Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PT Who? PT What?

So, I went to PT last night and pretty much got scolded.  Suprisingly, it wasn't for trying to run those two miles.  It was more for some quirky things I've been doing to try and "help" myself.  So here are some suggestions and updates...
  • Stop doing side hip thrusts in class while you are teaching lol.  This is not a normal thing to do and you shouldn't be trying to pop your hip out to make it feel better.
  • Stop carrying your 30ish pound son on the "hip ledge" you make with your body.  You'll see from the picture below...I obviously know that is not the best thing to do because it was obviously hurting- which is why Lucas is about to fall off my hip lol.

  • Ice not on bare skin.  20-25 minutes per night or two times a day. 
  • Keep up with anti-inflammatory med
  • Do stretches
  • Start band excercises while always using lower ab muscles
  • Be aware of posture
  • Use foam roller
  • Don't hang out with CC on your lunch break her problems may rub off on you
  • Go back to doctor for a second script for MRI on the hip...WHAT!?$#!   
I mean really people ? I can do all of those things but another MRI? Ugh....the appointment is on Monday at 3....wish me luck again but this time do it more tears, fractures or whatever else can happen!
on a more positive note...I do feel so much better after she adjusted something in my back...hmm...

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  1. oh man oh man...definitely thinking of you for monday. sending as much positivity your way as I can find within me!

    I agree...I always seem to be doing things to "sabotage" myself and then after I am like...yeah I don't know why I did that. ughhhh. I am my own worst enemy! pulling for you to get through all this!

  2. Ill take in some of your advice--I need to get my act together too--perhaps start with seeing a PT. I know, Im a dork! You are so going to get through it- MRI, SCHEMRI is what I say (<;

  3. Don't ALL moms do that side hip ledge hold the kid thing??? I sure hope the MRI goes well and you get the all clear to run again soon. Hang in there!! Hugs :)

  4. Why another MRI? Do they think something else is going on? Boooooooooooo.

    On another note -- look at the little lady in hat and gloves!!! Sooooooo cute. And I love your dress! You may be injured, but at least you look great! :) (Wow. I think my mom just possessed me for a second there.)

  5. Oh the dreaded hip ledge. Add meto the guilty as charged group. All the best for the MRI. Glad the adjustment felt good!

  6. I've always carried children on my "hid ledge"!
    Good luck on Monday, sending positive vibes your way!

  7. So frustrating!! I hope you get some answers soon! Also, I posted the answer to your question in my post yesterday make sure you check it out and if you have any questions just shoot me an email! Wishing you a speedy recovery!!!

  8. I had to go back and do a catch up here on your injury so I knew what was going on. I hope you heal quickly and the MRI is a positive one. (Have you tried the aqua slogging? It's at least something to make you pretend you are still running.)

  9. it is aqua jogging. email me and i'll tell you all about it. morgan is currently the reigning champ. ;)


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