Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Home (to blog world) for the Holidays

Wow, its been a while, but time well spent away from the keyboard.  I really don't have an excuse, which feels awesome, what feels even better is I don't really feel I need one!! ;)   I've been living, figuring out the ins and out of how to live in a productive more meaningful way and have been enjoying every minute of it.  That sound crazy deep...I mean really?!  But its the truth my cyber friends.  I have been working on giving myself the space to actually think, organize myself and my thoughts, and spend time with my family.  I haven't figured out all the answers by any means yet but I certainly have been going in the right direction, which I'm thinking is a good thing.   My blog, or shall I say, my desire to share has been tugging at me a bit and I decided to slot some blogging time into the few slots I have left.  So for now, I will share a few cute pics because I have to run home to my kiddies and hub.  But I will be back with my new goals--yes, it took a while but I have them, pictures, fun stories and where I am in the running world! 

Lucas in front of his tree.

Elfie loves icebox cake just as much as I do...
Our first run together.  It was eventful to say the least.  She was overwhelmed by the crowd and started crying...I had to run with her on my hip half the way!
My cutie with her Rapunzel doll...she loves her...and that's the face she makes to let you know it!
Best "Nooner" I have ever had!
 I went running today during my lunch and prep...it was nothing less than awesome.

Till next time...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tick Tock

What makes you tick?  Lately, I've been asked the question but most importantly I've been asking myself.  I have no secret potion, no secret 'how to' book, I certainly don't have the answer(s).  What I do have is the understanding and recognition of when I'm not myself, when I'm hitting a rut, when I feel on top of the world and feel I can conquer or achieve anything...I do know some things, but at the same time...I know nothing.... 

With every finish line there is a new beginning.  I've been reflecting a lot, enjoying the down time, spending time with the family and thinking about  my new goals.  I've seen all my gang pick up from where we left off in different ways. I mean, its not the end of the world here people but it is an end to something we all worked very hard for and for a good chunk of time.  I haven't been totally idle in this down time... I've been running some nice trails with Bman, some quiet solo runs on Harbor Hills and some crazy kick ass swim sessions with Susan.  I think the best part of this 'idle' time is reflecting on where I was, where I've been and where I am going. 

So as of now I am working on formulating those goals.  My physical/athletic goals, relationship, family, and work.  I actually can't wait to get it all down on paper...yeah..that's fun for me...but if you're reading this...I'm thinking you may have a little 'geek' in you too and like that stuff as well.  Now, as much as I enjoy writing down all of the goals and crap please know that its not all honkey tonkey..(?) and easy.  Its just that if I don't have direction...I am the type that can go hog wild.  Yeah..pretty simple.  Either a goal with direction or hog wild....told you I know myself :)

So how do you all choose goals?  Do you have more than one at a time? Do you take breaks in between formulating and achieving your goals?  Anybody out there having a hard time getting started on a goal?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Mommy Post

I love spending time with my kids...especially when they are not screaming, fighting or biting eachother ;). I usually schedule my runs before they wake or after they go to sleep.  The mommy guilt is inevitable at times but I always let it go knowing that I am a much happier mommy when I get the time to run or do something for myself.  Here are some cute little pics of some of our 'after school' activities!! 

Spooky Ghosts! 
1-cut garbage bag into fours
2-take two pages of newspaper and crumple
3.  put newspaper in garbage bag and rubberband
4.  Draw face and attach string to hang
Hanging them on the porch.  They are really cute blowing in the wind!

The setup-KEY to PREVENTING a disaster
Sneaky chocolate lover!
My turn!

Mix it up!

I'm so exhausted when I get home from work but the fun and the yummy pumkin bread is well worth it!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Hamptons Marathon...finally a RECAP!!!!!

First off, I apologize for the long span between posts.  I've been livin' la vida loca!  Seriously, I ran the marathon, came home, worked three days, left for Florida and just returned this Sunday.  I'm going to have to break this post up somehow....lets just do it and see how it goes...how bout that?

 I was super excited and not so much nervous for the marathon. I took off Friday as I had to get a lot of things done around the house and didn't want to leave things looking like another hurricane had hit.  I got everything together and then we "Team WFN"...(which stands for Why the Fuck Not...?), drove out to the Hamptons.  The day was gloomy and rainy but we kept the smiles on.  Obviously, the rain was not going to stop anyone but it certainly would make the run much more difficult and a bit less desirable.  The drive was gorgeous rain or not, the Hamptons are just positively beautiful. 

We arrived at the check in and picked up our goodies-a blag bag, cute winter hat with logo, a bandana of sorts, t-shirt, lense wiper thingy with the map of the run on it, and some other little trinkets.  After packet pick-up we went to check in and then came dinner. 

