Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...cause I have no words except GOD PLEASE HELP ME!

I had the refrigerator door open for 1 minute.  1 minute alone.

The New Trader Joe's spokesperson

Can you see what he is doing? No?....hold let me give you a closer look!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Saturday Post on Monday - Half of the Whole

Posting a couple days late.  Lots have been going on and I'm a bit preoccupied. I will catch up on some post as promised...
Today was my “half-marathon” part of training and I feel shockingly great after it.  I changed a few things about my routine so we’ll see if recovery is a bit quicker after this long run than the other.  The run was beautiful and not-so-flat.   The K’ster kept telling me it has some rolling hills…let me tell you –those damn hills were alive with the sound of “crap my legs are killing me and are you f*cking kidding me”.  I made it through them  and am feeling some much needed positivity   thanks to it. 
  • Woke at 5, rolled out of bed by 5:20 (Let’s not mention that to Brian…)
  • Ate a peanut butter sandwich and drank a bottle of water.
  • Stretched.
  • 15 minutes before start- Took 1 Vanilla GU (wasn’t crazy about vanilla)  **I usually take the chomps…this was a nice difference…definitely lasted longer**
  •  9 / 9 ½ minute mile pace up until around 7
  • Stopped at 6 to refill on water
  • Refueled with a ROCTANE GU at mile 7  **Never tried this and it kept me really good till the end of the run**
  • Last two miles were killer because of the hills.  I was feeling hungry again at about that point and started talking about craving a burger when some random dude joined in on the conversation…we talked about all our favorite fixings….(okay we yelled because we were going in different directions)…but on with nice would it be…ketchup, mayo, mustard, cheese, a pickle..some fries…oh yeah…back to the run.
  • Finally made it back.  Had a jug of water and stretched, and talked and was in awe of K’s hair…when I realized my hair was just as knotted up as hers!  It was so humid and misty that it was one big knotty mess.  I’m going to have to try the braid approach next time.  Any other suggestions out there??
  • Got home- drank a chocolate Muscle Milk which I’ve been loving a whole lot for recovery.  Again…more suggestions for recovery meals are very much appreciated. 
  • Then for the big difference..I tried an ice bath.  Let me tell you that shite is cold!!!  I (couldn’t really handle) I had to force myself to sit in it for the first three minutes…it was really crazy cold.  After that Brooke came up to hold my hand and found it truly hysterical that I was shivering.  As I sat in the cold, icy water I Googled “How long should you sit in cold, icy water after a long run”.  Yes, seriously.  Consensus was about 1 minute for each mile. 
    I couldn't get myself to sit yet!

I stopped being a chicken and got right in....not so bad after the initial 3-4 minutes of pain lol

After that, I had three Advil and on to cleaning the house!  I really felt okay after it…I couldn’t believe it!  First long-long run was a success! 
Strategy used during the last 1/4 of a mile..."I'm Going on a Picnic" The things you will do to make it through!
Lets see if I can remember: (can't lie..I had to call K for F and K)
Ding Dongs
Goat cheese
Jelly rings
Lindser Tart

Friday, June 24, 2011

My New Job and My New Bedtime

So school is out and I was able to relax for about 10 minutes...I relaxed until I realized I apparently have a new job...The Official JPP.  Johnson's Playground Police.  Honestly, Lucas is a walking accident and my pressure rises everytime he climbs the stairs to "his" new playset.  He likes to hang off the top, swing, do a little air time ...(that's about when my pressure rises) and then land on his rump to slide down.  This would be why I have to 'monitor' all the action on my 'tower'. Just an FYI...this was supposed to be something we got so the kids could go play and mommy could actually relax for a minute.  I think that may happen next year...but its not happening this year.
This is the swinging before the gliding in the air...that you can see I am absolutely thrilled about

Okay so maybe I need to relax...but HE COULD fall through that part in the side!!!!

