Monday, March 7, 2011

Monkey Business

So today's a day off in the running world but not in the momma and teacher world! Went to work early today to finish report cards, IEP's, parent phone calls, and for a principal visit for a student that STOLE my M&M's lol!

Then I came home to my daughter who apparently decided she wanted to be a monkey. Tail (thanks Marie) and all. We made eggs and she insisted a monkey lays eggs too. Can we say monkey obsessed? After a long battle of ..."Monkeys do not lay eggs Brooke...Yes mommy, THEY DO lay eggs" turns out that she saw an episode of Curious George where George was curious about eggs hatching and sat himself down on a few that were nesting. Hence, the "Monkeys DO lay eggs" theory from Brooke. She's upstairs right now with #1 A pink and purple nightgown. #2 Pink shoes and #3 A monkey tail- SLEEPING! Yes, don't you worry...I will take a picture after she is fast asleep so my mega flash doesn't wake her. Too tired for wake-the-kids-up mode today.

Oh..Ps...i plan on thriving tonight. Bed at 9! Take that sore legs!


  1. Ha ha.....she doesn't miss a thing.

  2. YES!!!!!! Mission Monkey Tail is a SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!

    Pleeeeeeeeease post that photo!!


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