Thursday, August 18, 2011

B & E....I'm sure you are too!

Training is coming along nicely.  My head is racing with 'racing' thoughts and its getting down to the wire!  Almost one month to go!  I've been keeping up with my schedule but at the same time taking off a few miles from the shorter runs to care for the legs.  I've been getting a pain in my left heel which I'm feeling is from the pitch in the road so I am going to try and switch it up on Saturday for my next 18. 


SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER!! I've been popping into my classroom to start setting up and get ready for my students.  Next week they are open at night so that is when I will predominantly get things done.  Its hard setting up a classroom with two kids having rolling chair races down the hall.  As much as I get myself all nervous and jittery like I'm a kid on the first day, I truly love what I do.  I love the excitement of it all, I love having a different day everyday, I love the challenges, I love seeing the children learn, and I love the routine of it all.  Trust me, there are some negatives like leaving my two cherubs and hearing Lucas cry like his world is ending for the first three weeks of me that, I'm looking forward to! Not really.

MY FIRST TRII've been preparing less than I would like with all my marathon training in the works!  I'm really excited but at the same time nervous.  I am going to stay overnight Saturday and then race Sunday morning.  I hope for a nice day and no drowning or falling off the bike....nah, I'm really not as bad as I am cracking myself up to be...I should be fine but I need to keep it easy so the excitement doesn't make me drown or um...fall of the bike.


SARAH BAREILLES!!!   I am going to her concert on the 31st and I am super, super excited.  I was at first going to venture out to the city on my own  because I really like her music and only wanted someone that liked her music as well to join me.  I paused for a bit this month and decided that Scott really enjoys me lol, and we really enjoy going places together without those darn kids hanging on our damn legs, whining and constantly needing something. so I recently bought Scott a ticket to join me. He knows some of the songs I've played for him I will have to make him a CD for the car so that he can sing along with  Here is one of my favorites...its just a snippet. 

By Golly I think I've met my goal!!
I had made a bucket list a few years back and one of the goals on the bucket list was to start my own garden.  I planted tomatoes, peppers, peas, basil, cucumbers and broccoli.  The only thing that didn't work were the cucumbers and that's because I was worried about how safe they were to eat.  Let me explain, I caught Brooke and Lucas "watering" killing the cucumbers with pool water.  That's a lot of chlorine in a cucumber salad...and kind of negates my 'organic' label.  Needless to say we went to King Kullen for our cucumbers this summer.  With all the other veggies ...I'm at the point that I don't know what to do with it all!!  Lucas and I go out every morning to see what we have grown.  We weren't able to go for two days because of all the rain and look what we collected!!! I already have two bins of tomatoes in the fridge!!!!
Recipe suggestions????!!!!!

Okay, so my son is obsessed with Snow White.  He runs around the house with her doll screaming WHITE, WHITE.  I mean really, if you think about it, she's beautiful, polite, caring, takes care of the home and seven grown men!  Geez, if she's not a catch I don' t know who is?!  Honestly, though he really does love the woman and I just would be delighted to see his face if he saw her face.  That said, I've been craving a trip to Disney.  I really never loved Disney as much as I learned to like it after working there.  I was able to step back and see why I think people/adults put themselves through the torture of walking for hours through a crowded park  loved going...the expressions on their child's cheesy as it really is just priceless.  They really believe in it all, the magic, the fairies, the wicked witches and it makes you feel it for the day....who wouldn't want to go and enjoy that.  So I booked a trip the weekend after my marathon ( I hope I can walk)...four days only...short and sweet.  Enough for Lukey to get his fill of WHITE, WHITE!

37...I think!
I am pretty forgetful but one thing I pretty much always have to concentrate and calculate is my age.  I know...but it just seems crazy to me that I could actually be turning 37 in September!!  I really don't feel 37...not sure what I thought it would feel like...and I am also pretty sure this is the definition of denial..  Long story short, I really just want to go shopping for my birthday or actually before (because I don't really enjoy shopping...its too long and tiring and I hate trying on clothes...I'm more of a 'Marshall's find' kind of girl), and get some clothes I fit in.  I just found out that I am able to get some of my favorite sundresses taken in.  This is a good thing because I was getting upset about having to get rid of soooo many clothes.  One day I will show you before and after pictures but for now lets say I have a wardrobe that goes from size 14 down to 4..  I gave away all my "small" clothes thinking I would never get back to that size...ever, never, ever!  Well I'm there now and I have nothing to wear for it!  So  a' shopping I will go!

