Friday, August 12, 2011

Danger BABY Triathlon

Mommy has been talking tri's and marathons all over da house lately and we've been hauling them off to some fun in the sun when mommy is practicing her open water swims.  I really try and make it a point to do all my activities before the kids even wake up but at the same time I also love sharing the fun parts with them and hope that they will geta touch of the 'active' bug themselves. 

Just finishing a bike ride down to West Meadow with Terri to meet tri team for open water swim - its early in the am and then Scott meets me with kids to enjoy beach afterwards.

That little spec out there is myself and a few others getting some pointers

The kids finally got a little taste of what it is all about and loved every minute of it (well except when Brooke couldn't push through the tough grass with her bike lol).  It was so fun to see them getting excited for their first "TrAnklons" (as per Lucas).  Brooke told everyone she saw that day that she was going to be in a "Swim, Bike, Run race..." People were like...."Um for real?!"

 Friends of mine put on the cutest, dopest little 'Danger Baby Triathlon'.  The kids had to swim, bike and run for fun...and for cute little shirts, bracelets and yummy goodies at the end (kind of like what we all race for!)  We had such a good time and some really good laughs.  Brooke had a few "Mommy, I can't do this" moments but pulled through at the end.  I couldn't believe how Lucas, the youngest of the group went along with all the craziness and ran through the finish line just like the oldest!!!  So proud of my little rockstars!  Such a great idea to do at home with a few friends or just some family!  All you need is a pool, bikes, helmets and sneakers!!

All marked up!  Lucas' number was .5....too cute.  Look at Brooke showing some muscle lol.

Getting their Danger Baby Tri shirts!

We did it--group shot!

Water Break!

Little video of them pulling it through at the end.

Had such a great time and can't wait till next year!  Totally want to try and do something like this with the cousins next year! 


  1. This is so awesome--what a great way to show kids how fun being active is!!

  2. LOVE THIS!! Best idea ever and I bet the kids totally eat it up.

  3. This post is adorable. LOVE the "marked up" picture...too cute.

  4. O.M. G. The cuteness is KILLIN me!!!!!!! So awesome that you guys did shirts and a finish chute!!! LOL.......

    I love it. Consider my little guy registered for next year! One question: Can he get a mommy/daddy assist if he still doesn't know how to pedal a trike by then?

  5. That looks like a blast! My daughter would LOVE that!

  6. What! Of course marie! Did you see us pushing Lucas!!!! I ll show you the video of Brooke this weekend...I figured she d kill me in years to come if I put it on the

  7. that is really clever ... and cute!

  8. Too cute! What a great idea!

  9. That is soo awesome and the best idea ever!! How cute are they?! :)


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