Friday, July 15, 2011

Truth and Dare

So SUAR aka Shut Up and Run  (one of the great, funny and informative blogs out there so go visit!)posted an entry titled "A Day in the Life" and at the end she wrote...
Post your “day in the life.” I dare you
Can't pass up a dare!  A day in my shoes....the ins and outs of my goes.

I press the snooze button about 20 times. If you have ever stayed in my home you most likely have complained about all the alarms going off at different times.  Its because I have always had trouble getting out of bed.  I love my bed.  I have an alarm I can't ignore now...well sometimes I can but it takes a lot of faking heavy sleeping!  Mr. Coolman Luke- Get him dressed and then myself!

The stud

Go downstairs make a peanut butter sandwich and prep everything for my long run.  15 miles for me today! Okay so for me this is huge!  It is the farthest distance I have ever run. I was excited and a bit nervous, especially when my Garmin band decided to rip and break.  Really?!  I had to tape it together and then tie it to my belt...don't ask. 
Me taping
The day was beautiful and I felt great.  Had three chews before I started, a GU at 6 and four chews at 11 miles.  I felt really hungry at 13 and was thinking "hmm wonder if I can pin a sandwich onto my shorts for the marathon".  That wouldn't be normal would it? I had to stop twice for water. At 10 miles I put my ipod on.  My plan is to go to the ipod after 14 miles.  I bonked and went with the ipod earlier because my head was all trying to think and crap. I couldn't focus on what I was doing.  Learned some new places where I need to place the GLIDE.... ;)fun stuff!  Overall very happy with the run and sooo excited that I wasn't dying after! I did 15.30 in 2 hours and 34 minutes. 

10 ish
I am in FEED ME mode now but sometimes my stomach doesn't really want anything heavy after a long run, so I make a shake to drink while in the bath.  Yes, another ice bath.  It worked the first time so it is now a part of my long run routine.  This time it wasn't so bad getting in.

Vega Sport Recovery with Zico water, blueberries and a banana

Ice exciting right?


I' m rushing now because I have to meet my Scott at the library.  He was with them today because he is leaving for Florida tomorrow and wanted to spend some extra time with the kids.  I signed them up for
Playdoh at the library.  So fun!

Um? Why am I working so hard? It's playdoh!?!

I have playdoh in my hair.  My son is attacking...who knows what!?
What the hell is happening to Family Fun at the Library?

12:30 pm

It's lunch time.  Look at the randomness.  It's a whole lot of something going on.  Best part of lunch was my date.

She had yogurt.

Then we moved outside to have some cherries!

LUCAS goes in for a nap! Such a cutey...I tend to stare for about five minutes and savor every minute!

Check out the left over play doh on his shirt!


Okay. So I was starting to crash and the irritability was starting to set in. I think the hardest part about being a parent and training for anything is that you don't have too much time to crash and rest. I literally groveled for twenty minutes of shut was worth every little groveling penny!

Look how cushy it is!


Brooke had a birthday party at 4 so we headed to Toys R' Us to pick up a gift.  Nothing like a last minute shopping trip. I was pleasantly surprised.  They had so many awesome craft things and on sale too!  I got the presents and a few things for the kids...fingerpaints, driveway paint, and an wipe off car thingy...

Last minute shopping

Their reward for being so well behaved in the store. 
Let's just say this is a rare occasion!
I'm hungry again.  Nuff' said!

Shrimp fra' Diavolo...yummy!

Lucas had his speech testing at 4.  Not sure the teachers would have been fond of me taking pictures of them for my I refrained.  He did really well and doesn't need services.  Our doctor had suggested getting tested because he was not producing enough words.  His receptive is so much stronger than his expressive.  Its unbelievable though since that visit, when he suggested the testing, how much more he is saying.  Every child is so different in their development. My daughter was reciting poetry (not really but kind of) and Lucas is fine with "give me" and then jumping off the top of a building (not really but kind of). 

Off to Bed, Bath and Beyond for this cute little college shower apparatus that I thought would be great for by the pool.  Shopping with one child is sooooo much easier than two! 

