Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last Day for the Giveaway!

So todays post is really going to be a reminder....
That's it for now....beautiful day out and busy living so I'll catch up with the blog world later!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Five!!!!!

Love me some random posts so I will be changing my Friday Foto to my Friday Five....maybe I'll throw in a Foto or two...

1.  Had another PT session yesterday.  Jason recommended me not going to PT tomorrow until I get the next MRI.  The reason being that we don't want my insurance to run out especially if this hip MRI turns out to show the root of the problem.   He also suggested me not do my second tri training class on Sunday.  Really Jason? Cause now you're getting on my not-so-good-side!  I'll be honest.  I'm not to sure if I am going to listen to him yet...we'll see.

2.  Watching snippets of the Royal Wedding. That Kate makes me want to get married again and get a dress that looks just like that...I mean how much could it be?  10 Grand?  20?  She looks fab-u-loso.  (I made that up..just in case you were wondering)

3.  Tomorrow I have my Tri Training class.  I am able to do it because it doesn't include the running.  PT was a bit skeptical if I should even do the bike but I gave a look to kill (see #1) and he agreed that I could try it. 

4.  Throw away or save?  What's your take on clothes that don't fit.  Do I just get up and get rid of them?  I'm thinking I will keep one size larger than I am but then get rid of the rest.  I'm thinking that will be a subtle warning that momma's having a bit too many slices of pizza.

5.  Speaking of pizza... Take a look at this bad boy.  I'm able to eat pizza now since my cleanse is done.  I have to say it does give me a bit of a headache body is like what's this? But my mouth is like come to momma you warm little slice of heaven!

New York Pizza Folks...mmm mmm good!

Getting to know you...Getting to know all about you...
So a little addition that I would like to add sometimes is a little q&A that I've seen on other blogs.  It lets you get to know the blogger more and it cracks me up to see some of the comments on these so I would like to join in on the fun! I'll answer the questions...and then you do the same.  That's if you want to of course...if not, then you suck that's okay too!
Do you always listen to the advice you get from Doctors? 
Yes.  Okay, No.  I was going to lie but people that really know me know this isn't true.  Sometimes I feel like hmm maybe they are wrong or that I know my body best.  \Sometimes I'm right and then sometimes...not so much. 

If you had your wedding over is there anything you would change?  Would you still choose the same style rings, dress etc?
Um...No, No, and NO. Lmao...I'm laughing because if I didn't I would cry!  As I was picking up my shrimp cocktail and placing it in my mouth someone threw a punch at my wedding and started an all out Mafia style fight!  I mean really people?? So 1- I wouldn't invite those people.  2- My dress was way too heavy and I think I would definitely NOT opt for a strapless again.  I really did like Kates dress...I would choose that one. 

When you lose or gain weight do you get rid of or save the clothes??
I'm thinking I'll save one size up and go shopping tomorrow to buy some new fitting clothes.

What is your favorite food? Breakfast, lunch and dinner?
Breakfast- I have to say I do enjoy my shakes.  If I had to choose another I would say an egg sandwich with cheese.
Lunch-  I mean if we are talking favorites and you could just eat whatever you want, whenever you want...I think I would say a roast beef sandwich with auj us and mozzarella- toasted with garlic. YUMMY.
Dinner- Pizza or shrimp fra diavalo.

So what about you folks...???

Remember two more days until GU giveaway is OVER!
GU Giveaway Post

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PT Who? PT What?

So, I went to PT last night and pretty much got scolded.  Suprisingly, it wasn't for trying to run those two miles.  It was more for some quirky things I've been doing to try and "help" myself.  So here are some suggestions and updates...
  • Stop doing side hip thrusts in class while you are teaching lol.  This is not a normal thing to do and you shouldn't be trying to pop your hip out to make it feel better.
  • Stop carrying your 30ish pound son on the "hip ledge" you make with your body.  You'll see from the picture below...I obviously know that is not the best thing to do because it was obviously hurting- which is why Lucas is about to fall off my hip lol.