What are you busy with or excited for??!!!!
Do you like Disney?! 
How old are you? lol just kidding!
Any recipes for all my tomatoes and basil?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Confilict of interest?

So these are the socks I got because these are the socks they had.  I really like them and how they make my legs feel after a run....problem is some others really like the socks too....apparently these trigger some Brittney Spear video moments for my husband.
I'm thinking this may be a conflict of interest?
Lorraine....Scott....what are your thoughts?
Oh and by the way...this would be a rhetorical question for you

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chicken, Monkey, Duck ....Literally.

You know its the end of August when Chicken, Monkey, Duck is what you're humming 90% of the day. Enjoy the video and heck..invite the kids...its pretty fun! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Danger BABY Triathlon

Mommy has been talking tri's and marathons all over da house lately and we've been hauling them off to some fun in the sun when mommy is practicing her open water swims.  I really try and make it a point to do all my activities before the kids even wake up but at the same time I also love sharing the fun parts with them and hope that they will geta touch of the 'active' bug themselves. 

Just finishing a bike ride down to West Meadow with Terri to meet tri team for open water swim - its early in the am and then Scott meets me with kids to enjoy beach afterwards.

That little spec out there is myself and a few others getting some pointers

The kids finally got a little taste of what it is all about and loved every minute of it (well except when Brooke couldn't push through the tough grass with her bike lol).  It was so fun to see them getting excited for their first "TrAnklons" (as per Lucas).  Brooke told everyone she saw that day that she was going to be in a "Swim, Bike, Run race..." People were like...."Um for real?!"

 Friends of mine put on the cutest, dopest little 'Danger Baby Triathlon'.  The kids had to swim, bike and run for fun...and for cute little shirts, bracelets and yummy goodies at the end (kind of like what we all race for!)  We had such a good time and some really good laughs.  Brooke had a few "Mommy, I can't do this" moments but pulled through at the end.  I couldn't believe how Lucas, the youngest of the group went along with all the craziness and ran through the finish line just like the oldest!!!  So proud of my little rockstars!  Such a great idea to do at home with a few friends or just some family!  All you need is a pool, bikes, helmets and sneakers!!

All marked up!  Lucas' number was .5....too cute.  Look at Brooke showing some muscle lol.

Getting their Danger Baby Tri shirts!

We did it--group shot!

Water Break!

Little video of them pulling it through at the end.

Had such a great time and can't wait till next year!  Totally want to try and do something like this with the cousins next year! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Chloe is...: Awesome Hoo Ha Compression Socks Give A Way!

Chloe is...: Awesome Hoo Ha Compression Socks Give A Way!

I've been talking a lot about Compression socks...and wanted to share a site that is giving a pair away!

The Big 18

Holy sh*t.  I have to say this was one of the funniest, hardest, most mind challenging runs ever.  We started to run in a slight drizzle and by mile 8 it was pouring so hard I would have had to pull over if driving.  The three of us had to just stop and laugh.  We talked about turning around at the end of the road we were on but when we got there we all just turned left and kept going.  It was a special unspoken "we are going to do this no matter what" moment.  At one point I just kept telling myself..."feel the rain, be in the moment, enjoy this" , it was so hard because the wind and rain were just challenging us for about 40-50 minutes.  My biggest worry about it all was blisters.  That morning I realized I was out of my Glide and used my sons Aquafor instead.  I wasn't sure how this was going to work out.  I also purchased new thick and cushy socks which differed from what I said I was going to buy.  I was nervous that they were going to hold all the water and make my feet even more vulnerable.  It turns out that they were great.  My feet weren't that bad at all by the end of the run and not one blister. I will try these socks one more time on my twenty and then they will be what I will wear for the real deal. 

