Friday, July 8, 2011

Back and Forth

So, I am reluctantly headed back to the ER.  I'm still feeling not the best and called the doctor to get a guesstimate of when I could resume activity and/or would be feeling myself again.  He wasn't thrilled that they didn't do the CAT scan so I was told to go back.  I really feel like I am going to be sitting in the parking lot for a good hour deciding whether to go in or not.  Pretty sure I'll be making some "What do you think??" phone calls.  So here, friends is one of my glitches.  When it comes to myself I apparently have trouble making a decisions lol especially with things like this, you know concussions and all. I think the problem is that part of me is scared, part of me is nervous, part of me doesn't want to go through a CAT scan if it isn't neccesary...etc. etc.

The babysitter will be here in about five we will see.  Maybe I'll take a pic of me laying down in the ER because I wouldn't want to go another day without a pic of me laying down...

BTW...still bummed about the tri. I will update on that all later.  I guess though like many of you have said, everything happens for a reason.


  1. oh no! thinking about you and hoping you feel better soon! good luck at the ER!

  2. If you ask me, there is a reason the Universe did not let you do that tri. I hope you are OK. Take care of yourself!

  3. I hope you decided on another CAT is better to be safe! I hope you are back to feeling like yourself soon!

  4. I hope everything will be okay! Not fun to go through all that. Sorry about the whole tri thing. That just stinks! Good Luck!


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