Thursday, August 18, 2011

B & E....I'm sure you are too!

Training is coming along nicely.  My head is racing with 'racing' thoughts and its getting down to the wire!  Almost one month to go!  I've been keeping up with my schedule but at the same time taking off a few miles from the shorter runs to care for the legs.  I've been getting a pain in my left heel which I'm feeling is from the pitch in the road so I am going to try and switch it up on Saturday for my next 18. 


SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER!! I've been popping into my classroom to start setting up and get ready for my students.  Next week they are open at night so that is when I will predominantly get things done.  Its hard setting up a classroom with two kids having rolling chair races down the hall.  As much as I get myself all nervous and jittery like I'm a kid on the first day, I truly love what I do.  I love the excitement of it all, I love having a different day everyday, I love the challenges, I love seeing the children learn, and I love the routine of it all.  Trust me, there are some negatives like leaving my two cherubs and hearing Lucas cry like his world is ending for the first three weeks of me that, I'm looking forward to! Not really.

MY FIRST TRII've been preparing less than I would like with all my marathon training in the works!  I'm really excited but at the same time nervous.  I am going to stay overnight Saturday and then race Sunday morning.  I hope for a nice day and no drowning or falling off the bike....nah, I'm really not as bad as I am cracking myself up to be...I should be fine but I need to keep it easy so the excitement doesn't make me drown or um...fall of the bike.


SARAH BAREILLES!!!   I am going to her concert on the 31st and I am super, super excited.  I was at first going to venture out to the city on my own  because I really like her music and only wanted someone that liked her music as well to join me.  I paused for a bit this month and decided that Scott really enjoys me lol, and we really enjoy going places together without those darn kids hanging on our damn legs, whining and constantly needing something. so I recently bought Scott a ticket to join me. He knows some of the songs I've played for him I will have to make him a CD for the car so that he can sing along with  Here is one of my favorites...its just a snippet. 

By Golly I think I've met my goal!!
I had made a bucket list a few years back and one of the goals on the bucket list was to start my own garden.  I planted tomatoes, peppers, peas, basil, cucumbers and broccoli.  The only thing that didn't work were the cucumbers and that's because I was worried about how safe they were to eat.  Let me explain, I caught Brooke and Lucas "watering" killing the cucumbers with pool water.  That's a lot of chlorine in a cucumber salad...and kind of negates my 'organic' label.  Needless to say we went to King Kullen for our cucumbers this summer.  With all the other veggies ...I'm at the point that I don't know what to do with it all!!  Lucas and I go out every morning to see what we have grown.  We weren't able to go for two days because of all the rain and look what we collected!!! I already have two bins of tomatoes in the fridge!!!!
Recipe suggestions????!!!!!

Okay, so my son is obsessed with Snow White.  He runs around the house with her doll screaming WHITE, WHITE.  I mean really, if you think about it, she's beautiful, polite, caring, takes care of the home and seven grown men!  Geez, if she's not a catch I don' t know who is?!  Honestly, though he really does love the woman and I just would be delighted to see his face if he saw her face.  That said, I've been craving a trip to Disney.  I really never loved Disney as much as I learned to like it after working there.  I was able to step back and see why I think people/adults put themselves through the torture of walking for hours through a crowded park  loved going...the expressions on their child's cheesy as it really is just priceless.  They really believe in it all, the magic, the fairies, the wicked witches and it makes you feel it for the day....who wouldn't want to go and enjoy that.  So I booked a trip the weekend after my marathon ( I hope I can walk)...four days only...short and sweet.  Enough for Lukey to get his fill of WHITE, WHITE!

37...I think!
I am pretty forgetful but one thing I pretty much always have to concentrate and calculate is my age.  I know...but it just seems crazy to me that I could actually be turning 37 in September!!  I really don't feel 37...not sure what I thought it would feel like...and I am also pretty sure this is the definition of denial..  Long story short, I really just want to go shopping for my birthday or actually before (because I don't really enjoy shopping...its too long and tiring and I hate trying on clothes...I'm more of a 'Marshall's find' kind of girl), and get some clothes I fit in.  I just found out that I am able to get some of my favorite sundresses taken in.  This is a good thing because I was getting upset about having to get rid of soooo many clothes.  One day I will show you before and after pictures but for now lets say I have a wardrobe that goes from size 14 down to 4..  I gave away all my "small" clothes thinking I would never get back to that size...ever, never, ever!  Well I'm there now and I have nothing to wear for it!  So  a' shopping I will go!

