Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Mommy Post

I love spending time with my kids...especially when they are not screaming, fighting or biting eachother ;). I usually schedule my runs before they wake or after they go to sleep.  The mommy guilt is inevitable at times but I always let it go knowing that I am a much happier mommy when I get the time to run or do something for myself.  Here are some cute little pics of some of our 'after school' activities!! 

Spooky Ghosts! 
1-cut garbage bag into fours
2-take two pages of newspaper and crumple
3.  put newspaper in garbage bag and rubberband
4.  Draw face and attach string to hang
Hanging them on the porch.  They are really cute blowing in the wind!

The setup-KEY to PREVENTING a disaster
Sneaky chocolate lover!
My turn!

Mix it up!

I'm so exhausted when I get home from work but the fun and the yummy pumkin bread is well worth it!


  1. The stuff that life is made of!! Thanks for sharing Annette!

  2. This is a real winner with my kids at Halloween ~

  3. I made ghosts with the kids at work. Let me know how pumpkin bread turns out... never had it.

  4. OMG, they are SO cute!!!! I love the "sneaky chocolate lover" picture -- cracks me up!

    I miss my boo's. Give them both giant hugs from Aunt Marie and Nico.


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