Tuesday, January 31, 2012

COMFORTABLY... uncomfortable

So I went out for another afternoon run on my lunch break today. I have to say I really think I am pretty cool doing that...I feel like I am on a covert mission.  Although, I am not so good at the covert part being that I come back with bright red cheeks, partially sweaty hair and lugging a bag with crumpled running clothes stuffed in. 

Me. And. My shadow.

The run was a struggle because of how hilly it was and that I was trying to make it back in time.  I've been running for two years now and I still feel like I am at the beginning stages.  I feel like I still have so much to learn.  Actually, I should word that differently.  I feel like I am more into understanding, learning and trying to improve now than I was before.  Before, I enjoyed it and was fine going out just to go out.  I was kind of testing the waters.  Getting by.  Now, I am more interested in how to perform better, and how to get my body to work more efficiently, how to fuel.  I'm more passionate about it and when I am passionate about something I like doing it well. 

After my first marathon I began thinking more about my next goals and I decided it would include to become better at what I love doing. I want to improve and in order to do that I think I have to become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. 

I mean lets call it like it is...no one really likes to be uncomfortable...right???  It's what you achieve after it that makes it worth the while.  Isn't the saying...

Nothing worth having comes easy?

So what I need to do is become more uncomfortable.  Todays run got me discouraged at first but then I realized I just have to do more of those types of runs, I have to make some of my runs challenging...I have to feel the work if I want the achievement of becoming better at what I love to do...and because...

Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat. 
 ~Ann Landers
okay..does anyone else think its hysterical that I just quoted Ann Landers...

Monday, January 30, 2012

What brings YOU home?

You've heard the sayings..."home is where the heart is", "there is no place like home"...."home sweet home"...
HOME...is way more than the four walls that surround you or the roof over your head.  Home to me is whatever brings you back to your core, the real you, the you that helps you feel your best, the things that make you feel, that remind you of what matters...the things that make you happy, or make you feel true, pure love. Nowadays we are all so easily distracted, running around, losing ourselves in the everyday mundane things...my question to you is...what brings you back home? Here are just a few things that help me get back home, have touched my core, or have made me feel....

Home to me is running... I mean its the tried and true....It does all of the above.  Restarts a funky engine, helps me think, helps me refocus, gives me the time and energy to understand and be patient, the list goes on and on....it makes me the best me I can be.  It brings me home.

Home to me is something I see that evokes a happy tear because it is so darn sweet.
visit 50 over 40

Home could be something that stops you in your tracks and makes you realize how valuable everyday is, how you could lose everything in a split second.  How you should let your loved ones KNOW they are loved...because you never know when or if you will get a second chance to do that....

Click Here or on the picture to read more about Sherry and make sure YOU PARTICIPATE IN THIS VIRTUAL RUN!

 Home to me is being inspired by someone who works so hard to get where she wants to go.  Who allows you to see that hard work does pay off and actually makes it seem like its attainable to ANYONE.  You have to read her whole story to understand how truly amazing this mom, runner and wife is. 

Home to me is my daughter coming up when she hears that I'm having a difficult time being sick.  She comes in my room and starts rubbing my head singing..."Twinkle, twinkle, little star...." 

Home is in her eyes, her laugh, her love for others.

Home to me is  watching my son grow into a little man.  Its watching how happy and at peace he is.  Home is him reminding me everyday the simple things in life.  Home is when he blurts out a story and makes me belly laugh.  

Home to me is Scott. Seeing how much he is still growing, knowing how much life has kicked him in the ass and how he still gets back up...and is sweet about it!  Home is when he makes me laugh, when he snuggles, and when he just holds me, when he does the little but big thoughtful things....and when he cleans the floors...lol. 

The Boyz cleaning the floor...wasn't kidding!

Home to me is music.  I love all kinds of music...and it has a unique power over my mood!  I love Sara Bareilles' music and her personality...as shown in this video!  She is awesome and so real in concert...and can't wait to see her again...Her concert brought me home.

