Sunday, September 11, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog....Goodnight from NY

That tis the question...

So much has been going on lately that I can't even begin to start to ramble it off without sounding like I'm just rambling shit off.  We finally got our lights back on Saturday night at 8pm. Thanks to those of you who called to see if we were okay, came by or cared in some way shape or those of you who didn't ...go scratch yourselves .
(p.s. to those of you who didn't understand my "you remind me of leah remini" comments wasn't that I look like her...its that the last line is something I would kinda say normally....but not all the time ; )
Um...I'm in rare form. 
I am at my den table with twenty books open, one being my plan book. I have the worst virus/cold...and what the doctor says is tonsillitis .  Problem is I thought you needed your tonsils to get tonsillitis?  I had those taken out about 17 years ago...hmm Lets ponder that one. 

So lets consider this.  It is my first week of taper until the mileage goes down to practically no running.  I can't fathom running 12 tomorrow unless the sick fairies come visit me or should it be the 'health' fairy? I'm concerned about running, I am trying to get plans done, spend time with the family etc. etc.   Long story short I am having a hard time finding time to blog.  After the hurricane I realized how much "technology" time the Johnson family spends during the day.  "Technology time" should be real people time, talking time, resting time, running time...  I think I am also just mentally and physically spent.   I need to get better, feel better and then maybe I will feel the spark to share and blog...because I do love it -- wait to you hear about the compression pants I found!

But for now-or for today-who knows how long this will last....I'm going upstairs to relax, go to sleep and

pray that tomorrow 
only brings
 a day of peace and remembrance
here in NY
and everywhere else in the country...  


  1. I wish for you a wonderful tomorrow :)

  2. Praying you'll feel much better and have a great day!

  3. thinking of you and hoping that you feel better soon!

  4. Did the doctor say he saw tonsils? They can occasionally grow back, so it is possible. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. This sucks! And I'm scratching myself because I didn't even so much as leave a comment when you probably needed it the most. :)

    And I don't even want to comment on the tonsil thing.

    I'm going to be a w(b)itch and tell you to pull it together,girl! We need this blog!

    Love and hugs!

  6. Get feeling better! Love the closing of your post.

  7. You've had so much going on, and you've been pushing yourself so hard, its not surprising that your system is down. Hopefully you had some good rest and things have "reset." I've been thinking of you but figured things were crazed what with the power situation and the start of school.

    Rest up, girl! I'll see you next weekend.


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