Dinner was funny--because the nerves were starting to show--the questions were starting to be asked, "what should I eat?, Should I have a glass of wine-it could make me less nervous-it could make me feel hungover?, should I eat more? Should I eat less?..."  I had no wine, a plate of pasta with some shrimp (some being two because I was nervous about it not sitting right with my nervous stomach) and lots of water.  


I woke Saturday at 5:15 (on my own ;) took a shower and then started my routine.  I wore my Zensah compression capris which I love and swear by. I did try the CEP compression shorts and they felt great but I didn't like how they looked.  They kind of look like you are wearing underwear...yeah weird.  I actually kept them and wore them after the run...I'll explain that later.
Raceday outfit:
  • Zensah compression capris
  • pink Nike Top
  • Nike bra
  • Wigwam socks
  • Brookes Adrenaline sneakers
  • ipod
  • fuel belt w/chocolate gu's and Bloks
What I ate/drank:
  • Vega smoothie with banana, strawberries and almond milk
  • I brought a sandwich with pb & j
  • Fueling up!
  • Water and pretzels 
I rolled and stretched a bit and then headed outside ...worrying and hoping that I didn't forget anything.  That's when I thought to myself..."dude--technically all you really need is clothes and sneakers...and some snacks;) so chill out!

The Race-
Now, I am going to try and account for as much as I remember.  There are points where I was just flying high so I wasn't thinking...and there were points when I was crashing so I wasn't thinking.  Scott took his bike and actually rode to many of the mile marks.  There were times when I was happy to see him and times that I asked him to just move along...on his nice bike with two "fast" rolling wheels. 

Miles 1-5  Holy shit I'm running a friggin marathon! This is so cool!  This place looks beautiful, this place is sooo beautiful. 
19:47.8 1.00 9:47.8
210:08.5 1.00 10:08.5
39:39.4 1.00 9:39.4
49:51.5 1.00 9:51.5
59:54.6 1.00 9:54.6

6-10 miles-  At this point, I'm trying hard to concentrate on my times because I know I have to stay at least at a 10 minute mile to make it strong until the end.   I knew that I was going to fast at some points (for me) and this would hurt me in the end.  One of the things that I will focus on next time (yeah I said it) will be to concentrate on my splits more.  I kept the mantra that I just wanted to finish but realized to do that you really have to figure out what times are good for you to keep it going.  I knew round-a-bouts but forced myself to not go into anything too specific.  I didn't want to get wrapped up in the time games.

6   10:01.3 1.00 10:01.3
79:47.5 1.00 9:47.5
89:53.5 1.00 9:53.5
910:03.9 1.00 10:03.9
109:48.0 1.00 9:48.0

 Miles 11-15  I'm refueling and feeling really good right now.  I am talking to neighbors and decide that at 14 I am going to put on my ipod.   It was an awesome feeling to pass over the half-marathon mark at 2:10...it was a "holy fuck" moment when I realized I have a whole half-marathon to go!

11      9:55.3 1.00 9:55.3
1210:19.2 1.00 10:19.2
1310:10.8 1.00 10:10.8
1411:01.1 1.00 11:01.1
1510:48.3 1.00 10:48.3
Lil' touch of hills...

Miles 16-20  My legs are still feeling good and I'm still okay up until this point.  I was given a 2x caffeine espresso GU at I believe station 17 and thought "what the heck".  This was a big, huge, fat mistake.  What upsets me most about this mistake was that I knew from my training that my stomach doesn't handle the double shot well.  I think if I had one negative of the marathon this would be it.  I paid for this GU shot at mile 20 and on.  So lesson learned- TRUST and LISTEN to all parts of your training.  You can even see in my times that I was starting to feel not so great right after I ate it.  OH and at mile 18...they RAN OUT OF WATER!!!! Apparently this was only for a matter of 2-3 minutes....but I wasn't waiting--thank god I had my fuel belt with 1/2 bottle. 

16   10:41.6 1.00 10:41.6
1711:16.8 1.00 11:16.8
1811:07.0 1.00 11:07.0
1911:54.3 1.00 11:54.3
2013:09.0 1.00 13:09.0
That's me on right...running that side so my hip doesn't hurt too much

Miles 21-25  I'm getting really nervous now because I am starting to lose my mojo.  Scott even notices the big difference in demeanor ;) and seems worried...lol....which now is funny to me.  I think there is a 'look' I give and Scott kind of knows 'buyer beware'.  He pretty much left me with ..."you can do this...I'll see you at the finish". If the boy is learning one thing...its the appropriate time to exit!!!   At mile 21 I realized that I put some TUMS in my pant pocket just in case (as per a trainer at my gym).  I took all three and kept trying to drink hoping that the extreme caffeine wouldn't tear too much of my stomach up.  The TUMS did help a bit and took my mind off of it...just in time to realize what was happening was a touch of hitting the infamous 'wall'.  It was just a feeling of not having any mojo left.  (I'm loving the word mojo right now lol).  I really wish at this point in the game I was running with a partner.  I found myself stopping a lot at this point.  Just look at those times....that aint no Gump running my friends...that's almost driving Miss Daisy..heck that would be Miss Daisy walking lol.   

