Thursday, July 7, 2011

Houston-We Have a Concussion

So I couldn't write yesterday because you would have thought I was having my 4 year old daughter write the post.   I was totally out of it so my parents picked up the kids and I made an afternoon pit-stop to the ER.  Yes, the ER.  Now I wish I could tell you that I fell off my bike during this crazy ride, or maybe I was swimming so fast that I swam into a boulder, or something else that is more on the lines of exciting and dangerous.  That is not the case. 

On Tuesday when I was playing with the kids I was throwing a bag into the carport.  I had opened the gate to the carport and was standing in between. I kind of hip thrusted the door open and didn't realize the swing it was going to have coming back.  The black gate latched slammed right into my left temple so hard that it knocked me to the ground.  My daughter came running and I just sat there on my knees until I could see straight.  We checked if it was bleeding and then I just tried to rub it out.   The spot where I was hit started to throb but I really didn't think much of it and went on with the day. 

 I cleaned, cooked dinner and even tried a yoga class.   During dinner I wasn't too hungry just felt weird.  I thought maybe I was a little thirsty and tried to rehydrate before yoga.  I went to yoga and couldn't make it through the class which has never happened.  I had to lay there because it is a big no-no to leave a hot yoga class and the guy teaching it is NUTSO.  Again, I thought I was just a little dehydrated and that I'll lay here, go home, go to sleep and take a full rest day tomorrow.  I got in the car to leave and knew something was wrong because I felt so I didn't stop to get my usual Red Mango yogurt.  I went home and just laid down feeling not so good and realizing my head is starting to really hurt now...not just in the one spot.  That's when I remembered that I got hit in the head.  I didn't think much of it...just went to sleep. 

Long story short, I woke the next day and was in a friggin ridiculous fog.  I couldn't really think without it hurting.  I was not myself.  Lethargic, headache, foggy, and very, very nauseus.  My dad pretty much said if you don't go get checked out by the doctor you are not doing the Tri.  Threatening is pretty much the only thing that works with me...  So I called the doctor.  Apperently they will not see anyone that has "concussion like symptoms because of the accident that Natasha Richardson had"...way to scare the crap out of someone lady.  She tells me that I should go to the ER and that I needed to tell her which one. Wonderful.  My favorite place.  The germy, disgusting ER. 

I went to Mather.  I explained what happened and that I really didn't want to be there.  She did a few tests and then said she didn't think "there was any bleeding" and that she didn't want to do a CAT scan because its equivalent to 100 chest xrays...blah blah..something like that.  Long story short. I am home, she diagnosed it as a concussion, and my parents took the kids for the night and day so I could rest.  Scott asked me a zillion silly questions yesterday to make sure I wasn't losing my memory... to be honest I'm not sure I could answer on a normal  I am still not 100%.  My eyes feel they are not exactly listening to the direction I want them to go. My head is still throbbing where I was hit and I can't really touch it.  Today I'm just going to lounge by the pool and try to relax and not think about trying to do anything to prep for this race.  IF, I still feel this way on Sunday I am going to be forced to make a choice.  I obviously don't want to put myself in danger.  I have come up with a decision if  I can't has to do with not losing my spot, cheering and giving someone my number.  To that someone...don't start getting all crazy on me...I will decide Saturday night. 

So here's another picture of me sleeping on a RUNNING blog ....I gotta get myself together ! lmao!

sleeping after ridding myself of all germs from the ER!


  1. OUCH!! I have had two concussions, but from very silly things (I mean seriously, with the 2nd one I was just getting into my car!). They sucked - but this sounds even worse! I was in a fog for almost a week before I felt back to "normal" again. Good luck with your decision on the tri. I hope you get to do it!

  2. Oh no!!! Take care of yourself!!! Good thing Pops threatened you to go to the ER!!

  3. I hope you are feeling better soon. Good Luck on that Tri. I hope you are able to do it. Take care of yourself.

  4. oh man! I hope you start feeling better soon.

  5. I'm impressed daddy even remembered you had the Tri and knew what that was! Haha. I'm glad you are feeling well enough to write.

  6. Hi Annette,
    Thanks for your comment on my Blog. Go back and check my post that I revised. I gave you an award :-)

  7. Oh no! Hope a day of rest and taking it easy makes you feel better. Concussions are the worst!

  8. Oh no!! This is a no fun. So need to catch up on here...I've been out of the blog loop and really lame at staying caught up.

  9. Oh yuck. I am so glad you are ok, but a concussion is no fun at all. And LOL... i haven ot been in the Mather ER is a long time, although I spent many many many hours there.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  10. Yikes! I'm glad you're resting. Take this concussion seriously! It is going to be more like a week before you are back to normal.

    My brother Chris got a concussion a few months ago -- the back door of a van slammed into him bc of a strong wind gust! (random concussion accidents happen more often than you think!) He knew he had a C right away, bc it was like his 10th one or something (years of playing football....)

    Anyway, the way he described it is all the symptoms you just describd. The brain being slow, not processing things right. He said when the brain swelling goes down and you are back to normal, you know it right away -- its like a light switch is turned on. You will just feel back to normal and be able to think/process things easily and clearly.

    Take your rest seriously. I would back off the running, too -- you don't want to be doing pounding, high-impact stuff right now. I'm surprised your doctor didn't mention that ... although maybe they dont know you are training for a marathon right now.

    Just take it easy and be careful!!

  11. I just did a little checking on WebMD. It takes 7-10 days for you to recover. You should also expect it to affect your balance. You DEFINITELY should not be running during this time. Here is what they say you should do and look out for:

    "- Symptoms should get better in 7 to 10 days.
    - Take pain medications as directed by your health care provider.
    - Talk to your health care provider about when it is safe to return to sports and/or work.
    - Normally you should rest as much as possible as long as any symptoms of the head injury last."

    If any of these things happen, call your dr:

    - Any loss of consciousness
    - Changes in vision
    - Headache that lasts or gets worse
    - Any vomiting after a head injury
    - Increased drowsiness or dizziness
    - Lasting memory loss
    - Neck pain or stiffness after a fall


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