Tuesday, April 19, 2011

She's Crafty! Easter Fun!

Alittle bit of mommy, alittle bit of running and here's a bit of my crafty teacher side (not that any mommy or daddy can't whip this up in the blink of an eye!Its no Picasso!). The kids are home today and I'm feeling a lot better. Not 100% yet but don't worry Miss Brooke is making sure I wear a mask so I don't get her sick!

First paint the plate whatever color you want your bunny to be. Stick a bippy in the mouth if they might choose to eat the paint instead of paint with the paint.

You can paint the ears if you choose. I like to use the sponge brushes. Its easier for them to paint a large surface.

Put tiny spots of glue on the plate and then stick a cotton ball on top of the glue.

Staple, glue or tape the ears on. You can tape a popsickle stick on the back of the plate so they can hold it like a puppet. The bigger sticks are better.

The final product! Cute, fun and easy!

or...It could look like this! Take a deep breath if you are Type A lol...he worked hard! I love it!!!!

Here's the craft and here's what you'll need if you want to do it:
2 white plates
Cotton balls
googley eyes
Fuzzy Wire/Fuzzy Pipe Cleaner
Popsickle sticks (not needed)


  1. Very Cute! Can't wait to get home and see you guys!!!!
    What is "Fuzzy Pipe Cleaner"??? LOL

  2. OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brooke looks so cute with her bunny, but I am seriously laughing out loud and shedding tears over Lucas's bunny!!!!!!!!! That thing is freaking awesome!!!!! Its like some kind of science fiction movie!!!!!!!! LMAO ROTFL!!!!!!

  3. I know!!!! I had to post it, I was hysterical and then had to stop laughing because he put up his lower lip like he was sulking!!!! lol

  4. you forgot to mention a couple of pages of the funny papers to shield everything from the mess.

  5. What a fun project! Your kiddos are cute, also!

    In response to your questions: THe half is on July 15th. It starts at 10 PM, but if you finish by midnight you get a blinking medal. If not, it is just plain.

    www.twitter.com It can be done from a computer. It is just a place where you post updates(kind of like facebook).

  6. Dude Im a teacher too though stay at home mom now. LOVE your idea! Wish I had the energy--wanna come over and craft up my kids (<;

  7. lol Momma K I would love to they are adorable!

    Andrew- absolutely! I did forget to add that and the aprons or smocks!

  8. Thanks for reading my blog! I think the trail near the airport is actually in VA, but yes, very close! Let me know next time you're back in the area...we should go for a run.

    Your kids are precious and the project looks super cute!

  9. Hi Annette! Thanks for being a new follower! I'm glad you did, because your blog is great. I love the craft project you did with your little ones. I think Avery and I will have to jump in! :)


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