  • Ice not on bare skin.  20-25 minutes per night or two times a day. 
  • Keep up with anti-inflammatory med
  • Do stretches
  • Start band excercises while always using lower ab muscles
  • Be aware of posture
  • Use foam roller
  • Don't hang out with CC on your lunch break her problems may rub off on you
  • Go back to doctor for a second script for MRI on the hip...WHAT!?$#!   
I mean really people ? I can do all of those things but another MRI? Ugh....the appointment is on Monday at 3....wish me luck again but this time do it more tears, fractures or whatever else can happen!
on a more positive note...I do feel so much better after she adjusted something in my back...hmm...

**Remember the GU GIVEAWAY ENDS MAY 1st!***

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holy Water and a Prayer

We received holy water from the church on Easter Sunday which  my daughter Brooke went up to the altar to get.  She must have left it in the backseat overnight.  Today we were on our way to a park and this is the conversation that took place:
Brooke- Mom, I am thirsty can I take a drink?

mom (me)  I can't reach your water bottle right now I am driving.  When we get to the park I will get it for you. 

Brooke-It's okay I have water mom. 

I look in the rear view mirror to see her prying open the holy water to squirt into her mouth! 

Mom- Brooke no! That water is not for drinking that water is used for blessing...kind of like praying. 

She looks at the bottle and says Oh. 

Brooke- This water is for God praying?

Mom- Yes, people sometimes use it when they are praying or when they are being blessed, they make the sign of the cross on their forehead with the water.  We did it to you when you were christened. 

Brooke- Oh so its to put on your head and pray with ?

Mom- (little chuckle)Yes, kind of like that.

(long quiet pause so I continue driving)
I look in the rear view mirror to find her squirting a bit on her head while whispering....)

Brooke- God,  I pray for you to bring my grandma out of heaven. 

;(...Brooke never met her Grandma Johnson but we try to talk to her about her grandparents as much as possible.  They would have really enjoyed eachother... 
This post is dedicated to my mother-in-law, who unfortunately I never got to meet.

Monday, April 25, 2011

My First Baby Step

So you all read my post yesterday about my head being in a fog.  I appreciate all the comments, helpful thoughts and notes of understanding.  Rome wasn't built in a day and I'm not quite out of the rut yet either but I'm working on it, and if you know me at all, you know I'm really working on it.  Good things come with time, patience and work.  I'm sure this rut is a good thing and I feel like if you don't sit in the bad, you'll never see the good.

With that said, today I went out for my first run in four weeks.  No, the run wasn't doctor approved and I wasn't positive that it was a good thing to do, but mentally I had to try it.  I promised myself I would stop with any really sharp, horrible pain.  I'm pretty sure that once I was thinking that that type of pain could possibly happen I probably should have made the decision not to try it yet. But I did.  

Now, I'm guessing you are you expecting to me to say I flew like the wind, soared through the streets with a smile on my face and was brought to tears by the warm breeze whisking through my hair? Absolutely-NOT!  The first thing I started thinking was "Am I doing the right thing?  How do I know? How bad should it hurt?  I felt that twinge-did you feel that twinge? How bad of a twinge should you stop yourself from running? Should I call the Doctor and make sure I couldn't have made it worse?  Will they do another xray? Will they do another MRI?  I better make sure to walk in between this run."  I started thinking about my first runs and then I thought about Dina who was just starting out again after not running for quite some time.  This was hard. 

It took work, a lot of work, to get where I was and I realized in that moment,  that the day-by-day worry of mileage, who I was running with, where I was running and pace blah blah, I lost the appreciation of all the hard work, sweat and sometimes tears it took me to get there. There being a place where I could confidently call myself a runner.  I realized that part of my rut is the feeling of being humbled by my injury.  Now, to many, I may not be the best runner, the fastest runner. I have never placed in a race and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be the next BQ'er  BUT I worked hard to get where I was at and I'm  proud of it!

So, here I am again feeling like a beginner and as much as I hate it, I love it.  I'm not pain free so I am going to take it very easy.  I did only 2 miles today at an extremely slow pace.  I'm confused on what to do next but I will ask tons of questions tomorrow at PT and I would like to pick your brains also!  I'm happy I got out there even though it wasn't was a start..and you have to start somewhere.