What are you busy with or excited for??!!!!
Do you like Disney?! 
How old are you? lol just kidding!
Any recipes for all my tomatoes and basil?


  1. Ok, first of all, I have to say YAY FOR KING KULLEN! It is such a Long Island thing. No one here knows what it is. And no on here calls it foodshopping. they call it "grocery shopping".

    I LOVE DISNEY. I am one of "those" who fall for it all... hook, line and sinker. :) How fun you all are going!!

    Good luck at your tri! You are going to do awesome. :)

    Thanks for the donation!

  2. Busy and Excited!! Story of my life and so so true. Best of luck at your tri!! I am beyond excited for you.

  3. I would love to take my girls to Disney and we are currently starting a "Disney Fund". Busy with 2 girls (4 1/2yrs old and a 16 month old) and the oldest is excited for pre-school. Recipes? Maybe salsa? Oh...I'll also be 37 in September. Good luck with your tri, you'll do great!

  4. Confession...I've never heard of SARAH BAREILLES, but I love that sample of her music! Very nice.

    LOVE Disney!

    Good luck on your'll do great!

  5. I'm SUCH a Disney addict ... have been my whole life. On days I was home alone with dad, he could pop in Sleeping Beauty or The Little Mermaid and have the day to himself. I would just rewind and re-watch until mom got home. We had/have ALL the Sing-Along tapes too ... I'm pretty sure I know all the songs from any Disney movie before 2000, and can play most of the major themes on the piano too (though horribly).

    And this semester is the happiest I've had in all the years since I started school because I'm FINALLY going to be able to defend my Masters paper and project and move on to finding a big-girl job (as dad calls it, lol)

  6. Wow Sara Barielles in concert! Super jealous, I bet she is amazing!

  7. Good luck with your tri this weekend!
    I'm excited and dreading school starting next week. Summer is always too short and while I'm not looking forward to getting back on the grind a few hours of kid-free time will be nice.

  8. I Love Sarah!!! Wish I could go with you.

    And from 14 to 4. Is that really possible?!!! Do I dare begin to hope?

    Teachers and simply amazing. And personally I think you should get the kind of money that grown men who run up down a field or court on Sunday afternoons get. (I mean, you're only changing lives of children...)

  9. Dina it is possible! Takes a while but it is possible. And thanks for loving teachers...usually people are just complaining about us!!!!!

  10. This weekend I wore one of the sundresses you gave me and it was so pretty! I did not tell Rocky where I got it bc I'm pretty sure that would have ruined it for him... LOL. Congrats on getting all the way down to the "never thought I'd get here" size! That is AWESOME. What better 37th birthday present could a girl ask for?

    Ok.... so for your tomatoes I have ideas!! The easiest thing is tomatoe sauce, which you can make a big batch and freeze. I like to "sneak" extra veggies in there for the kids. Start with some sweet Vidalia onion and a whole bunch of carrots. Cook them on low, covered, in enough olive oil to cover the bottom of a pot. When they are soft, add some diced peeled zucchini and cook for a few more minutes til the zucchini is soft. Then add a bunch of cut up tomatoes and simmer on low until the tomatoes are soft (probably 40 minutes for a big batch). When it is done cooking, put through a blender so the kids (and Scott) won't feel the "chunks" from the other veggies. Then taste and add salt, basil, and/or more olive oil, as you like it. Its super simple and freezes really well. You can add ground meat to make Bolognese, add meatballs, or throw in some shredded cheese for a tomato-ey mac and cheese, use it for spaghetti, etc etc etc.

    Also awesome: Gazpacho (chilled tomato soup). No cooking, its fresh and zingy and yummy and easy to make. Check on my website for the recipe.

    I'm jealous!!!! Love the fresh veggies!!!

  11. Oh - and for the basil, you can dry it. Instead of pulling off the leaves, cut off the branches and tie them with a string. Hang upside down in a dry spot in your house for a few days. When they are crispy, crumble them into an air-tight container. They will keep for about 6 months, and you will have super good fresh dried basil to add to all your cooking for the fall.

  12. ah, wheelie chair races. how fun!
    hope the tri went well!
    I'm 23 as of yesterday :)


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