Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today is a Good Day

I haven't really been talking or shall I say blogging about what's been going on in my school district. Its been super stressful and I kinda went with "if you don't talk about it - it won't happen" approach. Not a realistic approach but an approach! Education is in a bad place right now and districts are hurting big time. I am not going to go into all the specifics...long story short my school was in jeopardy of closing, teachers are losing their jobs and we still don't have a contract. All this stress, you could imagine how it became easy, almost a need for me to just go for a long run to let it all out!

Last night, we found out one positive, which is they are going to wait on closing a school until they put enough time to look at ALL the ramifications it would have. Hopefully, the school district will be able to redistrict, utilize the classrooms and schools more efficiently, they can keep services the same, provide quality educationa and save some teachers jobs. How hard in these financial times must it be to lose your income, your benefits!?!

So how is this a good day? Keeping the school open means the board is thinking...and not just jumping into a quick fix that will cost us all more later. Today is a good day.

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