Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Numbers Don't Lie

16- Miles I biked on Saturday in the beautiful, beautiful weather.

103.5- Fever my daughter has had

5- days that she has had the above mentioned fever

6- days it took for my son to get the same fever virus

102.1- fever my son has

2- parents that are exhausted from the above mentioned children being up all night because of the fevers.

2 1/2 -amount of people it took to get the medicine into Brooke's mouth until I discovered it looked exactly like melted icecream...stuck a few sprinkles....VOILA!

20 -laps I did in the pool

4- the number I'm up to without stopping for a breathing break...(that's a lot! lol)

2- hours before I hit the hay because I'm exhausted from all the fevers, biking, swimming and holding down of kids!(to get the medicine in! Don't be calling CPS!)

15- days since I haven't run


  1. Sorry that not all those numbers aren't good. I hope your "fever" is only 98.6º.

  2. 2 slow 4 crack me up...just read a few of your posts...pretty funny!

  3. :( boo. So sorry that they've been fun! Thanks for the comments! And the NY marathon info. Appreciate it. :) HOpe those kids get better Annette!

  4. thanks for checking out my blog and giveaway!! excited to follow you! so sorry your kids are so sick...impressed that you still got in that workout even with the fevers! have a great night!

  5. stuck those workouts in during the am! I should have gave credit where credit is due...thanks to the hubs!

  6. So sorry the kiddos are sick. Brilliant idea re: the sprinkles, though!

    Stay healthy... hope everyone feels better soon!

  7. btw - I've been meaning to tell you about this for awhile. Amazing father/son story, as well as an amazing runner story (kinda like the Olympic one you posted). Saw it on Elizasmom.

    Check out:

  8. Yes, I've seen that! Its the one with the guy that takes his son along with him on the tri right??We watched that at a conference for the Leader in Me...another tear jerker!

  9. The "hubs" had no problem watching the kiddies while you got some workouts in. I'm just glad Brooke's feeling better. Now we have to get Lukey Duke's back into tip top shape.....
    And - yes Marie - Annette showed that to me as well. Amazing!!!!!

  10. Oh man! Brutal! Good job on the swim, though. That is a lot!

    Wanted to answer your question about the run-walk. I am really glad we did it for the 18-miler. I think it helped a lot, and I am totally confident it will help me in the race, too. The only real con is that I'm having a hard time figuring out my paces. I think for the next long run, I will set my watch to show pace instead of total time to help with that. But it's hard to tell what I should run for a certain time. Know what I mean? Like if I want to run at a 10:10 pace, how fast do I have to run, then walk to get that?

  11. But you are alive to tell it! That's something.


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