New Bedtime- Along with marathon training is the need for a new bedtime.  I really think I was a bit delirious last night after hot yoga.  The class is at 8 and I like to go to the latest one so I can put the kids to sleep.  The problem is I am just so damn tired the next day!  Tomorrow I have to wake at 5!!!  FIVE!!! (Just in case you didn't hear that the first time).  Hal's plan for us tomorrow is a half-marathon.  I mean really....the guy just writes...Half-marathon...and that's its nothing!  Honestly, I'm really psyched to do it.  I think I will be nervous when it gets up to 16 and 18....that sh*ts crazy!...Good crazy...but crazy nonetheless! So tonights bedtime is going to be around 8:30. I'm crazy fun these days! lol

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Favorite Little Man

Happy Birthday to my Lil' Man Luke.  I can't believe that two years have gone by already.  Lucas is turning out to be such a sweet, sensitive, caring and DARING little boy.  I think that daring part may come along with the boy territory. 

Look at that grumpy little face!!

I love you so much and I am already so proud of who you are. You make my day with your cute little smiles, your tough hugs and your belly laughs. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girls Tree Club

So a little hoorah to the day being over and making it out alive.  I always seem to work myself up more than necessary...I was very prepared and was able to answer every question that was "thrown" at me.  I am physically and mentally exhausted from graduation and the meetings . I'm glad its over and wishing and wondering why can't everyday be "Girls Tree Club" day???  Looking forward to this much needed summer break!!!

No Boys Allowed!

Monday, June 20, 2011

PR'ing All of Over da Place!

Okay, so I ran.  I was feeling better towards the end of the day leg wise and a little pep talk from a friend helped me pull through and I decided to run the race...whether I had to walk it or slow it down a bit.  It's crazy to me that I did better than last year considering that I went into the race thinking I'll run slow and I'll take it easy .  Goes to show what being relaxed can do for a run.  (My crazy kick ass massage yesterday could have helped also!)  Sunken Meadow is known for Cardiac Hill...I have to walk it.  Maybe in the future I will make it a goal to run it...but for now...not so much.   
So...on to my PR's
2010 Hecksher State Park 5 mile- 47:37     9:31 pace
2011 Hecksher State Park 5 mile-46:03      9:12 pace

2010 Sunken Meadow Park 6 mile- 1:05:27    10:31 pace
2010 Sunken Meadow Park 6 mile-    58:50     9:28 pace

Pretty cool huh?!  Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow.  Lil' bit of graduation, CSE's and some well deserved R&R.'s a cool tidbit if you didn't know already.  Here is a link to a website that will give you ALL the races you have ever done, the times, paces..etc.  Very cool!  Its called athlinks.  All you have to do is enter your name...and kablam! Your results....for any race you have ever done!

Me and the kiddies after the run

The Groupies
Have fun with that...see you tomorrow! 

A Promise

Its been a couple of weeks since I have posted and I am promising to get back into my daily blogging.  It helped me process all my "stuff" and I definitely could use some processing.  This post is most definitely going to need to be a bulleted much to...process lol.

*  One more week till school is left and I have two HUGE CSE's coming up.  Anyone in the teaching world knows that this is not too much fun.  Graduation for my fifth grade students will be this Tuesday.  I love the graduation ceremony but I am a softy and pretty much cry each time...maybe not a full-blown cry...a weep. Yes, a weep. I'll save the full-blown cry for my kids.

*  Running-  I am going in to week 8 of marathon training.  Yesterday I ran 12 miles after a 12 mile week.  I'm not going to lie it was tough.  Running this much is tough work people!  I give credit to those of you have picked the marathon to have as your race of choice.  I think after September my race of choice will be the half.  I'm pretty sure my body likes that race better.  I won't say definite though because when I was training for the body was liking the 5ks.  This is what's coming up in the HIGDON world this week.
3 m run
6 m run
3 m run
Half Marathon

 I am having difficulty swinging the summer runs and this schedule.  For instance tomorrow is the 10k summer run and I'm not sure my legs are up to it yet.  I am absolutely listening to my body first...then fun times, wanting to be in a race, relaxing with fun people and getting out will come after. I promise you left leg.  (there are a lot of promises in this post...hmm)  Also been trying to figure out my best options for recovery food.    I've been downing a muscle milk after with a banana...been feeling okay with that.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

