Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Lesson in Letting Go

I explained how this past week I have been sick.  Looking back on my notes in preparation for my half marathon I experienced the same thing, the same week-bad cold, cough.  Insert fist to head and a big loud DUH here.  I should have been on combat patrol for allergy season. I think with everything going on I forgot how bad it gets here in September/Fall.  If I don't have my allergies under control, I get sick.  So I've been religiously taking my allergy pills, doing some neti pot action and my nebulizer in the morning...things are looking up and I am much less miserable. 

On that note, it was really bothering me that I had a week of running to do (5, 8, 4, and 12) and realizing I most likely wouldn't be able to fit it in.  I was trying to figure out a way to make it all work--adding extra miles onto other runs--maybe I'll squeeze one in here..or there... It wasn't working.  I was sitting there Monday night with my running clothes on ready to go out for a run and trying to figure out what I was going to do.  I decided that I would decide out on the road. 

Running clears all the clutter for me and as soon as I started I thought....LET IT GO.  I needed to make the decision to let that week go.  I needed to not harp on it.  I needed to be fine and move on.  Once I decided to do just that, to let it go, I couldn't believe how quickly I felt better.  It felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders and I was also able to realize how stupid it all seemed.  I know that rest is the most important thing. I know that I have built in extra weeks of training. I know that I am prepared to kick this marathons ass gulp.   Letting go made me excited again.  Holding on to how I was going to fit that in was only bringing me down....that's not good training.  Its funny how sometimes the things we think are most important are sometimes the very same things we should be letting go of...

So this week I will be running
4, 6, 3 and 8
next week I will be running
3, 4, 2 and wait for it....wait for it....THE MARATHON!!!!

I'm super excited.  I think I am ready. No, I know I am ready.  I have everything set except the logistics of who is going to watch my children during the race...no biggy lol.  We'll work that out! 

Oh and I guess I couldn't stay away too long....and Dina...stop scratching I wasn't meaning you ;) ...thanks for the tough love!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog....Goodnight from NY

That tis the question...

So much has been going on lately that I can't even begin to start to ramble it off without sounding like I'm just rambling shit off.  We finally got our lights back on Saturday night at 8pm. Thanks to those of you who called to see if we were okay, came by or cared in some way shape or form.....to those of you who didn't ...go scratch yourselves .
(p.s. to those of you who didn't understand my "you remind me of leah remini" comments ....it wasn't that I look like her...its that the last line is something I would kinda say normally....but not all the time ; )
Um...I'm in rare form. 
I am at my den table with twenty books open, one being my plan book. I have the worst virus/cold...and what the doctor says is tonsillitis .  Problem is I thought you needed your tonsils to get tonsillitis?  I had those taken out about 17 years ago...hmm Lets ponder that one. 

So lets consider this.  It is my first week of taper until the mileage goes down to practically no running.  I can't fathom running 12 tomorrow unless the sick fairies come visit me or should it be the 'health' fairy? I'm concerned about running, I am trying to get plans done, spend time with the family etc. etc.   Long story short I am having a hard time finding time to blog.  After the hurricane I realized how much "technology" time the Johnson family spends during the day.  "Technology time" should be real people time, talking time, resting time, running time...  I think I am also just mentally and physically spent.   I need to get better, feel better and then maybe I will feel the spark to share and blog...because I do love it -- wait to you hear about the compression pants I found!

But for now-or for today-who knows how long this will last....I'm going upstairs to relax, go to sleep and

pray that tomorrow 
only brings
 a day of peace and remembrance
here in NY
and everywhere else in the country...  

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hit by Irene and Feelin' Forgotten

My town was hit pretty hard by Irene.  My block had two major poles and 3 huge trees fall.  I live on a small block so that is a lot...plus only one side of the block has houses.  We lost our power on Sunday night  at about 4 after a really loud bang and some sizzling...which I think was the transformer dying after it crashed into the neighbors driveway.  Two of my neighbors are pretty much bound to their home because the wires are literally wrapped around their cars.

With this I will note that no one was hurt and that's what matters most!

It was like a maze just trying to get to the store for some ice the first few days.  Huge trees were just pulled from the ground...like plucked flowers.  We couldn't believe how many roads were blocked....what was even more amazing was when you left our neighborhood it looked like nothing even happened!  I'm still convinced that what hit St. James was more "tornado like".  

So its SIX days later and little by little everyone is getting their power back, getting back to normal.  Us...not so much.  We still do not have power, no hot water...which I'm sure if you think about your day--wake up WITH an alarm, make a cup of coffee, take a shower, eat breakfast with cold milk/juice...yada yada you get the point.  It was an adventure the first few days...now its just getting ugly.  The worst part is most of our friends/family HAVE power and it almost feels like we are on an episode of LOST.  (that made me chuckle ...btw...I'm losing my mind a bit 2kids with no electric=crazy mommy).  

So I am typing this post at "Uncled Eddie's and Aunt Terri's" because we can come here and they don't get gray hair the first five minutes of biting, screaming or after listening to 20 versions of Whistle While you Work sung by a 2 year old.  We came to take some baths, eat and then head home.  

I am predicting that we will have power by Tuesday....AGH!!!! Wish me luck and I hope that I have not been forgotten in the blog world as well....let me feel the love folks...I want to have some fingers crossed around the U.S...who knows maybe it will work!

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