So what brings YOU home?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's wrong with this picture....?

That would be a Runners World magazine ...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Have YOU heard about Vega Sport?? Topseller Giveaway Coming!!

  Okay, I have to admit, I am super excited...SUPER-SUPER excited about this  product line that Vega has.  Vega Sport!  I first started drinking the Vega Food Health Optimizer when I just couldn't keep up without getting sick.  I knew I needed to eat better and get more of what my body needed to function properly on a daily basis.  The Vega shake did that for me.  It was simple, I knew it was free from all the junky stuff other mixes have, it was quick and I liked how it tasted.  "My Shakes" are a known thing in this family and I can't wait because Sequel Naturals is in the middle of their Vega Sport Launch and are sending me a VEGA SPORT KIT to sample and review. More things to LOVE!!!

Better yet
they are also going to give
tub of Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer--A TOPSELLER--
as a
to one of my readers!

Pre-Workout Energizer
Click to read more about this product

The Vega Sport performance system is 100% plant-based, free from dairy, gluten and soy, and contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners!!  Plus it was created by this guy
....um...yes, please.  May I have another?
I mean really...wouldn't anyone want to drink what he's drinking?

I'll let you know more about the product and the deets on the giveaway when all the fun stuff arrives!!!

Have you ever tried VEGA SPORT?
Would you be interested in trying a product from this performance system?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mommy Monday - What Happens in Your House? + results

Batten down the hatches...teams unite! The kids are sick.  If there is one area in the mommy department that I could say I'm not too shabby in, its taking care of my kiddies and making them feel comfy when they are sick. Wait?...I'm pretty sure every mommy is good at this!  I think its mommy instinct because its so hard to see our little ones not feeling well.  When the kids are sick there are a few "sick rules" or maybe we should call them "sick exceptions" that go into effect here at the J household!

*  We don't have televisions in our rooms so whomever is sick gets the flat screen rolled into their room so they can stay in bed. 

She looks so upset about the television being in her room....doesn't she?

*  Cover the couches so you don't spread your germs! (this never works...as mommy is always catching what they have at least a week later...it kind of just stuck and its "what we do"..don't knock it lol)
Every doll is sick in the house as well.  You can see Mr. Bear there in the middle.

*  Gatorade and Water Mix
Now, I know this isn't the healthiest  and most nutritious meal but this is what the Doctor ordered.

*  Crack the windows...no matter how cold!  Let those nasty germs out.

*  Lots of board games

Okay. This has to be the best game I've played with my kids!  It's called Hedbanz by Spinmaster.
One person has to wear the picture on the head and has to ask questions so they can guess what they are. 
Am I an animal? Do I swim? You get it right?...
Fun and great for language skills!!
*  Box of tissues in the bed

*  Vaporizer on

*  Vapor rub on feet when its a cough

*  Lots of loving

So what do you folks do
when one of yours is down for the count?! 
Do share because this winter seasons seems to have just begun!

Also...Thanks to all who wished me well on my results today.  The bloodwork came back good so that was great news.  They will be monitoring me for the next couple of months to see what happens with the mass.  Keep the good thoughts coming and I thank you again. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Feeling Confused, Scared and Excited

I've been keeping busy mapping out my goals and what I really want to be doing with my running.  Last night after a few difficult days (I'll explain later), I decided to actually sit my butt down and figure out what I am really doing and what I want to be doing.  This may sound confusing to some readers because I haven't discussed the fact that I've been spending more time taking a tri class--swimming and biking a lot over these colder months.  The problem is I am trying to love it.  I am also told don't knock until you try it...or that I may love it once I do one.  Scott's probably having heart pain right now because he just bought me a trainer to practice the bike at home...  I am just not feeling it like I do with running.  I feel like the bike is a bit monotonous, which I am sure many bikers would say about running.  Swimming, I like that its a nice workout but I don't crave it...especially indoors--think swim cap, chlorine hair, tight goggles...ugh so annoying.  Running, I get my sneakers on, dress, eat a little something and go.  So, long story short, I will continue to use my trainer or go swim but for cross-training purposes. I do have two sprint tri's that I am already signed up for...I can't wait for the one in August...but that's that.  So now that I have figured out where I'm going this year--I want to pick another half marathon around April/May.  Any suggestions???

