Friday, April 15, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Okay, I just died of laughter watching this clip that Runner Dude posted on his blog. If you have ever run a long distance race you know that all of these things are totally true thoughts and its hysterical how he does it. I found the splashing of the water particulary funny because my first half...I think I did that at every station to get myself out of a state of shock!

Oh and good luck to those blog runners that are running Boston! Can't wait to read your posts!!

I had to take off the clip because it was messing up my page layout...just click on the Runner Dudes link to see it...its worth the 3 second click!


  1. That was really funny! Been there... but not with that many miles. "Don't pants your poop!"

  2. lol! Maria..yes i think i remember you telling me that story!


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