Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Five!!!!!

Love me some random posts so I will be changing my Friday Foto to my Friday Five....maybe I'll throw in a Foto or two...

1.  Had another PT session yesterday.  Jason recommended me not going to PT tomorrow until I get the next MRI.  The reason being that we don't want my insurance to run out especially if this hip MRI turns out to show the root of the problem.   He also suggested me not do my second tri training class on Sunday.  Really Jason? Cause now you're getting on my not-so-good-side!  I'll be honest.  I'm not to sure if I am going to listen to him yet...we'll see.

2.  Watching snippets of the Royal Wedding. That Kate makes me want to get married again and get a dress that looks just like that...I mean how much could it be?  10 Grand?  20?  She looks fab-u-loso.  (I made that up..just in case you were wondering)

3.  Tomorrow I have my Tri Training class.  I am able to do it because it doesn't include the running.  PT was a bit skeptical if I should even do the bike but I gave a look to kill (see #1) and he agreed that I could try it. 

4.  Throw away or save?  What's your take on clothes that don't fit.  Do I just get up and get rid of them?  I'm thinking I will keep one size larger than I am but then get rid of the rest.  I'm thinking that will be a subtle warning that momma's having a bit too many slices of pizza.

5.  Speaking of pizza... Take a look at this bad boy.  I'm able to eat pizza now since my cleanse is done.  I have to say it does give me a bit of a headache body is like what's this? But my mouth is like come to momma you warm little slice of heaven!

New York Pizza Folks...mmm mmm good!

Getting to know you...Getting to know all about you...
So a little addition that I would like to add sometimes is a little q&A that I've seen on other blogs.  It lets you get to know the blogger more and it cracks me up to see some of the comments on these so I would like to join in on the fun! I'll answer the questions...and then you do the same.  That's if you want to of course...if not, then you suck that's okay too!
Do you always listen to the advice you get from Doctors? 
Yes.  Okay, No.  I was going to lie but people that really know me know this isn't true.  Sometimes I feel like hmm maybe they are wrong or that I know my body best.  \Sometimes I'm right and then sometimes...not so much. 

If you had your wedding over is there anything you would change?  Would you still choose the same style rings, dress etc?
Um...No, No, and NO. Lmao...I'm laughing because if I didn't I would cry!  As I was picking up my shrimp cocktail and placing it in my mouth someone threw a punch at my wedding and started an all out Mafia style fight!  I mean really people?? So 1- I wouldn't invite those people.  2- My dress was way too heavy and I think I would definitely NOT opt for a strapless again.  I really did like Kates dress...I would choose that one. 

When you lose or gain weight do you get rid of or save the clothes??
I'm thinking I'll save one size up and go shopping tomorrow to buy some new fitting clothes.

What is your favorite food? Breakfast, lunch and dinner?
Breakfast- I have to say I do enjoy my shakes.  If I had to choose another I would say an egg sandwich with cheese.
Lunch-  I mean if we are talking favorites and you could just eat whatever you want, whenever you want...I think I would say a roast beef sandwich with auj us and mozzarella- toasted with garlic. YUMMY.
Dinner- Pizza or shrimp fra diavalo.

So what about you folks...???

Remember two more days until GU giveaway is OVER!
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  1. I try to listen to doctors...I really do but I almost just feel like I am going for the peace of mind so that I can then do whatever I want. yeah I know that is dumb.

    Favorite meals: breakfast...cereal with a banana. Lunch...pb&J on a bagel with either fruit or veggie and chex mix. Dinner...Right now my favorite is spinach salad with chik cooked in coconut oil and fresh fruit. but I will never pass on pizza either!

    I have clothes in almost every size...except for the size I am now of course. ha. I just do not trust myself yet to not gain weight. I like food too much :)

  2. Ugh I would change my wedding since I ended up in the emergency room with the flu the day of our rehersal. IV tracks in my arms and jacked up on immodium and nausea meds - I made it through the wedding day but it was rough.

    No fights broke out though, so that was good. :)

  3. I love pizza too! ATe my fair share tonight that's for sure! And with the day off, it was wonderful! :) OH and I love egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. I know that I NEED to get rid of a ton of clothes! So, I'd get rid of them. And I wouldn't change a thing about my wedding. Loved every part of it. :)

  4. what a fun post! I loved her dress too. I wonder how much it cost. Probably more than our salary combined, haha.
    Good luck at tri training tomorrow. FUN!

    my favorite breakfast....can't go wrong with french toast and melted peanut butter! mmmm! oh and I like my shakes too.

  5. Usually listen to what doctors have to say...I figure if I paid for it I should use the advice, right?
    I only got married about 10 months ago so I wouldn't change anything, it was just what I wanted!
    I keep clothes in one size above as well, but nothing bigger than that!

  6. I keep all sizes and let friends or family take what they want of the sizes that fit them. Soooo, if you have bigger sizes, I'm visiting next week... can you save some for me?
    Breakfast- egg and cheese sandwich
    Lunch- no idea.
    Dinner- toss up between an old favorite, pasta e fagioli and a new healthy one, flounder with lemon and capers with whole wheat pasta

  7. I never listen to doctors, haven't gotten married yet ha, keep all my clothes "just in case", and I love breakfast. Oats are pretty much what I live for.

    So glad I came across your blog! I'm a teacher and runner too, but have yet to be a wife and mother!


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