Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Debbie Downer and Her Pick-Me-Ups

So here's the deal, I'm down for the count again. Now I know what my mom and most of you might say right away..."Annette, maybe you're doing too much-you shouldn't run, its hurting you" and I say, "Nope, but thanks for the advice" lol.

The problem is that GI Jannette (that's me for now) doesn't stretch when she is feeling fine. She(me)is not proactive when it comes to doing what it takes to stay in the game. All joking aside I need to remember that my body isn't as young as it used to be and I NEED TO STRETCH. I need to spend 15-20 minutes before and 15-20 minutes after stretching. Pure un·a·dul·ter·at·ed stretching. I can't be doing a mock duathlon and then running 5miles uphill the next day without rest or stretching.

Now I say this because I am sitting here forced to be sedentary. I was told not to run, bike, swim , nothing. These instructions come from the one and only Mr. Jason (yes, he's back) and I will listen to him because he fixed me the first time. That's where the Debbie Downer part comes in. I'm a bit down because doing all those things IS my cup of coffee in the morning, its what gives me the umph to get through the day and its what I look forward to doing at the end of the day or on the weekends(aside from playing with my 2 wonderful children and having new lovely conversations with the hub ;).

I've agreed to cancel my Saturday 9 mile race which is not something I would have done without persuasion by Mr. PT Genius Jason or pure pain in the groin area lol. So what am I going to do? Mope around and feel bad and eat lots of Charleston Chews..nah I did that last night. Today and tonight I'm going to take some time to intro you into one of my biggest playlist! It could make or break a good or bad day or difficult run...or in my house can cause a huge after dinner dance party (which some of you have experienced!) Now, on that note...not all people enjoy the same music but give some of my choices a try if your playlist is getting stale and PLEASE, PLEASE share some of yours that you have that get you moving, make you feel good, are great for a quiet get the hint...I'll take any of your favorite suggestions. I would love you all to share some of your favorites because I love adding to my list!


  1. Well I would have to say that your PT must be VERY CONVINCING:):):):)

    Can I ask what exactly he does with you...or on you that has helped such injuries?

    How long did it take the first time before you found yourself completely healed? And did you really do nothing?

    BTW...the Zac Brown Band works wonders for me:)

  2. HA LMAO Anonymous you have me hysterical right now because if its who I think you are I can only visualize you limping down the hall right now so you can go back to your least my injuries are really and not from "dancing" lol

  3. Hey GI Jannette
    Funny Post........LMAO
    I like that new Lee DeWyze should add that one.

  4. Where's the playlist? I can't see it!

    As far as stretching -- yes, it is a must. Its like magic. It makes your muscles so much happier. Everyone should do it -- but especially if you are exercising big time!!!

    I'm glad you are listening to Mr. Jason (and not to mom - LOL) and skipping the 9-miler this week. Keep your eyes on the long-term goal, don't burn out on the short-term ones!

    Did Dr. J give you some good stretches to work on in your downtime?

  5. Scott- Yes I like it too will probably add his entire cd.

    Marie- yes, agreed Jason not mom. Dr. J is actually very good and all joking aside I admire all he knows at such a young and ripe age lol. He is really working on strengthening my core and hip stretches which is key here...what also doesn't help is that hernia i have that doesn't allow my abs to be as ripped as they were in the past lmao!

    Play list is still being typed up...its long! It will be posted tonight!

  6. thanks for stopping by my little journey!

    it's really late the night before me race so I have to be brief but why do you think you need 20 mins of stretching before and after a run?

  7. Shellyrm- mainly because my body needs it after doing my long hilly runs. Any time I don't do it I'm straining or pulling something. So my body and my PT guy says to I'm going to go with them cause not stretching has only been forcing me to do nothing! :) Hope you had a good run.


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