Tuesday, March 1, 2011

That's a Great Question

So to answer some of your questions from the comment sections....

Magic Bullet- THE ANSWER TO CLEANING ANNOYING BLENDERS!!! Honestly a must have. I love it for making smoothies, love it for grinding and pureeing things for the kids, love that I can make three different smoothies for three different people in five minutes and I LOVE, LOVE that it takes two minutes tops to clean.

Snacking- Yes, I snack! I love the kids Clif bars, the brownie one the most. I usually have this as my morning snack. Afternoon, I usually try pretzels, or cheese and crackers. Night- I have a skinny cow to fill my urge when I have it!...
(PMS week- WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT!) Honestly, with the running I don't limit myself too much if I crave it BUT the cravings have stopped more.


  1. I feel better now, knowing that you are eating more than just smoothies and salads. Thanks! :)

    I figured out instead of buying a Magic Bullet, I just make a huge batch of smoothie at one time. It lasts 2 or 3 days and saves me the time in the morning of having to mix up another drink!

  2. Hey Marie - we thought of doing that. Do the smoothies taste as good after a couple days?


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