Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mess of a Run

So I think I mentioned I have a tri this weekend and I'm starting to feel a bit more prepared. I went to the water two more times and wasn't as petrified.  I did do a lot of swimming over the winter but it was all in a pool. I'm not sure why I was naive enough to think it wouldn't be too much of a difference...
Because of the tri I put the marathon training on hold for a week (sort of).  I started the training program 2 weeks early in case anything came up, if I needed to rest the body a bit or if life happened.  I felt that this week would be overdoing it if I was trying to swim, bike and run 3, 4, 7 and then 15 miles mixed in with a race.  So I decided to do a repeat of last week. 
Yesterday, I headed out for a 10 miler and relearned some very valuable lessons.  Its so funny how running is like life....as soon as you think you have it down...BAM! It throws you for a loop. 

Things I did wrong yesterday:
* Went out without hydrating enough.
*Was rushed and forgot my second GU--so I had nothing to refuel with at mile 6...not good.
*Left the house around 10:30 which left me running during the hottest part of the day
*Not mapping out the run and just "going for it"...I think that attitude is okay in some conditions but these were not the best
*Running part of my route to the beach on a Holiday weekend = not smart.  The drivers were nuts and the road doesn't allow much room for bikers and runners.

Scott had decided to take the kids to the beach I was running to and noticed I wasn't on route during the time I should have been.  He backtracked and found me. I got in the car--took a swig of muscle milk, ate a small bit, drank a water and got back out to finish the 10.  Why?  I felt much better and the one thing I'm training myself to do is stick to what I set out to do.  It builds the mind and I'm thinking you need that for the marathon. 
 (Unless of course it is going to kill ya...but after I ate I knew it wouldn't.  ;)
After the run, I joined them at the beach and swam a bit.  My daughter is so ridiculously scared of the creatures and seaweed in the water.  I can't imagine where she gets that from???  I got a nice swim in there but didn't try it with my wetsuit....I thought people might stare too much considering it was about 90 degrees out and the water was about 75!
When we got home I was EXHAUSTED. 
Tried resting in the backyard while Brooke panicked about the loud sounds from the fireworks.  Obviously from the picture below that didn't work out so well....That would be a "caught in the act" shot of Brooke about to slap a bug off my back.

I'm pretty sure there was no bug!

I was forced to sleep sitting up.  Eventually the bugs got to me and I snuck off to bed.  The day was exhausting...I still feel a bit dehydrated from that run with a slight headache. 

Where in the world does she get that energy??


  1. Hi from a new follower on GFC and FB! Good luck with the tri! "Just going for it" runs never seem to work out for me. I need a plan!

    Blog: Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

    FB: Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

    Glad to have found your blog :)

  2. I forgot to mention. I'm hosting Fitness Friday, a blog hop for health and fitness blogs. I would love to have you join!

    Here's the info

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  3. yay!!! excited for your tri! totally true about running...I am constantly learning something new...even though I think I have it figured out ;) So glad that your fam found you so you could get some fuel and FINISH!!

  4. You are a rockstar for finishing out that run. Good for you and I agree with you that those are definitely the types of workouts that will push you to not quit during the marathon.

    I can't wait to hear all about your tri. Best of luck!

  5. btw - that second picture of Brookie spazzing out is HYSTERICAL!


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