Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tri Training Week 2

Today was the bike training part of our tri class. I'm glad we had this today because tomorrow is my FIRST DUATHLON! I actually learned a few things that I'm doing wrong and that could also have something to do with the hip,butt,groin pain I've been having. We went over cadence, pedal stroke and positioning and heart rate. The class consist of about 6 guys and now two girls. I absolutely love going to it. I was disturbed at first that it was at 7am on a Saturday but after going a few times I realized that is part of the training also. Tomorrows race packet pick up is at 7:30 so that has me waking at 4 and leaving by 5. Ouch! My a$$ better get used to waking up earlier! I'm sure adrenaline will compensate for my desperate need for sleep.

Oh...and some advice for people that are talking to someone that is doing a race or something for the first time...Here's what NOT to say:
1. Don't go to fast around the turns...last year so many people were crashing.
2. OOOhhh you're riding central park? Watch out for Harlem Hill!
3. It's fine why are you nervous?
4. If you are nervous maybe you are not ready !?! (really?)
5. Why are you doing this to yourself-stop torturing yourself! lol Mafia lol

Wish me luck folks! Hopefullly I'll be able to snap a few shots!

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