Friday, July 22, 2011

Your Goals?

I set out for an 8 miler and came home only doing five.  I was so fine with it because I listened to my body and the ridiculous heat that I was struggling to cut through with each stride.  I was fine because I had one of those "deep thoughts" when I was running and came home feeling better than when I left.  In my eyes that would be the definition of a good run.  I love running because it clears my mind and allows me to see things in a different light, a better way...the whole picture lets say. 

I've been frustrated lately because the training for the marathon has become more demanding and so has fun ways.  Its summer, I am home with the kids, friends want to go out, play dates, summer concerts, the beach, pool, relaxing.  Aside from the fun stuff, I also have chores, errands, and the children that don't always want to cooperate...oh yeah and that thing called sleep.  Remember that?

What's been frustrating is I felt annoyed that it was becoming so difficult. I was trying to fit runs in when they really weren't the best times for me and my body. I wasn't getting enough sleep. I've been trying to settle our home and get rid of "stuff" that we don't need....I just felt like --why the hell is no one else seeing how difficult this goal is?  Why is no one helping me?? Why isn't Scott realizing how hard this is?  Why isn't my mom just offering to babysit a day lol...without me asking lol?
okay so what does this have to do with the run?
As I set out for the run I said to myself "it is okay that you do five".  It is already 90 and to fit the eight in I would have had to go at a faster pace.  I was okay with it and then compromised with myself that I would do the Cordwood and Harbor Hill roads to make up for the lost three.  I promised myself that no matter how slow, I would not stop. I would run every inch of the hills.  So I finished the first hill, the second, the third, the fourth and then came to the last long annoying one...I was two to three feet away from finishing my mini-goal (I usually make a little mini goal for every run...a certain pace, try not to stop for the bathroom, watch form etc) when a guy that TOTALLY didn't need to pull out right away, did and cut me off with his truck.  I was soooo annoyed...thinking really guy?  You needed to pull out in front of me?  You couldn't let me finish the 20 more steps to reach my goal?  ....

That's when I had a little moment and realized.  This is life.  This guy had no idea of my goal.  This guy isn't thinking about my goals.  This guy isn't running up a redonkulous hill in 90 degree weather, he has his own agenda.  It would have been courteous for him to let me go...but he didn't 
and that's life.  I can either sit here and get pissed
wait and keep going. 

So what I realized (whew..very long winded I'm sorry lol), is that no one else is going to know your goals, care about your goals, protect your goals like you do.  You can share your goals and people can support you but when things get difficult you might have to pause, wait , redefine, revise and then keep working towards them.  Never lose them , never let the things that try to get in the way of them distract you. 

What are your major goals?
What are your mini goals?
What distracts you most from your goals?
How do you get back on track?


  1. I love this post!! My major goal is to get to my wedding weight (10lbs away) and my mini goal is to get 30-40 miles in each week. My hubby distracts me from my a good way though. I just want to have fun!

  2. So true Annette. Similar to the idea that people naturally are thinking about themselves and so when we get all wrapped up in what people think about us, they probably aren't thinking about us. Our goals are for us and nobody else values them as much as we do. I have some big goals...but on that note, one of my goals is to get out the door for ballet class in 5 min so I will share them later. Good luck with your goals and Happy Friday!

  3. Great post! My major goals are to keep training for more FULL marathons without getting INJURED! Mini goals are to keep cross-training and stretching/foam rolling to prevent injury.

    It's easy to get distracted but I usually tend to write things down when that happens. It helps me to stay focused and reorganizes my plan!

  4. this is a great post! i can totally relate to the stress you mentioned about training. there are sometimes that I am like ahhhhhhh...I have to run for like 2hrs tomorrow but I also want to sleep or do this or that. Totally understand.

    I like how you talk about mini goals...lately my mini goal is just to start out slow that I can work into a strong "feeling" run. I feel much better that way and more confident than trying to sprint from the onset! good for you for doing what you could today and realizing...hey I am good for now. Plus those 20 steps...I would count it like I didn't stop if the car jumped out in front of me! good job today! way to conquer the hills!

  5. Great post!!! It's hard to find that balance in life with all the different things we as mothers have going on. Squeezing in a long run here and there is hard sometimes. But I say, that we just do what we can and be happy with that. I have cut many a run short because I need to get home, or I just feel done. I need to feel okay with that because I was doing the best I can.

    Great job for you to listening to yourself and doing what you feel that you could do. You're awesome!!

  6. Good advice Annette. Ultimately, our goals are our goals...

    Major goal is to get my blood pressure/cholestrol managable by eating better and more exercise

    Minor Goal is to lose 20-25 pounds (Minor Goal, HA!)

    I'm lazy. I'm my worst distraction and my worst enemy.

    And I'm still trying to get back on track.

  7. Seems like we all needed to be reminded of this :)
    As pertains to running/fitness…
    Mini goal is to get uninjured :)
    Major goal is to run my 1/2 marathon faster than my current ability :P
    My primary distraction would be the demands of motherhood.
    I get back on track by asking for help instead of expecting it!

  8. Great post! And the heat is NUTS right now!!
    My "minor goal" (which feels pretty major) right now is to kick butt in this training session and then qualify for Boston and run a 3:30 marathon in September.

    My "major goal" is to stay healthy, stay fit, and be a runner for the rest of my life (these are my personal, selfish goals).

    I have millions of minor and major goals with josh, the kids, work, etc.

    I am pretty focused and don't get off track too easily, but when i do, reminding myself of what I want and why helps get me back where I need to be. Priorities, balance, and not letting the little "junk" get in the way are all key for me too.

  9. I lve this post too! I had the same kind of week last week. I was traveling for work, not sleeping enough, couldn't get in a single friggin workout ALL WEEK. (Ugh!) Sunday is my "long run" day (I put that in quotes bc my long run is your short run - LOL) I was supposed to do 6 miles. I didn't sleep the night before (bc we were at my parents, baby in teh same room in an unfamiliar bed, you know th drill...) and it was 100 degrees outside. So first, I agreed not to run outside when my hubs told me that was insane. Then I went to the gym, and it was ridiculously hot inside!!!! Its like the air conditioning couldn't keep up with the heat wave we've been having! The heat was killing me, and I had no energy from the lack of sleep and all the travel that week. So I did 4 miles, and I did them slower than I've run in like 2 months, and I was okay with it. I will make up for it this week, in a cooler gym!!!

    As for goals: My current goal is to run a 13-miler by the time I turn 40 (this October!) Short term goal for this week: get back on my RL RF schedule, and do 6.5 miles this weekend.


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