Sunday, March 27, 2011

So ANGRY at you Mr. Garmin

I am soooooo annoyed at my Garmin watch. Came home from the duathlon to look at my times and its telling me I have NO NEW INFORMATION???? For real? I mean I know it wasn't apparent to some that I just ran/bike/ran over 16 miles...but did my Garmin have to throw it in my face too?

...Maybe I'm just tired. ;(


  1. Hmm...I have the 405. Which one do you have??? Sometimes I have to "force send" info. I think only once mine didn't log/record a race and it was because my memory was full. I had to go in and delete my history. Which was ok since the activities had been uploaded to Garmin Connect. Email me if you want at or I will subscribe to get replies to this comment...

  2. My 310XT gets a little cranky every now and then, especially when i let the memory get full. It stops taking in new info and beeps incessantly until i turn it off. But, overall, he gets over himself quickly and we can get along for a long while before he gets his boxers all up in a wad.

  3. That happened to me once with a dictation app for my iPhone. I was recording the lectrue so I didn't take notes. When I went to play it back later, it wasn't there. Disappointment set in quickly.

  4. So was the duathlon???? I'm waiting for the recap!


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