Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

* Today is Day 1 of what could be a very hard couple of months for me. I will be going for my MRI to explain a "suspicious" spot which looks like a stress fracture on my pelvic bone. I will have results hopefully tomorrow. This is what could have been causing the occasional knee,leg and groin pain. I'll be upset I'll just remain in a 'state of shock' that this is coming a month before I should be starting to train for my marathon. Life happens...make lemonade.

* Went to Tot Music with my Lucas yesterday. It was so interesting to see him without his tag-a-long, or shall I say 'big, a bit bossy, and lovingly overprotective sister. He was so shy in the beginning which he can tend to be but if she was there he would have tagged along with whatever she was doing. I'm glad we made the decision to bring him to something of his own...he loved the time.

* If it doesn't get warmer in NY sooner I am going to go nuts. I walked into work today and it was snowing. SNOWING People SNOWING!

* Realized another reason I like to blog. As I was about to write and complain on and on about my injury I thought..."Really Annette, it could be worse. It is, what it is...keep busy...keep focused". Blogging allows (forces you) to think about your thoughts. It also allows for understanding and hearing other peoples perspectives or opinions...which helps (sometimes)lol.

* Today is day 4 of my cleanse. I haven't really spoken about because I'm not sure what I want to say about it yet. It has definitely made me WAY more aware of what I put in my body. It has made me realize how much junk I was truly eating and the reasons why I was eating it. I definitely feel more, shall I say, mind and in body. As much as I don't like giving up my sugar and caffeine, I have to say it isn't has hard as I had originally thought. I'll go into it more later...


  1. Marie shared a little about your running journey and you are really an inspiration to me Annette.

  2. Good luck with the MRI Annette. Let us know how it goes.

    Hey -- you know, its not snowing in VA. Also, lots of people need cables down here and VA has some of the highest teacher salaries around. Just sayin'.

    I'm so with you on the blogging. Its like journaling (its like I can't think if I don't write it down), but the public part of it makes me more accountable.

    I am so glad you are doing a cleanse! It is pretty amazing, isn't it? Can't wait to hear more about it! Now all you have to do is get Scott and the kids to go along! LOL...

  3. Very funny Marie! I would move there but it seems you guys get just as much snow or more sometimes!!

    Scott and the kids on a cleanse would be living in HELL! Maybe I can send them to your house to do the cleanse...or at least scott lol!

  4. I've attempted a few of your "meals" while on this cleanse. I give you lots of credit. It's a good thing our pantry is filled w/ yummy treats. LOL....


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