Friday, November 2, 2012

NYC, Choices and Where I Stood

I did ask a few people, peoples whose opinions I valued, what they thought about NYC still going through with the race and how they felt about running.  I asked those opinions to see if there was something I was missing, to understand maybe, how so many didn't see what I was seeing.  I asked others opinions because it allows me to weight my own opinion against others and to hear my voice inside me  more clear.   I am proud of my decision and that I chose not to run before the Mayor came to his senses. 
I tried to understand others views but I had a very difficult time letting "my training" be a reason to run through a city that was still dealing with open wounds.  Yes, we bounce back. I AM a New Yorker.  I get it. But that doesn't give us the right to forget that people are going through a horrible time, lost lives, lost homes, no food, no heat, no water, no gas and to the mother and father that lost their babies...My heart heart truly aches for that women. I can't imagine the pain. How could I line up miles away from where she found her children dead ???? 

My training has made me a better person, it has had me up on mornings that I would have just lied there, it made me put down that extra bag of chips, it has taught me discipline, it has put me in the best shape of my life, it has brought me energy and enthusiam.  Its given me more than I could ask for already

I was down about having to make what I felt was a moral decision about running this race.  After I made the decision a weight was lifted.  I was prepared and I am prepared to run that race on Sunday in my hometown of St. James.  I still don't have power, I still don't have heat.  My town looks like a bomb hit it.  But if they are not ''postponing'' the race...I will run here and raise money here....and send it to those who need it more than me.  In my opinion, that's all NY needs right now....

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Live from NYC :What do you think?

I'm writing from my house with the help of a generator my husband has hooked up only hour ago (thank you so so so so much Scott for waking up super early for your family and going above and beyond to get this to work).

My family is safe but the neighborhood looks like it has been through a warzone. I will have pictures shortly.  This weekend I am supposed to race in the NYC marathon.  I have mixed, not to run...I feel like so many are devastated there and it will be even harder when they literally shut down the city, even more than it already is, for this race.  You can't get in by car without a certain amount of people, many of the roadways are still flooded...I'm hearing some are pissed about it still being on...while I'm also hearing it will bring the heart back when it ít's needed most.

What do you think? 
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