1.  When you had your first run after an injury did the injured area feel sore?  Is this a good, bad, ugly or normal thing?  
2.  Besides ice, anti-inflammatory pills, stretching and rest do you have any other suggestions?
3.  Do the twinges ever totally go away?
4.  Should it hurt? (I think I know what you'll say to this)

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Head in a Fog

I feel like I've been in a whirlwind lately. I can't put my finger on it but at the same moment, if I force myself to think about it...I can. It's kind of like Amanda describes in this post- Hitting the Reset buttonon her blog Runninghood. I just feel like I'm not giving 100% in all areas right now, especially the areas I want to be. I know I've been going through a lot-the flu, pelvic injury blah blah...I am also tired of the excuses for the rut. I need to sit down and figure out what I am going to do to help myself out of it. How am I going to be more proactive to get myself running again without relying solely on the PT's, how am I going to get things done at work without become stressed and just making every deadline, how will I make my house run smoother?! I also feel like my rope is shorter with the kids, again Amanda speaks about the same thing. I know the right things to do, I know the right things to say but jeez some days it is just so, so hard. So my job now is to sit down, refocus, reset, get the jist. Wish me luck!
(oh yeah another thought...I am wondering if this has anything to do with finishing my cleanse...I have yet to tell you about that because I'm pulling a few pictures, materials, etc together before I post.   We'll see..)
Question and reminder and update:
*Have you ever been in a rut? If so, what helps you most to get out?
* GU giveaway ends May 1st!
* I finally figured out how to change the color of font, add the strikethrough, see isn't it cool!  I apparently didn't have the updated version of Blogger!  Who knew!?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Review and GIVEAWAY!

So as many of you know, I was sick for a week and haven't been able to do much activity. This was killing me because on Saturday I received a FedEx package filled with my first review product from Devon at OutsiderPR. I couldn't wait to get up and do something as it was and now this package kept calling my name..."try me, get up, get better..." I received samples of GU Chomps and GU Gel.
Here is B and I sorting the fun treats!

As I try some of the flavors and products out I will write what I the meantime I will be running my first giveaway! First, about the product....then scroll down to hear the review and how to put in for the give away!GU Chomps
GU Chomps deliver the premium ingredients and performance benefits you've come to expect from
GU Energy products:
• Amino acids for added focus, rippin' energy and speedy recovery.
• Vitamin C + E, those mighty antioxidants that combat tissue breakdown.
• Sodium and potassium to restore electrolyte balance.
• Exclusive blend of complex and simple carbohydrates.

GU Energy Gel
A shot of fast-acting natural fructose (fruit sugar) goes straight to work building your energy levels back up while the maltodextrin is quickly absorbed and sent to your muscles. Vital electrolytes keep your blood chemistry in line and hydration levels stable. Calcium keeps your muscles humming and caffeine adds an extra kick to your power.
Complex carbs in the form of maltodextrin (70-80% of the complex/simple carbohydrates blend) help you maintain glucose levels over time. Citrates (potassium citrate, sodium citrate and citric acid) help speed the conversion of these carbs into energy molecules and mitigate performance-sapping acid build-up in muscles. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, valine and isoleucine, serve as another fuel source, aid in recovery and can improve mental performance and reduce fatigue by limiting the central nervous system’s production of serotonin. Histidine, an essential amino acid, acts alongside the citrates as a buffer that helps neutralize lactic acid build-up in muscles.
Antioxidant vitamins C & E defend muscles from assault by free radicals. Chamomile works as an anti-inflammatory during and after exercise. Ginger soothes the stomach. Sea salt supplies a host of minerals

GU RoctaneRoctane
* GU's superior mix of complex and simple carbohydrates that provide quick and sustained energy, electrolytes for replenishment and caffeine to tap more power and diminish pain.
*increased the amount of histidine, an essential amino acid, to act as a buffer and slow the energy-sapping acid build-up in muscles.
*mixed in higher levels of citrates (potassium citrate, sodium citrate, and citric acid) to help speed the conversion of carbohydrates into energy molecules and, like histidine, help mitigate acid build-up.
*added more of the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, valine and isoleucine to serve as another fuel source, aid in recovery and help maintain mental focus and reduce fatigue by limiting the central nervous system's production of serotonin.
*added a new ingredient, the amino acid complex Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (OKG) which limits the body's tendency to break down muscle protein tissue during extremely hard training and racing days. OKG keeps you going longer and promotes a speedier recovery.