I actually first had defeated instead of scared...but I really want to call it what it is and I am certainly not the type to settle with defeated.  I am just plain ol' scared.  Lets just get down to it. I have had some pain in my left side/ovary area for some time now.  I went to the gyno for some other things and the doctor said, "Oh, we didn't know you were pregnant."  Um, I'm not (i say very nonchalantly) this is just what happens when I ovulate.  Now, I know I have had a cyst on my left ovary for a bit now and I explained that I thought this was 'normal'.  She said--you're headed to a sono now or tomorrow, depending on when the tech is there.  I went for the sono and then heard back from the Doctor a couple days later.  She found a "complex mass" and wants me to "get bloodwork as it looks suspicious...it looks like it could be tumor,what Im saying is we want to make sure its not a tumor.  A WHAT?!  Okay so Monday I go to get results from all of this and I am staying positive but its hard to not let the mind wander.  Its just very scary.  It humbles you and makes you stop and think (for way more than a minute).  It makes me think of SUARS post where she talks about ALL of OUR biggests fear...to leave those we love too early, to suffer.  God bless Sherry and her family...I will look for updates on the virtual run Beth is looking to organize in her honor.  Like I said...I am scared.  I am thinking and hoping and praying its nothing but until I find out I will allow myself to be a little scared.  Other than that, I had my little cry the first night and now I am done thinking negatively. 

I'm excited because I have decided that no matter if I am picked randomly or if I have to raise funds, I will be running the NYC marathon.  Its such an exciting thought for me!  I want to pick one or two other half marathons to do as well...been searching...again, any ideas??
Take a look at one of my friends blog On the Right Track...she's been putting her energy into starting her blog after becoming injured.  She's a fun read and could use a lil' encouragement to keep the blogging going and her spirits up!!! She also may be trying this run up above if all goes in her favor ;)

Did you ever try a tri?  Like it or not?
Any fun 1/2 marathons you would like to suggest?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Are YOU selfish?

I just finished reading the Editor's Letter written in the February issue of Runner's World...and took a deep sigh of relief.  Lately, on some of my long runs I have had a little visitor.  Well not so little as David Willey the editor, who explains how on many of his runs he has been accompanied by his children.  My visitor would be Scott, my husband.  The first time he came, I thought..."cool-he wants to get back into the swing of things." That was for about ten minutes...then I became very agitated, annoyed and a bit perturbed.  I couldn't understand why and stopped dead in my tracks rambling on to him about how my runs are for me, and how I do my best thinking out here on the road, and how if he is here then I am thinking about him, or thinking of what he is thinking or...I'm trying to answer his SIX MILLION questions about pace, what mile we are at, what are we going to eat when we get home or wondering if I hear the popping in his hip?!  Really?!

So, I went home to say the least without that renewed, refreshed feeling.  Just a lingering question in my head...am I really a "solo" runner or is it him? lol...seriously (sorry scott).  It took a few more times of this for me to realize the last run that I don't mind so much running with others, IF I get a run in by myself.  I need that run for myself.  It is when I feel my best, do my best, think my best.  It doesn't need to be a long run, just enough to get the endorphins running, to feel more clear and ready to tackle my sometimes very hectic days. 

In the article David talks about running being an "inherently selfish act".  That it's "healthy and life-affirming" but "we mostly do it for ourselves, by ourselves."  The even better side though is sharing it with the people you care about...which he states as well.  I think the best thing will be to see if Scott starts to enjoy it enough to want to do it on his own...that will be the true test of how much he is enjoying it...and may leave me running on my own again...and him wanting/craving the same. ;)

Do you prefer to run with others?
Do you prefer solo runs?
If you could share your running experience with someone who would it be??

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