21   11:17.7  1.00   11:17.7
2211:32.3  1.00 11:32.3
2311:53.7   1.00 11:53.7
2412:01.9 1.00 12:01.9
2512:06.1 1.00 12:06.1

Now, please don't get me wrong...I am very happy that I finished this marathon under 5 hours...that was my goal.  But with every goal that you reach you need to set a new one and my new one would be to last long enough that I can be running at the end.  The whole time ;). 

Few steps away from the finish!
Miles 26 and .2
I listen to my favorite song for this marathon, one that I couldn't wait to get to and hoped my shuffle would 'shuffle it' to this song the whole 10 miles I was wearing my ipod...funny, last mile here it was playing... 
This one's for you and me, living out our dreams
We're all right where we should be
Lift my arms out wide I open my eyes
And now all I wanna see
Is a sky full of lighters Finish line                                                                                               A sky full of lighters  (This to me is symbolic of my finish line...to many things not just the marathon)
By the time you hear this I will have already spiralled up
I would never do nothing to let you cowards fuck my world up
If I was you, I would duck, or get struck like lightening,
Fighters keep fighting, put your lighters up, point 'em skyward uh
Had a dream I was king, I woke up, still king  queen ;)
So the song finished, I had tears in my eyes (heck who am I kidding...I was crying..and sniffling) It was one of those awesome cries.  Its kind of like the cry when are just so damn friggin happy inside you don't know what else to do...kind of like my 'watching my kids at Disney' cry . 

I'm sniffling and crap as this girl 'shuffles' her way up to me...lol we were all shuffling.  She's besides me and holds my shoulder and goes..."I know girl, I know."  It really was just one of those feelings that you can't replace, can't get from something you buy, eat or drink, a feeling that comes from inside, from achievement, from knowing you are doing what you once thought was IMPOSSIBLE.  Take the feeling of pride, accomplishment, happiness... roll that into one and you've got one friggin awesome marathon experience.  

I started hearing the cheers of the crowd and I picked up my pace.  Picked up my pace=running again.  I thought about who would be there and made sure I would be there/in the present moment.  As soon as I thought of my daughter, I KNEW she would be crying.  She's a bit like me and when she is overly excited and becomes weepy.  She was all out crying when I passed the line.  I first noticed that Scott made shirts for the kids that were awesome, then I heard them announcing my name-time and other bits of random information...something about tears in my eyes and then BANG I was handed the coolest medal ever.  I felt great and I didn't look too much like a train wreck!
My daughter was too hysterical to take the picture!

My chip time- 4:53:51
My watch said 4:43:02 ( so apparently i sat idle for about 10 minutes?...I did make a potty stop).

After the marathon.  I went home, took and ice bath and rocked like a baby...lol seriously. My stomach wasn't going to let me get off easy.  I drank tons of Zico water and ate bread...within a couple hours I was feeling back to normal.  We went out that night had some drinks and ate well. 


K, A, C at dinner

The next day I still felt very good.  We even went apple picking.  Honestly, as soon as 24 hours hit...like CLOCKWORK I was friggin super, crazy sore.  That lasted for a full day...I'm sure Scott could add to this part of the story but we will spare you the details.  Lets just say there was a lot of f'bombs, crying and some crazy talk about "how I would NEVER do that again"..... Like childbirth...you know you'll be there again with your feet dangling in the damn stirrups!



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Lesson in Letting Go

I explained how this past week I have been sick.  Looking back on my notes in preparation for my half marathon I experienced the same thing, the same week-bad cold, cough.  Insert fist to head and a big loud DUH here.  I should have been on combat patrol for allergy season. I think with everything going on I forgot how bad it gets here in September/Fall.  If I don't have my allergies under control, I get sick.  So I've been religiously taking my allergy pills, doing some neti pot action and my nebulizer in the morning...things are looking up and I am much less miserable. 

On that note, it was really bothering me that I had a week of running to do (5, 8, 4, and 12) and realizing I most likely wouldn't be able to fit it in.  I was trying to figure out a way to make it all work--adding extra miles onto other runs--maybe I'll squeeze one in here..or there... It wasn't working.  I was sitting there Monday night with my running clothes on ready to go out for a run and trying to figure out what I was going to do.  I decided that I would decide out on the road. 

