in May...then by September.  I think we all learned a valuable lesson from all those troopers that ran, mother nature happens...a good runner rolls with it!


  1. WEll SAID my friend...well said! whoo hoo!!

    I think everyone learned a HUGE lesson from Boston that will be carried around for quite awhile! We are, or most of us are, everyday, working, raising children, doing laundry, carpooling, sports, music lessons etc...we can't get caught up in the "perfectionism" that we want when we run, bike, swim...whatever we do.

    Life happens...mother nature**t happens...We do the BEST with it we can. And quite times I may consider that a PR ;)

  2. Wow...I so needed to see this post right now. Thanks! :)

  3. You've got such a great perspective! Training rarely (never?) goes exactly as planned, but we tackle it as best we can and there is lots of learning in the process.

  4. I am so glad that you have bounced back from that run. I knew you would! Those crappy runs are the best. :)

    Also, I am cracking up over here -- "Train Like A Mother" says only FOUR POINT TWO Americans have run marathons? ;) You really ARE part of the fleet elite!!!!

  5. Thanks for the editing marie! I'm hoping everyone knew what I meant. I will have to have you edit my posts...BEFORE! :)


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