Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm Giving Away Some QUANTUM WELLNESS!!!!!!

So if you have been reading my blog you have been hearing some news about a cleanse that I did and how I couldn't wait to tell you about it.  I've been holding off because there is a lot of info I wanted to share and I wanted to be able to explain with pics how it helped me, the hard parts, the end results...etc. etc.  I'm sure you all know that that takes some time ;). PLUS I also wanted to see how I felt the month after the cleanse.  I am going to break this into a few posts because I know how you all jump to the giveaway info and skip all of this IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!!   love reading paragraphs and paragraphs.

First things first.  Why a cleanse? 
The word 'cleanse' doesn't always get the best reaction from people.  My dad thought I was going to have to drink some wacky drink for a month with no food, my mom wondered out loud  isn't wondering supposed to be in your head?? "I wonder why you are always running around doing this crazy stuff crap, and someone I work with thought I was certainly losing my mind because I was considering not eating meat for 21 days.  "What no sausage in the morning...?!"

So Why? 
I was running, working out, taking care of myself all day and then I would eat my head off at night. Now, I wouldn't mind the eating because I do run and exercise...the problem was what I was eating. I can't tell you how much chocolate or sugary items I ate in one night.  Actually, I can...I could easily leave Target with a Snickers and Hershey Almond bar as a 'shopping snack', I would get tins of chocolate for presents and they would be gone the next day, if I ran out of chocolate in the house-I would eat baking chocolate, I've eaten 13 cherry cordials in ONE SITTING.  My husband could easily find 10 -12 Hershey Kiss wrappers under my pillow (yes, I did).  I was addicted to chocolate.  I was addicted to sugar.  Sugar loved me and I loved sugar.  No question about it. 

I also started drinking coffee a few years ago...needed a new habit ;) and over those two years went from a small, to a medium, to a large, to 2 larges.  Long story short here...I wasn't sleeping as well at night, I felt jittery and anxious more often than not, and I felt dependent on the caffeine.  I was addicted to caffeine.

I first heard about the cleanse through a friend and thought THERE IS NO WAY I COULD EVER DO THAT!  Honestly, when I told Scott about it, he looked at me like..."Annette, Seriously?  Where should I move for those 21 days?"  All I could do was laugh, my nervous-scared-laugh. 

I wanted a fresh start.  I loved how Kathy Freston promised that I may "break free from some of my lesser habits and cravings and the impulse for immediate gratification", I loved that it was "about choosing foods that don't tax the body and make it work so hard",  and I loved how she said "the beauty of it is that you can take what feels right from this program and leave the rest behind".  It is an opportunity to "reboot".  That is why I did the cleanse.  I wanted to clean my slate....and that it did!

So here's how I am going to do it.  I 'm going to first wet your palate by explaining what the cleanse consists of. 
Kathy suggests Eight Pillars of Wellness-
* meditation
* visualization
* fun activities
* conscious eating
* exercise
* self-work
* spiritual practice
* service
Her Quantum Wellness Book is a "Practical and spiritual guide to health and happiness".  It explains all of the above Eight Pillars. 

The Quantum Wellness Cleanse walks you through 21 days of practicing a life-style change.  It takes you by the hand and walks you through day-by-day  to help you understand what to do, what to expect, ways to eat and how to deal with the crap that comes up when you are indulging in all of those things that help you through your 'tough times'.  
Please don't fall on the ground and cry that you can't do this because if I could do it, you could do it.... Absolutely, no one was hurt in my 21 you should be fine. 
During the cleanse you will refrain from the "Big Five" (I will leave my first reactions to this in parenthesis)
*caffeine (how on earth?...ouch)
*alcohol (gulp)
*gluten (seriously...I'm not sure you know how much crap Gluten is in... so double ouch)
*animal products (hmmm)
*sugar (seriously Kathy???WHY OH WHY???)
Okay...that wasn't too bad right?

I will be posting about this for a couple of days just so you can understand how I have changed from it.  I didn't want to go toooo much into it in one day because I know its a lot to read with our busy lives. 

So here's your favorite part. 

Kathy Freston agreed to give BOTH books- Quantum Wellness and The Quantum Wellness Cleanse to one lucky winner!!!!

and here's why I'm JEALOUS!!!!

SHE SIGNED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "must" rules (1 entry each)
1. Follow this blog cause its so darn good!
2. Write WHY you would want the books and how you think it would help you most. 

