Sunday, March 6, 2011

Holy Shite

Lately, the hills of Nissequogue have been kicking my @ss! I almost became emotional...(seriously) on one of them because I let the thought "I can't do this" enter for a moment....just a lil' second of that kind of thinking led me to thinking about ALL the mileage for the marathon, to OMG I already signed up for it-I can't back out now, to what the hell am I going to blog about with all this craziness! So I decided let me write about those bastard hills. I haven't decided yet which way I like to conquer them best. There is either A)Look down, concentrate on taking small short steps and don't focus on how hard or long the hill is -just take it step-by-step or B)Focus on the top and pick little points along the way as mini finish lines. I guess you can look at this with daily hills (problems) what's best?? I'm not sure I figured out the answer...but I do know it feels damn good to get to the top and be done with it! Did 10.75 and the last hill today I'm climbing is the stairs into my nice, cozy, fluffy mm good.

Lets see if this Garmin thing works...if it will see where I ran.

So it worked! I added the map to the mock duathlon page legs didn't know what to do when I got off that bike! I ran a 7:37 mile!!! WHAT?! Who do I think I am...Scott? (wait was that a compliment?! I think it may have been...although i don't get runners trot after 3 miles lmao!)

1 comment:

  1. Wow! That's all I got. Wowzas!!!

    For me, the focus on each little step approach works best. But then again..... I have never run more than a 10K so maybe you should choose the opposite!!! LOL...


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