Monday, March 14, 2011

Yes, It's true...and yes, I saved it for my blog!

So Saturday I met up with 'the K' at 7 am to go for a mock duathlon that we will be doing in two weeks. It was really tough riding through those hills in Mt. Sinai. Who knew Cedar Beach was that beautiful?? Apparently K! Honestly, it was a beautiful ride so when I become a strong biker its some place I want to frequent often. I love finding new places right around the corner and I think the bike is going to do that for me since you can get more places faster.

So lets talk about that faster part... We just got done with the mock run/bike/run and its a friggin struggle! One minute, I'm trying to keep up speed and another minute I'm trying to just make it up the hill without falling off the bike (we'll talk about those clip on shoes another time!). When you get off your bike to run again its the weirdest feeling. You feel fine on the bike and then when you get off to run your legs feel like a ton of bricks. It is difficult to push yourself but what's weirdest is when I look down at the watch I'm always (okay, usually) going faster than my normal speed.

There goes that word again...SPEED. So what I didn't tell anyone is that after I got into my car to go home and take my daughter to dance...I GOT PULLED OVER. I was on such a high from the workout, my music playing and here I was in a vehicle that could go as fast as I wanted without needing so much physical power. You know that little "oops" feeling you get when you realized you did something wrong or not so right? Well I did that when I sped by one car and then another...and ok another. Now, I'm always a little heavy on the foot but this time it was a little much. That's when the whir-oo, whir-oo happened.

"Mam, what's going on?" was all he said. LMAO. So me and my spewing started to tell him exactly what I just told you- "I was running, then biking, then I needed to get my daughter, and I didn't realize the speed but I knew I needed to get home but then I realized my speed and that's when I slowed down and did you know that you can't tell how fast you are going after you get off your bike, and I have to get to dance, I'm so so sorry I won't do this again- I will take this as a speeding lesson learned". I'm not sure he knew what to say so after a long pause he goes, "Okay mam, lets let this one slide on the merit of being honest... and please...settle yourself down there." LMAO....

BTW-here was the run/bike/run from K's watch (I was a bit frazzled and forgot to turn my watch on after the first run!)map if you are interested...or not!


  1. Great Post!!!!!!
    So - you feel the need for speed, huh??? lol

  2. Pulled over for being High On Life ... I love it! ~ K

  3. LOL......... I can just see that PO's face!!!!!

  4. How fun! I'm doing a duathlon in May with a friend, she's going to bike and I'm going to run both running legs. Good luck in yours!

  5. Thank you! Have you ever done one before? I'm a bit nervous!!!


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