Running clears all the clutter for me and as soon as I started I thought....LET IT GO.  I needed to make the decision to let that week go.  I needed to not harp on it.  I needed to be fine and move on.  Once I decided to do just that, to let it go, I couldn't believe how quickly I felt better.  It felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders and I was also able to realize how stupid it all seemed.  I know that rest is the most important thing. I know that I have built in extra weeks of training. I know that I am prepared to kick this marathons ass gulp.   Letting go made me excited again.  Holding on to how I was going to fit that in was only bringing me down....that's not good training.  Its funny how sometimes the things we think are most important are sometimes the very same things we should be letting go of...

So this week I will be running
4, 6, 3 and 8
next week I will be running
3, 4, 2 and wait for it....wait for it....THE MARATHON!!!!

I'm super excited.  I think I am ready. No, I know I am ready.  I have everything set except the logistics of who is going to watch my children during the race...no biggy lol.  We'll work that out! 

Oh and I guess I couldn't stay away too long....and Dina...stop scratching I wasn't meaning you ;) ...thanks for the tough love!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog....Goodnight from NY

That tis the question...

So much has been going on lately that I can't even begin to start to ramble it off without sounding like I'm just rambling shit off.  We finally got our lights back on Saturday night at 8pm. Thanks to those of you who called to see if we were okay, came by or cared in some way shape or form.....to those of you who didn't ...go scratch yourselves .
(p.s. to those of you who didn't understand my "you remind me of leah remini" comments ....it wasn't that I look like her...its that the last line is something I would kinda say normally....but not all the time ; )
Um...I'm in rare form. 
I am at my den table with twenty books open, one being my plan book. I have the worst virus/cold...and what the doctor says is tonsillitis .  Problem is I thought you needed your tonsils to get tonsillitis?  I had those taken out about 17 years ago...hmm Lets ponder that one. 

So lets consider this.  It is my first week of taper until the mileage goes down to practically no running.  I can't fathom running 12 tomorrow unless the sick fairies come visit me or should it be the 'health' fairy? I'm concerned about running, I am trying to get plans done, spend time with the family etc. etc.   Long story short I am having a hard time finding time to blog.  After the hurricane I realized how much "technology" time the Johnson family spends during the day.  "Technology time" should be real people time, talking time, resting time, running time...  I think I am also just mentally and physically spent.   I need to get better, feel better and then maybe I will feel the spark to share and blog...because I do love it -- wait to you hear about the compression pants I found!

But for now-or for today-who knows how long this will last....I'm going upstairs to relax, go to sleep and

pray that tomorrow 
only brings
 a day of peace and remembrance
here in NY
and everywhere else in the country...  

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hit by Irene and Feelin' Forgotten

My town was hit pretty hard by Irene.  My block had two major poles and 3 huge trees fall.  I live on a small block so that is a lot...plus only one side of the block has houses.  We lost our power on Sunday night  at about 4 after a really loud bang and some sizzling...which I think was the transformer dying after it crashed into the neighbors driveway.  Two of my neighbors are pretty much bound to their home because the wires are literally wrapped around their cars.

With this I will note that no one was hurt and that's what matters most!

It was like a maze just trying to get to the store for some ice the first few days.  Huge trees were just pulled from the ground...like plucked flowers.  We couldn't believe how many roads were blocked....what was even more amazing was when you left our neighborhood it looked like nothing even happened!  I'm still convinced that what hit St. James was more "tornado like".  

So its SIX days later and little by little everyone is getting their power back, getting back to normal.  Us...not so much.  We still do not have power, no hot water...which I'm sure if you think about your day--wake up WITH an alarm, make a cup of coffee, take a shower, eat breakfast with cold milk/juice...yada yada you get the point.  It was an adventure the first few days...now its just getting ugly.  The worst part is most of our friends/family HAVE power and it almost feels like we are on an episode of LOST.  (that made me chuckle ...btw...I'm losing my mind a bit 2kids with no electric=crazy mommy).  

So I am typing this post at "Uncled Eddie's and Aunt Terri's" because we can come here and they don't get gray hair the first five minutes of biting, screaming or after listening to 20 versions of Whistle While you Work sung by a 2 year old.  We came to take some baths, eat and then head home.  

I am predicting that we will have power by Tuesday....AGH!!!! Wish me luck and I hope that I have not been forgotten in the blog world as well....let me feel the love folks...I want to have some fingers crossed around the U.S...who knows maybe it will work!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

B & E....I'm sure you are too!

Training is coming along nicely.  My head is racing with 'racing' thoughts and its getting down to the wire!  Almost one month to go!  I've been keeping up with my schedule but at the same time taking off a few miles from the shorter runs to care for the legs.  I've been getting a pain in my left heel which I'm feeling is from the pitch in the road so I am going to try and switch it up on Saturday for my next 18. 


SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER!! I've been popping into my classroom to start setting up and get ready for my students.  Next week they are open at night so that is when I will predominantly get things done.  Its hard setting up a classroom with two kids having rolling chair races down the hall.  As much as I get myself all nervous and jittery like I'm a kid on the first day, I truly love what I do.  I love the excitement of it all, I love having a different day everyday, I love the challenges, I love seeing the children learn, and I love the routine of it all.  Trust me, there are some negatives like leaving my two cherubs and hearing Lucas cry like his world is ending for the first three weeks of me going....now that, I'm looking forward to! Not really.

MY FIRST TRII've been preparing less than I would like with all my marathon training in the works!  I'm really excited but at the same time nervous.  I am going to stay overnight Saturday and then race Sunday morning.  I hope for a nice day and no drowning or falling off the bike....nah, I'm really not as bad as I am cracking myself up to be...I should be fine but I need to keep it easy so the excitement doesn't make me drown or um...fall of the bike.


SARAH BAREILLES!!!   I am going to her concert on the 31st and I am super, super excited.  I was at first going to venture out to the city on my own  because I really like her music and only wanted someone that liked her music as well to join me.  I paused for a bit this month and decided that Scott really enjoys me lol, and we really enjoy going places together without those darn kids hanging on our damn legs, whining and constantly needing something. so I recently bought Scott a ticket to join me. He knows some of the songs I've played for him ...so I will have to make him a CD for the car so that he can sing along with me....lol  Here is one of my favorites...its just a snippet. 

By Golly I think I've met my goal!!
I had made a bucket list a few years back and one of the goals on the bucket list was to start my own garden.  I planted tomatoes, peppers, peas, basil, cucumbers and broccoli.  The only thing that didn't work were the cucumbers and that's because I was worried about how safe they were to eat.  Let me explain, I caught Brooke and Lucas "watering" killing the cucumbers with pool water.  That's a lot of chlorine in a cucumber salad...and kind of negates my 'organic' label.  Needless to say we went to King Kullen for our cucumbers this summer.  With all the other veggies ...I'm at the point that I don't know what to do with it all!!  Lucas and I go out every morning to see what we have grown.  We weren't able to go for two days because of all the rain and look what we collected!!! I already have two bins of tomatoes in the fridge!!!!
Recipe suggestions????!!!!!

Okay, so my son is obsessed with Snow White.  He runs around the house with her doll screaming WHITE, WHITE.  I mean really, if you think about it, she's beautiful, polite, caring, takes care of the home and seven grown men!  Geez, if she's not a catch I don' t know who is?!  Honestly, though he really does love the woman and I just would be delighted to see his face if he saw her face.  That said, I've been craving a trip to Disney.  I really never loved Disney as much as I learned to like it after working there.  I was able to step back and see why I think people/adults put themselves through the torture of walking for hours through a crowded park  loved going...the expressions on their child's face...as cheesy as it sounds...it really is just priceless.  They really believe in it all, the magic, the fairies, the wicked witches and it makes you feel it for the day....who wouldn't want to go and enjoy that.  So I booked a trip the weekend after my marathon ( I hope I can walk)...four days only...short and sweet.  Enough for Lukey to get his fill of WHITE, WHITE!

37...I think!
I am pretty forgetful but one thing I pretty much always have to concentrate and calculate is my age.  I know...but it just seems crazy to me that I could actually be turning 37 in September!!  I really don't feel 37...not sure what I thought it would feel like...and I am also pretty sure this is the definition of denial..  Long story short, I really just want to go shopping for my birthday or actually before (because I don't really enjoy shopping...its too long and tiring and I hate trying on clothes...I'm more of a 'Marshall's find' kind of girl), and get some clothes I fit in.  I just found out that I am able to get some of my favorite sundresses taken in.  This is a good thing because I was getting upset about having to get rid of soooo many clothes.  One day I will show you before and after pictures but for now lets say I have a wardrobe that goes from size 14 down to 4..  I gave away all my "small" clothes thinking I would never get back to that size...ever, never, ever!  Well I'm there now and I have nothing to wear for it!  So  a' shopping I will go!

What are you busy with or excited for??!!!!
Do you like Disney?! 
How old are you? lol just kidding!
Any recipes for all my tomatoes and basil?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Confilict of interest?

So these are the socks I got because these are the socks they had.  I really like them and how they make my legs feel after a run....problem is some others really like the socks too....apparently these trigger some Brittney Spear video moments for my husband.
I'm thinking this may be a conflict of interest?
Lorraine....Scott....what are your thoughts?
Oh and by the way...this would be a rhetorical question for you two....lol

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chicken, Monkey, Duck ....Literally.

You know its the end of August when Chicken, Monkey, Duck is what you're humming 90% of the day. Enjoy the video and heck..invite the kids...its pretty fun! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Danger BABY Triathlon

Mommy has been talking tri's and marathons all over da house lately and we've been hauling them off to some fun in the sun when mommy is practicing her open water swims.  I really try and make it a point to do all my activities before the kids even wake up but at the same time I also love sharing the fun parts with them and hope that they will geta touch of the 'active' bug themselves. 

