Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sharing some Moves Like Jagger...

I can't take how much my little guy makes me smile, laugh and fall more in love with him on a daily basis...
sharing some of his moves that are sure to put a smile on your face....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Long Run Treasures

I found this on a long run to the beach and back. 
My sons name is Lucas...Brooke wanted to know why I didn't bring her a B. 

I couldn't find a B but a month later I did find this little treasure. 
I saw it right after I was warned about a loose and not too happy dog up ahead. 
I changed my route...then found Brooke's treasure! She loved it.

What special treasures have you found on your long runs??

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Have Questions...Please tell me you have answers

Okay, so I have been training for the Marine Corp half marathon and the training has been a bit shady.  Shady in the way that I have been playing around with different programs and schedules this time around.  I am trying to find what works best for me and my body.  I am trying to push myself more and challenge myself.   I kind of took the Run Less Run Faster program and Hal's intermediate program and fused them....trying to find my just right fit.  I have a lot to say about my 'fused program' but before I talk about that (in another post) I need to ask some questions....that I need some serious and detailed answers to...I'm just trying to figure things out here on my own and I'm thinking some of you may have done the figuring out already here goes. 

1.  When you are training and on a program that challenges you-how do you fit in the rest when the program doesn't have your amount of rest days built in?  Does this mean the program is too difficult?  Do I just keep adjusting?  For example:
Last week I did:
3 miles easy
speed workout
3 miles easy
long run -15 miles

After the 15 miles (hilly miles for me) I was sore but nothing too crazy.  I was still feeling sore today and chose to take my second off day-when I was scheduled to run a speed workout again.  I have learned the importance of rest, so these off days don't upset me--I'm just wondering plan wise...what happens when your long runs get really long and you are left sore.  Does my body get used to it eventually...?  Speak to me people!

2.  Did you ever go into a race knowing that your training really consisted of figuring out how to train for the goal you set?  I had a time goal for this race and I feel like my 'inner self' is letting that time goal go because I feel like I'm not prepared to reach it.  I can't tell if my minds just messing with me...or if I am really NOT prepared....I'm thinking I know the answers you all are going to give me for this one.

3.  Sneakers.  I know that sneakers are supposed to last for 300 miles.  Does this apply to everyone?  I am really feeling that my sneakers are not giving me what they did a few months back.  Could they possibly be worn out earlier???  Does that happen?

I have more questions...but if you all are like me...Its sometimes hard to read a really long post ;) so I will keep it to this.  I sincerely would love any advice that you guys could give!!!
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