The Teachers pet-extra credit rules (1 entry each)
3.  Post this giveaway on your blog! 
4.  Like this blog on facebook (cause it took me two hours to figure out how to do it...!)
5.  Like Kathy Freston on Facebook and tell her (Running) In the Right Direction sent ya!

Giveaway ends JUNE 4TH!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow. I had a look at reviews of these books and they are all very postitive. I ahve been looking for a cleanse and have examined other 'elimination' style diets and they all look quite scary. This one looks doable.

    And I think I need to do it... caffeine is my biggest addiction. I recently quit drinking alcohol (not an addiction) and I know I need to give up sugar.

    Glad that this method has worked for you. Good recommendation.

    I am following you and would LOVE to have these books. Wonderful giveaway.

  2. I am linking to this post on my Giveaway Sidebar on

    and on

  3. I would like these books because well lots be honest my body could use some good detox. Yikes! I also am obsessed with learning about all things healthy.

  4. These books sound good. I'm more of a reader than a "just take your word for it" so reading might help me lose the fifty or so pounds.
    I don't have a blog but whenever I get back on FB I'll "like" this blog

  5. Wow!!! I can't believe you got signed copies of the book and a promo!!! You must have written some very complimentary emails to Kathy Preston. :)

    I will do all the steps and come back to post more, but I just wanted to say Woohoo! And also -- you look AWESOME. I can see the difference just in your face. You look like your highschool pictures!!! (Except with better hair :) -- I CAN LAUGH BECAUSE I HAD THE PERM/POOF TOO)

  6. Maria...its a different facebook account than my other one...just for the blog really so I will have to friend you on that :).

    Marie, I know so exciting right?!

  7. hi, first time visitor here. this is really awesome! i'm not up for a cleanse at the moment but what a neat post idea/campaign!

    nice meeting you!


  8. I can't imagine going through that cleanse! Thanks for your blog comment - will definitely follow you now to hear about that cleanse!

  9. wow thost books look really interesting. I love reading these types of books.

  10. I am a follower and I would love to try these plans

  11. I would love to win SIGNED copies of Kathy's awesome books. Kathy's book Veganist inspired me to go vegeterian (Yes, I labeled it and said it out loud). I love all things kathy and all things Annette! Your turn ...

    PS - When are we writing to Brendan Brazier?

  12. I'm not to blog savy ... the last post was from Kelly. I am a follower and facebook friend.

  13. Ok friended you both--now why I need this book/program. 3 years ago my husband and I moved to MT but not just the state the middle of no where! I went from a gym rat mom of 2 to an empy nester with no gym no people and wild animals outside to fear! Needless to say my BODY TOOK A HIT! Maybe I needed the break I don't know--but now I am trying to figure it all out on my own and its so hard. I have turned to blogs to find help/inspiration, Its so hard not having anyone like minded around me! But I am going to succeed (one step at a time) and because I refuse to buy bigger pants! I have never had a tummy before and no that I do I don't like it. Please I need to win I need someone in my corner!

  14. I am a both a fanatical reader and someone who is always looking to improve my life. Right now I'm encouraging folks to join a Sugar Free challenge on my blog and it woudl sure be nice to have even more informatio nand tips to share with them.

    i have heard kathy talk before and belive she provides information that is truly usable

  15. i now follow her on FB and left a message

  16. I'm now one of your blog "followers" and I'm going to feature your give-away on my blog, too.

    I have to admit, when I first read about this Cleanse, I thought "No way." I did a Cleanse earlier this year and loved it, but it was only 4 days, and I was allowed to have caffeine. 21 days just seemed....... well, impossible.

    Honestly, what changed my mind was seeing you this past weekend. You look SO healthy and fit, and you looked healthy and fit before!!! Your skin and eyes looked so clear and healthy, and your tummy definitely did flatten out! I could see those 6 pounds that you lost. Its one thing to read about a cleanse or a fitness program, but its another thing to see its actual effects in real life. That was just the motivation I needed!

    So, I feel like this Kathy Freston program is the thing to take me to the next level. That and re-joining the Y so I can start swimming, too! (No better summer workout!)

    Consider me officially entered!!!

  17. I am now a

  18. I think a cleanse would be good for me to do and this sounds interesting. Check out my blog:

  19. And, I have been considering a diet/lifestyle cleanse for a while now. I contemplated going VEGAN for a month, giving up MILK for a month, and have pretty much ditched alcohol already... but, ah, coffee... um... RIght. as i was saying... Since i'm at the early phase of base building for the marathon. If I'm going to "do" something, now is the time to do it.


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