I am going to break the reviews into a few different posts. I can't be eating a bunch of chomps and gel during the day or Scott will really start to lose his hair. (quietly lmao).
The first product I tried was GU Chomps in the Bluberry Pomegranate flavor. At first bite I wasn't sure about it, it seemed like it had no taste but after a few chews...I realized hmm this may actually be a good thing. I am used to to eating Clif Shot Bloks for my long runs. I liked them but sometimes it was way too sweet and would hurt my stomach. I preferred the lighter taste of the GU and it didn't bother my stomach like the Bloks.
A habit I learned from the Hub...smell it before you taste it! lol

Notice how I needed TWO arms to hold it up before I took the after I could hold it up with just my pinky!

My Thoughts
*GU Chomps are lighter/smoother on taste which I think is a good thing especially on a long run. They remind me a lot of Welches Fruit Snaks.
*They seemed easier to chew
*Was able to take 3 and powered through a swim workout( BTW 16 LAPS without stopping..which, if you've been reading is really good for me!)
*I like to chew and these do the trick without getting stuck in your teeth
*My only suggestion would be to have a sort of ziplocky thing ont he packaging if you don't finish it all at once.

Now your turn! To enter the GU samples giveaway please
1. Post if you have ever tried a GU product and what you thought of it, favorites etc. (1 Entry)
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May 1st deadline!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

She's Crafty! Easter Fun!

Alittle bit of mommy, alittle bit of running and here's a bit of my crafty teacher side (not that any mommy or daddy can't whip this up in the blink of an eye!Its no Picasso!). The kids are home today and I'm feeling a lot better. Not 100% yet but don't worry Miss Brooke is making sure I wear a mask so I don't get her sick!

First paint the plate whatever color you want your bunny to be. Stick a bippy in the mouth if they might choose to eat the paint instead of paint with the paint.

You can paint the ears if you choose. I like to use the sponge brushes. Its easier for them to paint a large surface.

Put tiny spots of glue on the plate and then stick a cotton ball on top of the glue.

Staple, glue or tape the ears on. You can tape a popsickle stick on the back of the plate so they can hold it like a puppet. The bigger sticks are better.

The final product! Cute, fun and easy!

or...It could look like this! Take a deep breath if you are Type A lol...he worked hard! I love it!!!!

Here's the craft and here's what you'll need if you want to do it:
2 white plates
Cotton balls
googley eyes
Fuzzy Wire/Fuzzy Pipe Cleaner
Popsickle sticks (not needed)

Monday, April 18, 2011

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Boston has started....Lets go Kara Goucher!

Mommy Monday

I miss my kiddies. The hub has put me in quarantine for the past few days with this high fever. Brooke is staying at my moms and Lucas came home for the night only because he wakes every morning at 2...we didn't want my parents to go into shock. I am so annoyed but at the same time thankful that this happened over my vacation. I would have had to take a lot of days off! I feel bad because I talked up this week a lot ..."we're going to have so much fun together!" and now I can't even be near them! Here are a few of my faves that make me smile...

Brooke having a tea party with some of her favorites...too cute.


Lucas LOVES, LOVES making smoothies. It's probably his favorite thing to play with...go figure!

Here we are at the St. Patty's day parade in our town

Sunday, April 17, 2011

JackRabbit NYC

Looking forward to feeling better and going to this event! Can't wait to run around like a kid in a candy shop!

Friday, April 22nd Overview
12:00 PM – 12:30 PM Run for the Rabbit: Meet the Runners
12:30 PM – 1:00 PM Get Started Running (From 0 to 3 miles)
1:00 PM – 1:30 PM Do your First Marathon or Half Marathon
1:30 PM – 2:00 PM Good Form Running
2:00 PM – 2:30 PM Run a faster & more enjoyable marathon
2:30 PM – 3:00 PM Yoga & Pilates for Runners
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Preventing Common Running Injuries
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Ragnar Relay Info Session
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Matt Long
6:00 PM – 6:30 PM Break
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM Team in Training Join the Team event ($$)

