Monday, August 8, 2011

The Big 18

Holy sh*t.  I have to say this was one of the funniest, hardest, most mind challenging runs ever.  We started to run in a slight drizzle and by mile 8 it was pouring so hard I would have had to pull over if driving.  The three of us had to just stop and laugh.  We talked about turning around at the end of the road we were on but when we got there we all just turned left and kept going.  It was a special unspoken "we are going to do this no matter what" moment.  At one point I just kept telling myself..."feel the rain, be in the moment, enjoy this" , it was so hard because the wind and rain were just challenging us for about 40-50 minutes.  My biggest worry about it all was blisters.  That morning I realized I was out of my Glide and used my sons Aquafor instead.  I wasn't sure how this was going to work out.  I also purchased new thick and cushy socks which differed from what I said I was going to buy.  I was nervous that they were going to hold all the water and make my feet even more vulnerable.  It turns out that they were great.  My feet weren't that bad at all by the end of the run and not one blister. I will try these socks one more time on my twenty and then they will be what I will wear for the real deal. 

Before the run:
*one small cup of coffee (yes, I did go back and I have to say I DON'T sleep as well with it) I've been trying it during my early runs because I am just having such a hard time waking up. 
*one peanut butter sandwich
*Rolled out my legs and back on the foam roller

During the run:
*2 blueberry Roctane Gu's (2x's will see that I am NOT going to do this was too much caffeine and it killed my stomach after the run)
* 3 Blocks
*One bottle of Pineapple Zico Water

After the run:
*Recoverite Shake
*Stretched with foam roller before the ice bath (little hint from the  Goucher)
*Ice bath then went to warm bath (this worked better and it wasn't so drastic which I think was hurting me with just the cold)
* "MY" compression socks.  I really don't have the real compression socks but will be making the purchase.  I have these Juicy knee, I do that are tight and I used those all day.  It was nice having everything tight so I am definitely going to splurge and get the real ones. 
*Rest.  Okay the caffeine kind of negated this...It was so hard to fall asleep so I just closed my eyes and then after awhile just tried to read a little. 
*Used the 'Stick' to roll out some more. 
*Stretched again at 9pm
*4 Motrin
*1 husband that took care of everything while I was doing this. 

When I got home from this run Scott just looked at me and said "do you realize what you just did?"  I said, "No....I just don't feel in the moment".  Its a funny thing.  I am not sure if it is just me or if it is other people but I feel the first time I go through crazy challenges it is almost an outerbody experience. Settting out to do mileage you have never done before takes mental toughness, so much so that it is so hard to always be in the moment.  Where I am pulling from, what I have to put aside, who you have to be, what you have to empower to be able to mentally endure the's alot.    It is definitely a journey and you definitely are not the same person you were when you started.  It strips you and sometimes the stripping can be overwhelming.  I was emotionally drained and just needed to rest.  I think that is something the 'family' of runners should understand most.  After a super long run, something that is long for you- you not only are sore physically, you are drained mentally.  It takes so much and you need time to rest and be able to start over well.  Its super helpful when the ones around you understand that...when they don' can easily become a "bite someones head off" type of atmosphere.!!! 

This week on schedule is 5, 9, 5 and 14. 
Next week on schedule is 5, 10, 5 and then 20!!!! 

Super nervous for the twenty and for my legs!  My quads are sore and my calf just a bit of that numbish feeling (don't worry I already addressed this with the doctor).  Overall, I feel pretty good.  I am sore, I am not supernatural.  My stomach hurt a lot after this run so I will have to watch hydration and caffeine intake.  If there is anything more that anyone else could suggest for recovery let this sista know!!  Still shopping around for compression shorts.  I am thinking that I may move to capris considering all the compression shorts I see are super -super short!  No need for that....(as per Scott...and I pretty much agree)lol. 

Any after run recovery secrets?
Stilll looking for some brand names for recovery shorts!?
Going with CEP compression socks...What do you think?
Do you sometimes feel emotionally drained after a long run?
How does your family help you /encourage you?


  1. Awesome job on the run. So far I only have compression socks that I have been wearing when I run. I do have compression shorts from CEP that are AWESOME, but I havn't worn them on a super long run yet.

  2. Niiiice run! 20 is honestly not that big of a deal after 18--especially in the conditions you pushed through! You are well on your way!
    Your last paragraph about how 'stripping' and mentally tough getting through the miles is so true. Very well said!
    try the compression capris from 110% Play Harder. They come with ice packs and pockets for them--fabulous!
    Zensah is always awesome as well.

  3. You are a ROCKSTAR, momma!!!! I can't believe you guys pushed out 18 miles in a rainstorm. Wow. I really feel like after that, you can handle ANY conditions!

    And yes, I am praying that doesn't happen this weekend when we are visiting.... LOL....

    btw, did you buy a specific brand of foam roller? I tried the one at the gym and I am HOOKED. Holy moly, it is awesome. I was going to go to Sports Authority and pick up whatever they have there. I figure foam is foam, right?

  4. LOVE CEP!!!! i have the hot pink socks and am obsessed!

    congrats on this just sounds like you did amazing. you pushed through the weather and then prepared before, during and after for recovery, fueling, etc. I loved reading about how much you stretched and foam rolled...I need to get better at that!

    I can totally relate to the whole mentally drained thing. When I get done with a LR, I am usually just ready to zone out for a bit.

  5. I LOVE these posts! It's so great to read about people accomplishing those "firsts", especially in those conditions.

    Yes, an understanding family is EVERYTHING during training.

  6. You ROCK!!! Awesome job!!!!

    If it helps at all, the more long runs you do, the less they take out of you mentally. I remember when I needed a whole day to lay around and recover (mentally and physically) after anything over 16 miles or so, and now life just goes on. :)

    Enjoy the accomplishment!!! Sounds like you did great on the recovery too.

  7. It never fails....every marathon I have trained for I've had to do a super-long run in the rain. Welcome to the club!


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