He brought his baby and is proud of it!

Next was Trader Joe's. Scott and Brooke met us there.  It's totally typical of me to have two carts, a kid in each but Scott was home so I recruited help! 

The kids are in that back cart...I promise.

Alright so don't call CPS...this was a long day and Lucas and I just ate dinner.  I know its late and I know this is typically his bed time...but I did make it up to him by getting him Red Mango after we ate.  That makes up for  it right Hungry Runner Girl?  Parenting at its best....staying up late and eating frozen yogurt with the fixings!

Obviously couldn't help but eat some before I took the pic!

Next came love, then came really.  Next came baths, then brushing teeth, then books, then feed fishy, then bed for the kids.  Then I cleaned up downstairs, then I tried to finish this entry but never did because it took too long....Hope I didn't bore ya! But this is....

A day in the life of ...

What do you think?
Have you ever strapped a sandwich to yourself on a long run????
Do you want a nap after a long run?
Are you a bit irritable after a tough workout?
Do you get your kids to bed on time EVERY night?
Do you have days that are just totally filled with chores?
Do you use frozen yogurt or icecream as a bargaining tool?



  1. You are an amazing Mother... all those activities and all that TLC. Your babes are adorable and you are awesome.

    My day looks like nothing compared to yours!

  2. Very entertaining! I used to do a photo every hour for 10 hours - and that was always fun to explian. Maybe I will try that. :)

  3. I can get irritable after a long run - especially since I usually just want to relax and by that time the hubby usually just woke up and wants to do something. It drives me crazy!

    I loved this post. :)

  4. Love it! Just reading about your day made me exhausted. You are seriously amazing! Great job on the 15 miles!! I am so incredibly proud of you. That is such a big step. :):)

  5. Congratulations on your long run! WOOHOO!

    I'm so gonna do this Day in the Life thing one day next week. Given my life, it promises to be the most boring post EVER.

    My uncle and his wife have the same expressive issue with their daughter. She's been in therapy for a couple of years for it, and it's some better now, but it was so bad that the experts recommended they not let her start kindergarten last year when she was supposed to.

  6. you crack me up!!!!

    Jo Anne :0)
    PS good job on ur run!!!!!
    PSS I say go for it with the sandwich ;0)

  7. I love hte idea of strapping a sandwich on for a run. You should absolutely do that. And take pictures!!!!! LOL......

    Ah yes, I am familiar with the "day in the life" pace of your little family there. Gotta say, I don't know how you guys do it! I could have done EITHER BRU or TJs or BB&B -- not ALL of them!!!!!!

    And I always wonder how people who are training for marathons rest on their long run days. When you don't have kids, I presume you just do th elong run on a day that you don't have to work and then you nap. A lot. But when you have kids.... (or work)..... yee-ikes! I can't even imagine running 15 miles and then spending the morning watching two little ones!!!!! I'd have been in the crib with Lucas!!! LOL..

    Those munchkins are as adorable as ever. Nico sends kisses.

  8. Oh the answers to your questions:

    1 - Not yet. But when I was pregnant, I used to keep cheese in my purse. Seriously. I was hungry ALL the time.
    2 - Whats a long run?
    3 - I am usually just wiped after a tough workout, without enough strength to even snap at anyone. I just sigh a lot.
    4 - During the week we are pretty consistent -- 8:00 pm. Weekends are later.
    5 - Yes, they are called Saturday and Sunday.
    6 - Not yet. Not yet....

  9. Final comment: YAY! re speech test!

    And Elle is right -- you are an amazing mom! All those activities and all that TLC!

  10. Whew! I'm exhausted just reading this. You are an inspiration.

  11. What a day, and well documented too.

    Congrats on the 15 miler. I take ice baths on occasion, they work!

  12. Wow you make me tired just watching your day!! What a Great mom. I found you on Jill's site.
    You can follow me at:

  13. I love the pictures, and great job on your long run!

    Usually my legs are too sore to sleep after a long run.


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