Just finishing a bike ride down to West Meadow with Terri to meet tri team for open water swim - its early in the am and then Scott meets me with kids to enjoy beach afterwards.

That little spec out there is myself and a few others getting some pointers

The kids finally got a little taste of what it is all about and loved every minute of it (well except when Brooke couldn't push through the tough grass with her bike lol).  It was so fun to see them getting excited for their first "TrAnklons" (as per Lucas).  Brooke told everyone she saw that day that she was going to be in a "Swim, Bike, Run race..." People were like...."Um for real?!"

 Friends of mine put on the cutest, dopest little 'Danger Baby Triathlon'.  The kids had to swim, bike and run for fun...and for cute little shirts, bracelets and yummy goodies at the end (kind of like what we all race for!)  We had such a good time and some really good laughs.  Brooke had a few "Mommy, I can't do this" moments but pulled through at the end.  I couldn't believe how Lucas, the youngest of the group went along with all the craziness and ran through the finish line just like the oldest!!!  So proud of my little rockstars!  Such a great idea to do at home with a few friends or just some family!  All you need is a pool, bikes, helmets and sneakers!!

All marked up!  Lucas' number was .5....too cute.  Look at Brooke showing some muscle lol.

Getting their Danger Baby Tri shirts!

We did it--group shot!

Water Break!

Little video of them pulling it through at the end.

Had such a great time and can't wait till next year!  Totally want to try and do something like this with the cousins next year! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Chloe is...: Awesome Hoo Ha Compression Socks Give A Way!

Chloe is...: Awesome Hoo Ha Compression Socks Give A Way!

I've been talking a lot about Compression socks...and wanted to share a site that is giving a pair away!

The Big 18

Holy sh*t.  I have to say this was one of the funniest, hardest, most mind challenging runs ever.  We started to run in a slight drizzle and by mile 8 it was pouring so hard I would have had to pull over if driving.  The three of us had to just stop and laugh.  We talked about turning around at the end of the road we were on but when we got there we all just turned left and kept going.  It was a special unspoken "we are going to do this no matter what" moment.  At one point I just kept telling myself..."feel the rain, be in the moment, enjoy this" , it was so hard because the wind and rain were just challenging us for about 40-50 minutes.  My biggest worry about it all was blisters.  That morning I realized I was out of my Glide and used my sons Aquafor instead.  I wasn't sure how this was going to work out.  I also purchased new thick and cushy socks which differed from what I said I was going to buy.  I was nervous that they were going to hold all the water and make my feet even more vulnerable.  It turns out that they were great.  My feet weren't that bad at all by the end of the run and not one blister. I will try these socks one more time on my twenty and then they will be what I will wear for the real deal. 

Before the run:
*one small cup of coffee (yes, I did go back and I have to say I DON'T sleep as well with it) I've been trying it during my early runs because I am just having such a hard time waking up. 
*one peanut butter sandwich
*Rolled out my legs and back on the foam roller

During the run:
*2 blueberry Roctane Gu's (2x's caffeine...you will see that I am NOT going to do this again...it was too much caffeine and it killed my stomach after the run)
* 3 Blocks
*One bottle of Pineapple Zico Water

After the run:
*Recoverite Shake
*Stretched with foam roller before the ice bath (little hint from the  Goucher)
*Ice bath then went to warm bath (this worked better and it wasn't so drastic which I think was hurting me with just the cold)
* "MY" compression socks.  I really don't have the real compression socks but will be making the purchase.  I have these Juicy knee highs...lol...yes, I do that are tight and I used those all day.  It was nice having everything tight so I am definitely going to splurge and get the real ones. 
*Rest.  Okay the caffeine kind of negated this...It was so hard to fall asleep so I just closed my eyes and then after awhile just tried to read a little. 
*Used the 'Stick' to roll out some more. 
*Stretched again at 9pm
*4 Motrin
*1 husband that took care of everything while I was doing this. 

When I got home from this run Scott just looked at me and said "do you realize what you just did?"  I said, "No....I just don't feel in the moment".  Its a funny thing.  I am not sure if it is just me or if it is other people but I feel the first time I go through crazy challenges it is almost an outerbody experience. Settting out to do mileage you have never done before takes mental toughness, so much so that it is so hard to always be in the moment.  Where I am pulling from, what I have to put aside, who you have to be, what you have to empower to be able to mentally endure the mileage....it's alot.    It is definitely a journey and you definitely are not the same person you were when you started.  It strips you and sometimes the stripping can be overwhelming.  I was emotionally drained and just needed to rest.  I think that is something the 'family' of runners should understand most.  After a super long run, something that is long for you- you not only are sore physically, you are drained mentally.  It takes so much and you need time to rest and be able to start over well.  Its super helpful when the ones around you understand that...when they don't...it can easily become a "bite someones head off" type of atmosphere.!!! 

