Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Confilict of interest?

So these are the socks I got because these are the socks they had.  I really like them and how they make my legs feel after a run....problem is some others really like the socks too....apparently these trigger some Brittney Spear video moments for my husband.
I'm thinking this may be a conflict of interest?
Lorraine....Scott....what are your thoughts?
Oh and by the way...this would be a rhetorical question for you


  1. HA HA!!!!! I love them and as long as you like them and the way they make you feel, it's a Win-Win........for the both of us. LOL

  2. Thanks so much annette! There is a donate button you can click on that will take you to where you can donate online. It is fast and easy! The button is right under my pic. You can also click on the link in my last post. Thank you again SO much!!!!!

  3. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! i have those same socks and am OBSESSED!

  4. I have never wore compression socks. I do have compression shorts. I keep looking at them , but I also keep talking my self out of them. I dont feel like my calves are my problem after a long run as much as I feel my quads are.

    Like that you hubby like your socks. ha ha

  5. I love those! So cute! I need to get my hands on a pair.

  6. Wait - who's Lorraine and how does she feel about your socks?

    They're super cute. But like Penny, my problem after my run is not my calves. My thighs and hips and glutes are the issue. I'm eyeing some compression capris, but those won't be nearly as cute as your socks. :)

  7. lol.....marie just way too much to explain but totally in a joking way...lets just say Lorraine ran out to get herself a pair lol...or shall I say for Mike?!

    I have the same thing with the quads but with the long, long runs lately I've been getting shin splints and my ankles have been hurting more.... so they help with that. I am going to get the CEP compression shorts from zappos.


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