Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where Two become One

So some of you know that I have another blog. Blogging is a definite release for me and also a way for me to share recent updates with the kids with my family that lives farther away. Now the problem is I'm super crazy busy and its hard to keep up with both. So don't be surprised if you see my little buggers pop up on these posts!!! were forewarned!

So one of the biggest problems with runners is finding time, one of the biggest problems with being a mother is finding time, one of the biggest problems with teaching is finding time (except in the summer he he). I'm sure you see the pattern that has become my dilemma. TIME! I try my hardest not to go for a run or bike or anything during my "prime time" with the kids. I make it a point to leave my phone in the car...its their time. Its very easy nowadays to not be in the moment, I've caught myself there many of times.

So, I have been waking at 6 before they wake up or I leave at 7ish when they go back to sleep. Once in a while I will bring them with me to the gym (which they love), for a ride or even a run (although its so heavy for me now-that requires a hubrun). This age is really difficult because right now...I AM THEIR UNIVERSE!!! I BE THE BOMB!!! lol....seriously though, Lucas latches onto my leg now as if I am his only chance of surviving this cruel, cruel world! Sometimes this can be a bit overbearing but don't get me wrong...I love it.

Tonight I rode Tour de France in spin (don't ask...I'll explain another time) and when I got home I was all lovey, mothery, wanting to snuggle my babies. The problem was the "babies" were sleeping...or on their way. I walked into Brooke's room and caught an open eye, then a smirk....then a pink shoe. I mean really? How could I not break out in laughter, get my camera then jump into bed for a quick photo shoot of shoes and downward facing dogs!

Brooke and I 'showing our shoes'
alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5580058082160897458" />
Who knew that she knew yoga??

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  1. OMG, is that seriously what she is wearing to bed these days???!!!! LOL!!!! She cracks me up!!!!!!

    I am getting the same hugging-on-for-dear-life calf hugs from Nico. They are 100% pure awesome!!! I am soaking up bc I know the days where "I BE THE BOMB!!!" are not going to last forever!! LOL......


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