Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sleep and "Oldness"

Okay so as my years have slowly been ticking away I've noticed that sleep is a hardcore need. If I lose two hours, even one hour of sleep I am grumpier, hungrier, exhausted and just totally off for about two days. TWO DAYS!! Its nuts how I can challenge myself to run up crazy mad hills or run an 11 miler on a weekend but getting to sleep on time is like an all-out battle. I mean seriously, what am I doing?? Watching the Bachelor?? Labeling the toy boxes in the toy room?? (actually i was super proud of that anal chore I finished at 11:30 the other night lol...I'll show you pictures!) This is a challenge of mine that I have to work on more as the countdown to the official marathon training start day approaches. This momma needs sleep! Some serious REM sleep.


  1. I'm so friggin sleep-deprived, I'm beyond telling you how many days its affecting me. Lets put it this way: in the past 2 1/2 months, I, who am never sick, have had: 2 headcolds, 1 stomach bug, and am now working on a sore throat/cough virus.


  2. YEs! That is the worst part..its not bad enough that your body is tired it needs to punish you by getting sick too!

  3. Totes. And also craving "comfort food" and sugar, like you said. I need a sleep vacation!!!


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