Before the run:
*one small cup of coffee (yes, I did go back and I have to say I DON'T sleep as well with it) I've been trying it during my early runs because I am just having such a hard time waking up. 
*one peanut butter sandwich
*Rolled out my legs and back on the foam roller

During the run:
*2 blueberry Roctane Gu's (2x's will see that I am NOT going to do this was too much caffeine and it killed my stomach after the run)
* 3 Blocks
*One bottle of Pineapple Zico Water

After the run:
*Recoverite Shake
*Stretched with foam roller before the ice bath (little hint from the  Goucher)
*Ice bath then went to warm bath (this worked better and it wasn't so drastic which I think was hurting me with just the cold)
* "MY" compression socks.  I really don't have the real compression socks but will be making the purchase.  I have these Juicy knee, I do that are tight and I used those all day.  It was nice having everything tight so I am definitely going to splurge and get the real ones. 
*Rest.  Okay the caffeine kind of negated this...It was so hard to fall asleep so I just closed my eyes and then after awhile just tried to read a little. 
*Used the 'Stick' to roll out some more. 
*Stretched again at 9pm
*4 Motrin
*1 husband that took care of everything while I was doing this. 

When I got home from this run Scott just looked at me and said "do you realize what you just did?"  I said, "No....I just don't feel in the moment".  Its a funny thing.  I am not sure if it is just me or if it is other people but I feel the first time I go through crazy challenges it is almost an outerbody experience. Settting out to do mileage you have never done before takes mental toughness, so much so that it is so hard to always be in the moment.  Where I am pulling from, what I have to put aside, who you have to be, what you have to empower to be able to mentally endure the's alot.    It is definitely a journey and you definitely are not the same person you were when you started.  It strips you and sometimes the stripping can be overwhelming.  I was emotionally drained and just needed to rest.  I think that is something the 'family' of runners should understand most.  After a super long run, something that is long for you- you not only are sore physically, you are drained mentally.  It takes so much and you need time to rest and be able to start over well.  Its super helpful when the ones around you understand that...when they don' can easily become a "bite someones head off" type of atmosphere.!!! 

This week on schedule is 5, 9, 5 and 14. 
Next week on schedule is 5, 10, 5 and then 20!!!! 

Super nervous for the twenty and for my legs!  My quads are sore and my calf just a bit of that numbish feeling (don't worry I already addressed this with the doctor).  Overall, I feel pretty good.  I am sore, I am not supernatural.  My stomach hurt a lot after this run so I will have to watch hydration and caffeine intake.  If there is anything more that anyone else could suggest for recovery let this sista know!!  Still shopping around for compression shorts.  I am thinking that I may move to capris considering all the compression shorts I see are super -super short!  No need for that....(as per Scott...and I pretty much agree)lol. 

Any after run recovery secrets?
Stilll looking for some brand names for recovery shorts!?
Going with CEP compression socks...What do you think?
Do you sometimes feel emotionally drained after a long run?
How does your family help you /encourage you?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things That make me Smile Thursday

Yes, I am still alive. 

I have just been "running" around, literally.  This past week we've been to the Long Island Children's Museum, Atlantis Marine World, the beach, the pool, and we even started shopping for school clothes and shoes.  The Johnson household is finally making progress in the right directions...its crazy how sometimes so many things can get in the way of your happiness.  What I love about life though is when you least expect it something you write, read, see can just  help you 'click' out of your fog, see things differently and make you more available to the ones you love and that love you most.  Its hard work to be in the present moment and not escape from tough shit.  It's about living in the moment.  If you do you can find yourself smiling just a little bit more, happier...even when you thought you were happy before.   Here are some pictures of us living in the moment, things that have been making me smile and belly laugh!!!

Also...please make it a point to go and support my SIL who is doing her first half marathon in the Hamptons as well. I can't wait to share this experience with her and am so proud that she is doing it!!! She started a blog to write about it and I would love if you would go give her a shout out of support!!
 The Wordy Runner

Better watch out!


Tough, Adorable and a little touch of heels lol.

That's her "What's up dude?"

LICM - music room

Granny and Gramps at the beach
Have you ever felt in a fog?  Do you spend time living in the moment? 
What makes it hardest for you to do that?
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