*Hot, Hot, Hot-a new obsession of mine has been hot yoga.  I really would have never thought I would like hot yoga because I am not a fan of sweaty people or smelly people and I am not crazy about being in really hot and humid places (except if I am laying down tanning with a drink in my hand...and an umbrella in the drink). After two classes this all changed for me.  I absolutely love it.  It loosens up my muscles so much and we know how much I need that since I've been missing my Jason sessions (lol..i love how he is now my jason).  It makes me sleep sooooo well and it makes my skin feel like a baby's bottom! Yeah! You heard it hear first folks!  Honestly though, it really works wonders with the deep muscles and I really don't think I would be able to keep up this mileage without it!

*Lukey turns TWO on Wednesday.  Can you believe that??? Its nuts.  There really isn't more to say about that.   No big party this year because he is getting a swing set...which is redonkulous in price especially considering we live across the street from a park!  It may seem silly to get a swing set when you have one across the street but that park is a double-edge sword...pretty much the same as the ice cream coming around the park every night at 6 30. 

*Drinky, Drinky- Okay so we took the Pops out for lunch on Father's day and I had one cosmo.  ONE.  One cosmo and I was SHITE faced!!  Really?  As I write this I'm already milking a headache.  What's up with that??  I guess my healthyish body doesn't really like the drinky, drinky. 

Drink of choice...cosmo.  Maybe that's why...?
This is me having to sit only about 1/2 hour later...really?
I think I will sign off I have something to write tomorrow!  I hope you will continue checking back because I did make a promise and I am usually pretty good on those.  See you later!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Lil' Bit of R & R- Ryders (Eyewear) Review

So I have been holding off to write this review until I used the glasses for biking and running.  When I first received the glasses from Devon at Outside PR, I wasn't full force back into running so it's taken some time to be able to write a fair review.  Here's me being excited about getting the glasses for a review and doing a "practice" run.

Practice run in the den

Okay so here are the details on these very cool glasses.
I received:
Black -Nitrous
Lens- Photochromic Brown, Poly carbonate, 100% UV Protection
Anti-slip Nose pads and temple tips

What I liked:
*They were very lightweight. It was a noticeable difference from the glasses that I already own.
*Stayed on nicely for both run and bike...sweat and all.
*Never ran with glasses before this and really didn't mind it as much as I thought I would.  I especially liked it on the trails.  I didn't get ONE critter caught in the eye those runs!!!
*They are very well priced for such a great name and well made product. All the gear adds up so this was nice to see!
*They were cute and not too manly looking like most of the 'sporty' glasses.   
*I like that they got darker in the sun. 
* I like that I am protecting my lil' green eyes in the bright sun!
* Had no problems with them on the ride.  My other glasses would sometimes slip or hurt the back of my ear.

What I didn't like:
* If I purchase another pair in the future I would go with a lens that is darker.  I just like how they look better.  I didn't realize these were so light.
*They did fog a bit when I ran in the rain. I think it may have been mostly from my breathing.  This didn't happen when I was riding in the rain...hmmm??? More air circulation? 

Would I recommend them? 
*  I would actually buy another pair myself, so yes. Plus if my husband continues to try and steal these I may be forced to! They are very reasonably priced and there are so many varieties to choose from. 

* I was excited to see Ryders Eyewear for sale at one of my favorite running stores-Sayville Running Company...they carry some of the best brands and you know you are getting the good stuff when you go there.  So I am pretty sure that means they would recommend them also!!

I couldn't get any pics in action so here are some before the action...with one of my favorite 'action figures'!!

Do you think she'll notice if I steal these rad glasses right off her face??

Me, my glasses, my son and my COUSINS 40th birthday balloon...(not that 40 is bad...I'm just not there yet!)

My lil' Ryders Eyewear model!!!

Do you wear glasses on your runs? 
Do you wear glasses on your rides?
What brand do you prefer? Have you ever tried Ryders?
Would you be interested?

