Sunday, April 3, 2011

Late Night Cravings

So my late night cravings have not stopped since I've being (trying)doing the cleanse. What has stopped is what I allow myself to eat. I honestly never have thought I could do it and it takes pure honest-to-goodness hard work and will power to not eat chocolate(ok- six pieces of chocolate)!

I've gone from this...

to this! (oh and takes even more willpower to not throw marshmallows into this fruit salad! Try it...its sooo yummy!)


  1. Oh, I have many many late night cravings. Mostly around my period though. :) I'm following this book called Brain Training For is a hard plan but I've learned sooooooo much!!! Would highly recommend it if you are at a place in your running where you are ready for some serious training. Thanks for the comment Annette. :)

  2. You go girl!!!!!!!! Just read the list of ingredients on that peanut chew.... that's when you realize it isn't actually food. Its a bunch of stuff that you can digest, and it satisfies your sweet tooth -- temporarily. But it doesn't do anything good for you.

    My problem is I started rationalizing dark chocolate as "healthy" bc of the anti-oxidants -- don't laugh! I actually did! So I started with one piece after dinner. Perfect. But then it was 2 pieces.... then 3 .... then half a bar! LOL.... Tonight I am having some fresh ripe mango instead. Gotta get off the slippery chocolate slope. :)


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