Saturday, April 23rd Overview
Expo Floor Lecture Area
10:00 AM – 10:30 AM Get Started Running (From 0 to 3 mi)
10:30 AM – 11:00 AM Do Your First Half (From 5 to 13.1 mi)
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM Do Your First Triathlon
11:30 AM – 12:00 PM Do Your First Ultra (from 13.1 to 30-50 mi)
12:00 PM – 12:30 PM Athlete’s Plate
12:30 PM – 1:00 PM Stonger Feet: Running in Less Shoe
1:00 PM – 1:30 PM Run a Faster & More Enjoyable Marathon
1:30 PM – 2:00 PM Compression for Performance & Recovery
2:00 PM – 2:30 PM Good Form Running
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Preventing Common Running Injuries
3:30 PM – 4:00 PM Do your First Triathlon
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM NYC Running Scene with
5:00 PM – 5:45 PM Nutrition for Runners and Triathletes

Second Floor
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM Scott Jurek
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM Runners Health for Women
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM Minimalist Running Panel Discussion
2:30 PM – 3:00 PM Break
3:00 PM – 6:00 PM NYC Clubs and Races Expo

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blog Help...

I'm in need of some blog help! Here are a few of my questions:

1. Why can't I see my followers? I haven't been able to for at least two days. When you look at my blog are you able to see the followers?

2. How do you cross out words when you are writing? I only have the bold and italics font choices??!!

3. If someone could please explain the "Links to this Post" on the bottom of the page...that would be helpful ;)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Much love from,
The Sick Girl!

A Must Read

So after writing the previous entry I happened upon this kind of goes along the same line of what I was saying. I loved the post and wanted to share...enjoy.Does it Matter Why We Run?

An Injured Runners Thoughts During Long Run Weekends

Being a runner it is normal that you are going to have friends that are runners too. Being an injured runner there are times that these said friends will be out training and you can’t be there. It is a natural thing to sit home and worry about how far behind you are going to be, to compare. To want to be out there so you can be ‘ready’. It comes with the territory of when you are told that you shouldn’t runl. If anyone says they don’t compare, I’m thinking they are not being 100% honest. I do find myself comparing at times but I work hard on not competing with others. I have learned (the hard way) to only compete with myself.

When I decided I wanted to try a marathon, I made a quiet promise to myself to do it, to make the marathon a goal. I made it my goal and then talked to a few friends during a run about having it become one of their goals to. Its always more fun to share these goals with people you enjoy so much. They took the challenge and reciprocated by challenging me with the duathlons and triathlons that I have been training for. This is all what I would call “healthy” pressure…positive pressure. I would have never tried any of these things if it weren’t for those friends.

Now what does that have to do with anything? (lets remember I'm having a bit of a rant here because not only can't I run, I'm home sick in bed lol)What I’ve been thinking is that although we decided on a goal together and I would love to train with them, my body is telling me that I can not do all the same workouts, all the same hilly routes. I’ve been coming to grips that if I want to do this marathon I may have to do a run/walk method. This doesn’t mean that I’m giving up before I started, it means that I am trying to learn how to train smarter. My goal is to finish the marathon-not to kill it or myself.

So what’s so hard about that? What’s hard is that I may have to take my own unique path to training for this marathon and that would mean not always running with my groupies. Its fun to run with your friends, its fun to plan together…especially the long runs, its exciting to talk about what you just did and how you felt. So,I feel some pressure, from myself only, to do everything exactly the same because I want to do everything the same. I copied out all the programs already for god sake! But at the same time I’m feeling sad because I think reality is telling me I’m not going to be able to do the same things at the same rate.

So here’s where I’m at: (after about 20 minutes of blog rant)
I want to try and figure out how I can train in a way that I will avoid future injuries, while also spending time with some of the people I enjoy most. May(the month training officially starts) is creeping up and I haven’t run in almost 3 weeks. I get nervous just saying that or shall I say typing it. I’m doing exactly what PT is telling me and I haven’t cheated with the NO running rule! I’m reading up as much as I can on different methods of training and on injury prevention. All I keep reading over and over is “listen to your body”….so that is what I am going to continue to do. No matter what, we will all be waiting for each other at the finish line…cheering each other on.

Training for a marathon is so not just a physical goal but it challenges you in so many other ways. It really simulates real life with some of the decisions you have to make….and realizing in the end that you have to be strong enough to do what’s best for you. I’m thankful that I have friends and family that I know will support me on this crazy journey I’m about to embark on…

Have you ever felt this way? Did you ever change your approach to training for a marathong? If you've been injured before what approach have you taken?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Okay, I just died of laughter watching this clip that Runner Dude posted on his blog. If you have ever run a long distance race you know that all of these things are totally true thoughts and its hysterical how he does it. I found the splashing of the water particulary funny because my first half...I think I did that at every station to get myself out of a state of shock!