This week on schedule is 5, 9, 5 and 14. 
Next week on schedule is 5, 10, 5 and then 20!!!! 

Super nervous for the twenty and for my legs!  My quads are sore and my calf just a bit of that numbish feeling (don't worry I already addressed this with the doctor).  Overall, I feel pretty good.  I am sore, I am not supernatural.  My stomach hurt a lot after this run so I will have to watch hydration and caffeine intake.  If there is anything more that anyone else could suggest for recovery let this sista know!!  Still shopping around for compression shorts.  I am thinking that I may move to capris considering all the compression shorts I see are super -super short!  No need for that....(as per Scott...and I pretty much agree)lol. 

Any after run recovery secrets?
Stilll looking for some brand names for recovery shorts!?
Going with CEP compression socks...What do you think?
Do you sometimes feel emotionally drained after a long run?
How does your family help you /encourage you?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things That make me Smile Thursday

Yes, I am still alive. 

I have just been "running" around, literally.  This past week we've been to the Long Island Children's Museum, Atlantis Marine World, the beach, the pool, and we even started shopping for school clothes and shoes.  The Johnson household is finally making progress in the right directions...its crazy how sometimes so many things can get in the way of your happiness.  What I love about life though is when you least expect it something you write, read, see can just  help you 'click' out of your fog, see things differently and make you more available to the ones you love and that love you most.  Its hard work to be in the present moment and not escape from tough shit.  It's about living in the moment.  If you do you can find yourself smiling just a little bit more, happier...even when you thought you were happy before.   Here are some pictures of us living in the moment, things that have been making me smile and belly laugh!!!

Also...please make it a point to go and support my SIL who is doing her first half marathon in the Hamptons as well. I can't wait to share this experience with her and am so proud that she is doing it!!! She started a blog to write about it and I would love if you would go give her a shout out of support!!
 The Wordy Runner

Better watch out!


Tough, Adorable and a little touch of heels lol.

That's her "What's up dude?"

LICM - music room

Granny and Gramps at the beach
Have you ever felt in a fog?  Do you spend time living in the moment? 
What makes it hardest for you to do that?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nervous already

So its a bit weird to me that I have been getting nervous for my long runs lately....or not.  I do tend to get nervous for big events but usually only when its the real thing.   I think its because they are longer than I have ever done before and it means I am getting closer to the real thing.  This week I will be running 4, 9, 5 and 18.  Really? 

Little long run recaps:
Last weekend I did the 16.  I refuelled well and also took two of the Hammer Endurolytes (Electrolyte Replenshment).  I really do think they worked a lot.  I didn't feel as thirsty during the run and my muscles didn't ache as much.  I also tried the Hammer Recoverite...I like that also. It tasted really good and went down easy.  It is difficult for me to eat anything heavy after a long run so I do prefer to drink my recovery food. 

Now this weekend I did 12.  It was torturous.  There were a few times that I questioned myself and thought "What the hell am I doing?!" It just goes to show you that you could have good days and bad....whatever the mileage.  I don't know what it was.  I think it may have been that I left later in the day...only 45 minutes but its friggin hot out there....or that I was just darn tired.  Some days your body just isn't into the training schedule that your mind has planned for it.  Its days like these though that I make sure I finish because that is the toughness I believe I am going to need at about mile 20...or 21, 22, 23. 24, 25 and 26.... 

My job before this weeks long run is to pick out my race outfit.  I want to try everything on this long run and the next to make sure everything feels okay.  I want to look into getting compression shorts and thinner socks.  Any suggestions???  I think I am going to stick with my Nike sportsbra and Nike top...and of course my tried and true Brookes. 

Compression shorts suggestions? 
Sock suggestions?
Did you ever have a run that made you question what the hell you are doing out there?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quote This

The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want right now

-Zig Ziglar

Found on Emz's blog....loved it and had to share!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Can I get a WITNESS?? Vlogatorial!

It's official....and you are here to witness it!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Question & Answer PART TWO

Do you have any other talents besides running etc?
Talents- Well I am very talented at ping pong but aside from that ;0 I think many of my friends would say I am pretty creative and crafty.  She's crafty...that's how they would say it.  I am also pretty good with the camera.  I don't know too many cool tricks...um... other than the ones I learned while working at Disney World ... intriguing right?!

What was the hardest decision you ever had to make?
This is  a hard one.  I feel like when  you are in the middle, the deep (rolling in the deep) of a decision it always feels like the toughest, hardest thing but when its done, if you made the right decision it didn't seem that hard at all.  Hindsight is always 20/20.  I think the hardest decision was to walk away from someone that I truly cared about because they hurt and disrespected what I value.  It was easy to know better, difficult to process the feeling of being hurt and understanding how people can just 'switch' in an instant. I'm not made like that.  Crazy thing was that I got slack for making the decision I did...for deciding to end it. That may have been the hardest part of it all.   One day I'll go into more detail...or not...we'll see.

