Monday, March 21, 2011

Momma Monday

Love, love the running but lets remember what always comes I'll take any silly title excuse to show a pic of the cuties! This is in Myrtle Beach. We actually made it into their newspaper because we were the 'crazy NY'ers' in their bathing suits. It was 75! What do they expect!!

This is a pic of Lucas trying to make friends with a statue. could you not want to bite this kid!?!


  1. So Cute!!!! Those pictures made my morning......Thanks

  2. OMG, such a cute picture of Brookie jumping in her bathing suit!!!! Its good to know the adorable chubby little thighs stick around for awhile. I looooooove squishing Nico's thighs and I don't want them to lose their chubadub quality!!!!

    Knowing what a sweet, affectionate boy Lukey is makes me jealous of that statue. Did he give it one of his awesome hugs, too?


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