Oh and good luck to those blog runners that are running Boston! Can't wait to read your posts!!

I had to take off the clip because it was messing up my page layout...just click on the Runner Dudes link to see it...its worth the 3 second click!

Visit from the Sick Fairy

I don't know who I thought I was thinking that I would make it through taking care of two sick kids without getting sick myself! I'm in bed, resting and hiding from the kiddies downstairs. I snuck home from work, crept upstairs and locked the door. If they knew I was up here rest would not be an option.

Spring is finally here and not running is getting 10x's harder. It wasn't so bad not being able to run when it was freezing or rainy out. I've been going to PT 3x's a week. Jason also suggested I see someone else for one of those times. A female. Let's just say I wasn't so comfortable with some of the places he would have to be pressing on! ;)So Melissa will be my second PT angel. I am hoping to work myself up to a mile this week and see how I feel. I'll let you know...for now...I am off to bed. Enjoy the spring day!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lap vs. Length

So I posted incorrectly the other day. I said I swam 4 laps without stopping. I really was only able to swim 4 lengths without stopping. My goal is to be able to do 20 lengths, 10 laps without stopping and gasping and feeling like I’m going to die.

I am taking a tri class at my gym NYSC and the trainer is awesome. I have learned so many little things about all three sports. Its been so much fun learning and trying to conquer another sport other than running, especially when I am not supposed to be running. I’ve been focusing more on my swimming because it is the area I lack the most experience. After Susan saw me swim she said, “You’re actually not bad, you just have to feel more comfortable with the breathing”. Not bad, huh! I'll take that! The breathing has had me stumped for at least three weeks. I would do a length and could barely breathe after it. I couldn’t understand how in the hell I could run 13 miles but I couldn’t swim one length of the goddam pool! So I practiced and practiced…while everyone continued to promise that one day it will just click.

Well yesterday, after PT, I went to the pool and snuck a quick workout in before they kicked me out of the pool because of lightning. (I know..that’s weird for an inside pool…I never stuck around long enough for the explanation…if it may kill me…I’m out you don’t have to explain). Long story short…I did 12 lengths…that’s 6 laps without one stop! Now, I know some of you Tri readers are thinking…big whoop! But as Kerrie T would say in her blog-Mom vs. Marathon WooooHooo! I was so happy with goal was to first hit 10 then to make it to 20 lengths. WoooHooo!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Numbers Don't Lie

16- Miles I biked on Saturday in the beautiful, beautiful weather.

103.5- Fever my daughter has had

5- days that she has had the above mentioned fever

6- days it took for my son to get the same fever virus

102.1- fever my son has

2- parents that are exhausted from the above mentioned children being up all night because of the fevers.

2 1/2 -amount of people it took to get the medicine into Brooke's mouth until I discovered it looked exactly like melted icecream...stuck a few sprinkles....VOILA!

20 -laps I did in the pool

4- the number I'm up to without stopping for a breathing break...(that's a lot! lol)

2- hours before I hit the hay because I'm exhausted from all the fevers, biking, swimming and holding down of kids!(to get the medicine in! Don't be calling CPS!)

15- days since I haven't run

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Foto(s)

If you can't run it...take pictures of it. These are pictures taken along my usual route..pretty isn't it?!?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recovery is NOT so fun

So its been 10 days since I have ran and its slowly getting to me. I've been trying to keep busy and its easy to do that but it doesn't take my mind off of the fact that I still feel everything in the groin"ish" and hip area. I need to get out and do something because all my thoughts are getting clogged up and its causing some ruckus...and not the fun "Let the wild ruckus begin" type! I plan on swimming tomorrow am (notice the word plan...), and hopefully I can bike on Friday. Friday pm, after I bring the kids to their new "Meet the Animals" class, I will be seeing Jason, Mr. PT genius. Best thing that will happen all week...he better have that positive and hopeful face on...or sh&t is going down!
Questions for my PT genius:
*How long till I start feeling pain free
*Will it heal permanently?
*Why did it say Stress Fracture on the script when the Dr. told me it wasn't a stress fracture yet?
*What can I do at home?
*Am I hurting it or helping it when I push in on the hip bone where it hurts lol...he will laugh at this one.
*When would he run if he was me...
*What can I do to prevent this from happening again?

