Monday, April 4, 2011

Momma Monday

So I am listening to my body and not going to be running for a couple of weeks. I had a few things going on but what was causing the most pain was a sort of precursor to a pelvic stress fracture as per Dr. Churney...there are nitty gritty details but I'll save you from that :). I'm lucky to have 'heard' my body before the stress fracture happened. I haven't run since the duathlon, aside from trying to chase Brooke in the stores. The first two days of not doing much really threw me for a loop but this running Momma has been keeping active and busy in other ways. Here are some pics at special request from Maria....and for Momma Monday!

The back of the Avalon trails. I saw this on one of my beautiful there.

Cheering Lucas on...he was so, so wobbly on the trails.

Brooke's "Nature Pose"

Mommy and Brooke listening to the Doctors orders!

Future rockstar...this kid loooovvvves music

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  1. Wise choice, Annette. A little rest now will save you a whole lotta pain later!!!

    Ok - "nature pose"?!?!?! LOVE IT!!!! Also, Lukey's DJ outfit. There is something about stripey pj pants that just melts my heart and makes me want to grab those little legs and munch 'em!!!!!!!


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