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Okay, so I had to use because I felt the need to be as fair as possible....I did feel the urge to pass the books on to those most interested, so 
P.S...Marie...if you are interested I could send you my copies to borrow.  Some people can share books...some like to write all over you let me know. 
The list went like this ..because I had to take those out that said they weren't ready for the cleanse.
(BTW...when I posted the number it didn't show the right numbers...if anyone knows how to correct this let me know...I promise it was 16!!!!) 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GIVEAWAY...and The Lowdown on put the SUGAR DOWN

First off, I want to apologize for not being present in the blog world lately but I have made a commitment to myself to put 'First things First' and haven't had a free minute to give it the attention that I wanted.   It's also a hectic time of year for us teachers with state assessments, know the drill. 

On to the nitty gritty...

Tomorrow is the last day of the Quantum Wellness Cleanse book giveaway and I'm really excited to pass on the wellness.  My SIL recently posted a comment on my blog that I wanted to share. 

I have to admit, when I first read about this Cleanse, I thought "No way." I did a Cleanse earlier this year and loved it, but it was only 4 days, and I was allowed to have caffeine. 21 days just seemed....... well, impossible.

Honestly, what changed my mind was seeing you this past weekend. You look SO healthy and fit, and you looked healthy and fit before!!! Your skin and eyes looked so clear and healthy, and your tummy definitely did flatten out! I could see those 6 pounds that you lost. Its one thing to read about a cleanse or a fitness program, but its another thing to see its actual effects in real life. That was just the motivation I needed!

So, I feel like this Kathy Freston program is the thing to take me to the next level. That and re-joining the Y so I can start swimming, too! (No better summer workout!)

How bad was your caffeine and sugar withdrawal? 

Caffeine I started a few weeks before the actual cleanse because I was nervous about it.  I did it slowly and it wasn't that bad.  Knowing that I might have withdrawal and expecting the withdrawal made it not so bad.  Kathy guides you in her book, day by day about what you may feel and how to handle it.  It all made so much sense about how the more I took in caffeine my body became more dependent and how my body would "miss the benefits of rest".  Before my body would begin training for the marathon I wanted to see what it could do on its own…not "artificially".  
But how bad was it?  Not bad at all.  I think Scott can also vouch that he thought giving up the sugar would be TEN MILLION times worse.  Knowing and understanding that it wasn't really that bad or hard is what helps me now that I am finished with the cleanse because now I understand that it is all a choice. I understand why I am going for the snickers bar now...I feel more powerful, more aware.

 How long did the cravings last? 
The cravings for sugar lasted for about 4-5 days.  After that I found myself realizing I didn't need it and that there were other options and actually being able to choose those other options.  This was a very empowering feeling.  Giving up the sweets and gluten was most difficult when I was out in social situations.  On that hardest withdrawal was with the gluten.  That was hard but again I found other options that I am still using today.

 When did it start feeling GOOD? 
Honestly, I am going to say day 3-4.  I started immediately noticing changes in my body.  I noticed it in my skin.  I was able to sleep better at night.  I noticed changes in the bathroom department lol...which was welcomed!  I felt so proud that I was able to make choices and say no to something that I thought controlled me (sugar/caffeine). 

Were you starving the whole time? 
NO!  I actually never felt fuller.  (I know this is sounding like Kathy is paying me lol but I promise you she's not lol)  The food was healthy, real, and there really were no limits on how much you ate.  Everything I ate was much more filling than the junk I was used to.

And do you feel like the changes “stuck”?
The changes absolutely stayed with me...they be stuck!  The one thing I did go back to full force is the gluten.  With running it is not very hard to stay away from the carbs nor did I want to stay away.  The sugar- I am much more limited than I ever was.  I know now that I really don't need the artificial sugars.  I also am so much more aware of how much sugar is actually in my food....and stay away from things that are unnecessary.  So for example I'll choose dried fruit now instead of gummy bears lol...  Caffeine- I haven’t gone back to this because I realized how much it was keeping me up, how I had such ups and downs from it, and overall just made me feel dependent on something which I don’t like. 

I hope this helped!  You have till midnight tomorrow to enter!  So excited for the giveaway!
Enter the giveaway here!!!!
I thought this said it changes you in all the best ways...from the inside-out.  Here are some questions that Marie asked me to answer...I'll do my best!
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