If you have any other advice on what I can ask...let me know. I will update you with the answers when I find out. Until then, I will stretch and continue to push in on my hip bone. lol.

One of my Favorites

I've been reading a lot of blogs...its what I like to do. I prefer it way more than Facebook. I feel that Facebook is a forced reading of what your "friends" are doing..some I would love to hear more about and some, not so much. I would rather make the choice of who and what I would like to read. A blog that I find myself reading daily and loving is Runninghood. She writes very well and puts into words what I feel myself thinking! She talks about life, learning, running and mommyhood! My favorites. I absolutely LOVE her running scrapbook and can't wait to have some alone time to work on one. Check it out! I think you will enjoy it! Runninghood

Monday, April 4, 2011

Good Ol' Lance

"Pain is only temporary. It may last an hour, a day, or a year but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever." Lance Armstrong.

Keeping it simple today. I'm doing well. Didn't get to go and swim the way I had planned- family first and Brooke has strep. A first for her and hopefully her last(unrealistic mother wish). I normally could have stepped out at 6 without anyone noticing but this morning she woke screaming about the "bugs". Her fever is making her dream a bit more than normal... She bugged me out this morning (no pun intended) because she was screaming "Get them out of my bed!" (them being the bugs)and then "the loud sound is hurting my ears"...apparently this is all normal for high fevers?!?

So tonight I plan on mapping out some new (physical)goals and editing some of the ones I have. I have to edit because they don't match up with having an injury and taking it slower. I'm so excited to do it because then I will also see the date that I am "officially" starting my training for the marathon. Oh and a side note...I don't only map out physical goals...just not sure I want to share with the World Wide Web all my other ones ;) Well at least not yet!

QUESTION: Anyone in the blog world know how to change font color on Blogspot posts???

Momma Monday

So I am listening to my body and not going to be running for a couple of weeks. I had a few things going on but what was causing the most pain was a sort of precursor to a pelvic stress fracture as per Dr. Churney...there are nitty gritty details but I'll save you from that :). I'm lucky to have 'heard' my body before the stress fracture happened. I haven't run since the duathlon, aside from trying to chase Brooke in the stores. The first two days of not doing much really threw me for a loop but this running Momma has been keeping active and busy in other ways. Here are some pics at special request from Maria....and for Momma Monday!

The back of the Avalon trails. I saw this on one of my beautiful there.

Cheering Lucas on...he was so, so wobbly on the trails.

Brooke's "Nature Pose"

Mommy and Brooke listening to the Doctors orders!

Future rockstar...this kid loooovvvves music

The Tear Jerking Redmond Finish

Derek gets off to a good start. Coming around the first bend in the track, tragedy struck as Derek’s hamstring went. Initially he thought he had been shot because the pain was so great. His leg would not function. London’s The Guardian newspaper quoted him, “Everything I had worked for was finished. I hated everybody. I hated the world. I hated hamstrings. I hated it all. I felt so bitter that I was injured again. I told myself I had to finish. I kept hopping round. Then, with 100 metres to go, I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was my old man.”

Derek hopped on one leg for half a lap before his father came to his aid. Together they finished the race arm-in-arm to a standing ovation. Now, some 17 years after the race, not many people remember who won that semi-final race or who even won the final. But, many still remember Derek Redmond.

Who can you lean on?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Late Night Cravings

So my late night cravings have not stopped since I've being (trying)doing the cleanse. What has stopped is what I allow myself to eat. I honestly never have thought I could do it and it takes pure honest-to-goodness hard work and will power to not eat chocolate(ok- six pieces of chocolate)!

I've gone from this...

to this! (oh and takes even more willpower to not throw marshmallows into this fruit salad! Try it...its sooo yummy!)

Ho Hum

This weekend was kind of a bust. I hate Sunday night regrets. I can't say I let it happen often but this weekend I stepped off my horse a bit. Its tough to be tough and this weekend I took a break from it. I allowed myself to be bummed out even though I should have saw all the positives...

...tommorow I'll perk it up a bit...but for now...ho-hum!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Foto

and Sir Garmin decided to work the other night. When I was laying in bed I heard...beep, beep, beep. Went over to my computer and there it was, my results...

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