Thursday, February 17, 2011


What I love most about this 'lifestyle' change is that I am learning more about myself and my body. I found that I can no longer eat 3 bars of peanut chews and then go for a run (lol). Yes, it took me time to realize this. This may help you to understand how far I really have come!!! I was a regular at Wendy's (mmm spicy chicken sandwich)I really never ate well, didn't touch a vegetable, would stay up late, yada-yada. This list could go on and on.

I started eating better but just recently I found something that is meshing with me sooo well its making me THRIVE (Yes, Kelly...I said Thrive lol). I will explain that in another post. I started making Vega smoothies . It is made by Brendan Brazier, a professional Ironman triathlete. It is made from natural plant based whole foods. I buy it from Whole foods and it is around 45 dollars. Below you will see the berry mix and a small chocolate pouch. I prefer the chocolate one(duh).

Now, why a shake? Well first, I do not have ANY time in the mornings with two kids. I needed to have something quick. I was running to work with a box of cereal under one hand and a coffee in the other Second, I wanted to eat healthier but I'm not much of a veggie chef, Marie can vouch for me...I just watched in amazement when she was here visiting. All she was doing was stir frying some simple vegetables lol. Third, it is so easy on my stomach. After my long runs my stomach would hurt soooo much. I think it was my body trying to break down whatever I ate before the run, which was usually a peanut butter sandwich. It was extremely painful and would occasionally have me curled in a ball moaning "my stomach". I've had two longer runs and I've been pain free with the smoothie...which makes me a happy camper! Two other bonuses are that since I've been drinking the smoothies I haven't craved coffee as much. I barely have one cup a week!!!What?! The second bonus...4 pounds just plopped right off of me..caputti!

So heres what I add:
1 scoop of mix (they suggest 2...I only use 1 and its fine)
1 banana
1 cup of yogurt (usually strawberry)
1 teaspoon of flaxseed oil
1 handful of fresh fruit
1 handful of frozen fruit (from trader joes)
splash of OJ

Then I mix it up in my Magic Bullet and drink it up!!! Yummy.

For Lunch...a salad ( i throw anything that will allow me to in the salad) with my favorite dressing!

Then dinner...whatever I want!

Looking forward to hear anyone elses healthy eating ideas or recipes! I know my sister in law has been posting some yummy vegetarian/healthy recipes...what I need are some that I can put in front of my children that aren't so 'green' and 'healthy' looking lol....let me know if you have any!


  1. The flaxseed oil is what's helping! Some healthy things that don't taste healthy ... Trader Joe's Oatmeal with Flaxseed.
    Quinoa is really good and very healthy! I use it instead of rice, I cut up some garlic, use olive oil, oregano, sea salt, pepper, garlic powder and add chick peas and lemon. AMAZING! I also eat that with FAGE 0% greek yogurt... it's just like you are eating at Akropolis (sp?)
    I think that's all I have. Enjoy!

  2. oooh! I tried that greek yogurt. Rocky started me on it! Its really good especially with that little cup of strawberry on the side...did you ever see that packaging? Lucas loves that!

  3. Hi Annette —
    Wandered over here from Dina's. Since I am not going to be doing a lot of hardcore running in the near future, I am going to enjoy stopping by and living vicariously through your progress! That salad, BTW, looks delish!

  4. Maria -- Chickpeas and quinoa? I am SHOCKED!!!! Wow, what a change in your eating habits!!! Good for you!

    Annette -- that smoothie sounds great. I have to try that. What is a Magic Bullet? Honestly I hate making smoothies bc its such a pain to clean the blender.

    Also, do you snack at all? I dont' think I could make it through the day on just a smoothie and a salad....

    This is awesome. All the sisters and sisters-in-law are going to be soooooooo healthy in 2011!!!!

  5. PS. I'll teach you how to stir fry veggies -- easy-peasy. :)


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