Sunday, July 24, 2011

Question & Answer PART TWO

Do you have any other talents besides running etc?
Talents- Well I am very talented at ping pong but aside from that ;0 I think many of my friends would say I am pretty creative and crafty.  She's crafty...that's how they would say it.  I am also pretty good with the camera.  I don't know too many cool other than the ones I learned while working at Disney World ... intriguing right?!

What was the hardest decision you ever had to make?
This is  a hard one.  I feel like when  you are in the middle, the deep (rolling in the deep) of a decision it always feels like the toughest, hardest thing but when its done, if you made the right decision it didn't seem that hard at all.  Hindsight is always 20/20.  I think the hardest decision was to walk away from someone that I truly cared about because they hurt and disrespected what I value.  It was easy to know better, difficult to process the feeling of being hurt and understanding how people can just 'switch' in an instant. I'm not made like that.  Crazy thing was that I got slack for making the decision I did...for deciding to end it. That may have been the hardest part of it all.   One day I'll go into more detail...or not...we'll see.

Which celeb would play you in the movie of your life and what would be on the soundtrack?
Okay, so I have continuously been compared to Leah Remini and Linda Hamilton (um..I WISH I had those arms in the pic?!) from the Terminator.  I guess I would agree to some similarities with Leah so I would have to go with her....who would I love to be played by is a bit different. I would go with Rachel McAdams.  Love her. 

Soundtrack. This is hard.  I already got yelled at by Chris because I made my own play list.  Chris by the way...I would go with Sara Bareilles- Kaleidoscope Heart Album.  I guess I will stick with that for my soundtrack too!  

Question: What's the hardest question you had to ask anyone?


Rachelle Wardle
Question: Which of the 3 events was the hardest for you to train for? Which is your weakness? Which is your strength?
Hardest to train for is the swim because it was just difficult getting to the pool and/or water.  It was also a project with having to shower after, bringing everything blah, blah.  I actually love swimming in the open water though and enjoy bringing the kids so now that the summer is here it is better.   Weakness I would say is the bike...I spoke about that little fear of falling and breaking into a million pieces in the prior post.  My strength I would say is the running.  I know more about it, I am more familiar with it, I can't be eaten or bit by any sea creatures and its really hard to fall and break into a million little pieces. 

What are your current and long term running goals?
*Fuel correctly/Hydrate enough to maintain my running without injury
*Finish weekly mileage to get to my long term (which is getting shorter and shorter by the minute!) of doing my first Marathon. 
*Enjoy my running and not make it a job

Long Term-
*Hampton Marathon
*Sub 2 Half Marathon
*Place in a race (so if any of you know a race that there will be only 3-4 runners please advise!!!)

On that note...there are some goals that I keep to myself ;)  mainly because that is how I think it should be...some private little goals of your own. 

1. What is your favorite meal? (calories magically don't count when you answer this one)
Okay. So here's the thing.  Like my music, this all depends on the day, my mood etc. etc.  I do love a really well made fajita.  I had one in St. Martin that was to die for.  I like it when it is juicy! Also, I would like to add that my favorite part of a meal is dessert.  I really do love a good chocolate brownie with ice cream and fudge. 

2. Who is the person you most look up to?
So there are a few but for different reasons. 
In my career-SC (don't want to just throw her name out there.) She is a calm, loving, smart and inspiring teacher to the students and staff.  She just oozes "I love my job" and I love that about her. 

As a mother- I have to say currently the person that still sticks in my mind is my friend Debbie's mother.  I will never forget watching her hold her daughter...(it makes me tear just thinking of it)...I will never forget how strong she was and how she held her daughter in arms of comfort and love during the last days of  Debbie's life.  She held herself together to love and comfort her daughter to the very last minute and I think that takes tremendous strength.

Running/Sports- SE
I loved her the minute she taught the spin class and always knew I would love to just be her friend lol...that sounds funny but really I just wanted to know more about how she does what she does.  She is super at inspiring others to do their best.  She knows what she is doing-finished an Ironman- so in my book you know what you're friggin doing!  I just love her -"you can do this" attitude and I love when she yells at me and says "Hope is not a strategy!!!"

3. If you had three hours to yourself today, with absolutely no kids or responsibilities, what would you do?
I would go get a really good book or movie, the brownie and hot fudge ice cream sundae I mentioned above and then climb into my really cushy bed. Heck since this is all pretty much a fantasy lets add on a masseuse coming to my home for a relaxing massage.  Hmmm....anyone want to babysit for 3 hours and pay for a masseuse to come to my home??

Your go to post workout food or drink? Is it different then your post race food or drink?
Go to post workout is my Vega Sport shake mixed with chocolate zico water, bananas and some fruit.  I usually can't stomach a lot after a long run and this helps a lot. 

How do you take your caffinee? (coffee, tea or other?)Since I did the Quantum Wellness cleanse I haven't had coffee (crazy right?!) . I realized how much it was keeping me up and how I was needing it .  I hate when I feel like I need something to function.  Now, the most caffeine I get is from my chocolate and GU's. 

If you had to eat one type of candy or chocolate the rest of your life what would it be?
After the cleanse I haven't eaten any chocolate..............ha ha just kidding that's a friggin joke and a half.  I totally shouldn't be allowed to eat it because I am certainly addicted.  I do eat it sparingly though after having done the cleanse because I truly am addicted and I feel better without that much sugar.  The answer to the question though...
Peanut chews. Hands down.

That's all folks...unless you have some more! Hope you enjoyed learning more about me! 


  1. i used to be a ping pong rock star too ;) and chocolate. omg. seriously. i can't get enough! so fun getting to know more about you :)

  2. Great answers! I'm not sure I see the Leah Remini resemblance, but Rachel McAdams is awesome!


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