Which celeb would play you in the movie of your life and what would be on the soundtrack?
Okay, so I have continuously been compared to Leah Remini and Linda Hamilton (um..I WISH I had those arms in the pic?!) from the Terminator.  I guess I would agree to some similarities with Leah so I would have to go with her....who would I love to be played by is a bit different. I would go with Rachel McAdams.  Love her. 

Soundtrack. This is hard.  I already got yelled at by Chris because I made my own play list.  Chris by the way...I would go with Sara Bareilles- Kaleidoscope Heart Album.  I guess I will stick with that for my soundtrack too!  

Question: What's the hardest question you had to ask anyone?


Rachelle Wardle
Question: Which of the 3 events was the hardest for you to train for? Which is your weakness? Which is your strength?
Hardest to train for is the swim because it was just difficult getting to the pool and/or water.  It was also a project with having to shower after, bringing everything blah, blah.  I actually love swimming in the open water though and enjoy bringing the kids so now that the summer is here it is better.   Weakness I would say is the bike...I spoke about that little fear of falling and breaking into a million pieces in the prior post.  My strength I would say is the running.  I know more about it, I am more familiar with it, I can't be eaten or bit by any sea creatures and its really hard to fall and break into a million little pieces. 

What are your current and long term running goals?
*Fuel correctly/Hydrate enough to maintain my running without injury
*Finish weekly mileage to get to my long term (which is getting shorter and shorter by the minute!) of doing my first Marathon. 
*Enjoy my running and not make it a job

Long Term-
*Hampton Marathon
*Sub 2 Half Marathon
*Place in a race (so if any of you know a race that there will be only 3-4 runners please advise!!!)

On that note...there are some goals that I keep to myself ;)  mainly because that is how I think it should be...some private little goals of your own. 

1. What is your favorite meal? (calories magically don't count when you answer this one)
Okay. So here's the thing.  Like my music, this all depends on the day, my mood etc. etc.  I do love a really well made fajita.  I had one in St. Martin that was to die for.  I like it when it is juicy! Also, I would like to add that my favorite part of a meal is dessert.  I really do love a good chocolate brownie with ice cream and fudge. 

2. Who is the person you most look up to?
So there are a few but for different reasons. 
In my career-SC (don't want to just throw her name out there.) She is a calm, loving, smart and inspiring teacher to the students and staff.  She just oozes "I love my job" and I love that about her. 

As a mother- I have to say currently the person that still sticks in my mind is my friend Debbie's mother.  I will never forget watching her hold her daughter...(it makes me tear just thinking of it)...I will never forget how strong she was and how she held her daughter in arms of comfort and love during the last days of  Debbie's life.  She held herself together to love and comfort her daughter to the very last minute and I think that takes tremendous strength.

Running/Sports- SE
I loved her the minute she taught the spin class and always knew I would love to just be her friend lol...that sounds funny but really I just wanted to know more about how she does what she does.  She is super at inspiring others to do their best.  She knows what she is doing-finished an Ironman- so in my book you know what you're friggin doing!  I just love her -"you can do this" attitude and I love when she yells at me and says "Hope is not a strategy!!!"

3. If you had three hours to yourself today, with absolutely no kids or responsibilities, what would you do?
I would go get a really good book or movie, the brownie and hot fudge ice cream sundae I mentioned above and then climb into my really cushy bed. Heck since this is all pretty much a fantasy lets add on a masseuse coming to my home for a relaxing massage.  Hmmm....anyone want to babysit for 3 hours and pay for a masseuse to come to my home??

Your go to post workout food or drink? Is it different then your post race food or drink?
Go to post workout is my Vega Sport shake mixed with chocolate zico water, bananas and some fruit.  I usually can't stomach a lot after a long run and this helps a lot. 

How do you take your caffinee? (coffee, tea or other?)Since I did the Quantum Wellness cleanse I haven't had coffee (crazy right?!) . I realized how much it was keeping me up and how I was needing it .  I hate when I feel like I need something to function.  Now, the most caffeine I get is from my chocolate and GU's. 

If you had to eat one type of candy or chocolate the rest of your life what would it be?
After the cleanse I haven't eaten any chocolate..............ha ha just kidding that's a friggin joke and a half.  I totally shouldn't be allowed to eat it because I am certainly addicted.  I do eat it sparingly though after having done the cleanse because I truly am addicted and I feel better without that much sugar.  The answer to the question though...
Peanut chews. Hands down.

That's all folks...unless you have some more! Hope you enjoyed learning more about me! 
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