Monday, October 17, 2011

Tick Tock

What makes you tick?  Lately, I've been asked the question but most importantly I've been asking myself.  I have no secret potion, no secret 'how to' book, I certainly don't have the answer(s).  What I do have is the understanding and recognition of when I'm not myself, when I'm hitting a rut, when I feel on top of the world and feel I can conquer or achieve anything...I do know some things, but at the same time...I know nothing.... 

With every finish line there is a new beginning.  I've been reflecting a lot, enjoying the down time, spending time with the family and thinking about  my new goals.  I've seen all my gang pick up from where we left off in different ways. I mean, its not the end of the world here people but it is an end to something we all worked very hard for and for a good chunk of time.  I haven't been totally idle in this down time... I've been running some nice trails with Bman, some quiet solo runs on Harbor Hills and some crazy kick ass swim sessions with Susan.  I think the best part of this 'idle' time is reflecting on where I was, where I've been and where I am going. 

So as of now I am working on formulating those goals.  My physical/athletic goals, relationship, family, and work.  I actually can't wait to get it all down on paper...yeah..that's fun for me...but if you're reading this...I'm thinking you may have a little 'geek' in you too and like that stuff as well.  Now, as much as I enjoy writing down all of the goals and crap please know that its not all honkey tonkey..(?) and easy.  Its just that if I don't have direction...I am the type that can go hog wild.  Yeah..pretty simple.  Either a goal with direction or hog wild....told you I know myself :)

So how do you all choose goals?  Do you have more than one at a time? Do you take breaks in between formulating and achieving your goals?  Anybody out there having a hard time getting started on a goal?


  1. i definitely have to be specific about my goals or I get kinda stagnant...never working toward anything. i like to have multiple goals and then maybe one huge goal. often the little goals can be stepping stones to the bigger goal :) good luck!!

  2. I agree with Julia. When I don't have a set goal, I tend to get stagnant. Right now I am kind of in survival mode. There is so much to do at work and at a home, my "goal" is "Make it to the weekend, then take a long nap"!

    I have been thinking of going to a personal trainer, but like I said, I'm sort of in limbo right now. In a couple weeks, I'll be past some hurdles and will be able to say, "This is where I am now and this is what I want to achieve." I am really looking forward to that.

    Good luck with your goal-setting. I am looking forward to reading about it!

  3. Annette, are you ever going to blog again? How about a "Mommy Post" at least?!




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