Monday, April 4, 2011

Good Ol' Lance

"Pain is only temporary. It may last an hour, a day, or a year but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever." Lance Armstrong.

Keeping it simple today. I'm doing well. Didn't get to go and swim the way I had planned- family first and Brooke has strep. A first for her and hopefully her last(unrealistic mother wish). I normally could have stepped out at 6 without anyone noticing but this morning she woke screaming about the "bugs". Her fever is making her dream a bit more than normal... She bugged me out this morning (no pun intended) because she was screaming "Get them out of my bed!" (them being the bugs)and then "the loud sound is hurting my ears"...apparently this is all normal for high fevers?!?

So tonight I plan on mapping out some new (physical)goals and editing some of the ones I have. I have to edit because they don't match up with having an injury and taking it slower. I'm so excited to do it because then I will also see the date that I am "officially" starting my training for the marathon. Oh and a side note...I don't only map out physical goals...just not sure I want to share with the World Wide Web all my other ones ;) Well at least not yet!

QUESTION: Anyone in the blog world know how to change font color on Blogspot posts???

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  1. Oh poor Brookie!!! That must have been really scary to hear her screaming like that! I hope she is feeling better soon and I hope the rest of the family stays strep-free.... give her a hug and kiss for me.


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