Monday, May 23, 2011

Mommy Monday in Pics!

I've been missing my Mommy Monday posts and figured I would share what has been keeping me so busy besides work and running!    

Lucas danced his way into getting all of these leis. The kids got skills.

I've been trying to tell Scott that this is ABSOLUTELY you other moms could you please support me when I say..."If you have a can pretty much guarantee you are going to be dressing up!" 

Too cute...
Lucas doing "Downward Facing Dog"

Okay. So I am pretty sure Supernanny would say its not right to take pictures whilst the child is IN the naughty corner...but I couldn't help it.  He was so darn cute.  Notice the wet pants...he flooded my laundry room from holding down the water lever on the cooler.  Today he stuffed THREE kernels of CORN up ONE nostril!!!  AND YES..if I could of I WOULD HAVE taken a picture lol...but I was too busy popping them out of his nostril to grab the camera.

"Mommy- these are the bestestes cupcakes ever" (that was an intentional typo btw)

This is something I made for Brooke's Dance Birthday party...Sorry rocky..couldn't resist the cute pic of you two!

Making the mache part of Paper mache

This is when things were still 'kinda' neat

This is when we were done!!!! We'll paint and add faces and hair tomorrow.

Kids helping me with dinner

Planting and then watering the garden.

Celebrating the big 4!  Look how proud she is....

So there ya go...what I have been up to...with some running, hot yoga, playing and sleeping thrown in there.  Now that the party planning is done I am going to focus on filling in my running planners and posting my goals, what I am doing, yada know...all things running. 


  1. Your kids are adorable!!! A lady at work today was just talking about her kids sticking stuff up their noses...her 3rd trip to the ER this year. Why do they do that?? :)

  2. SO CUTE!!! loving the pics...looks like you have been busy :)

  3. Adorable. Loved looking at the fun pics.

  4. So cute!!! I wish my daughter would stay in the naughty corner! I put her up in her crib for a time out and she scaled the edge and broke free! Super Nanny would not approve!

  5. YOur kids are absolutely adorable. Thanks so much for sharing the fun pictures!

  6. Love the downward dog pic! Cutie-patooties! It makes sense to have mommy posts. That *is* what we are doing the 98% of time that we aren't running, right? ;)

  7. Haha! Love the lil man in the bad corner pic. And the one of the kids pounding the chicken breast is too funny!

    Yes, the Jillian Michaels six week six pack is AWESOME. It's such a good mix of cardio and traditional ab work and I'm sweating like a man 3.7 seconds after I turn it on. I have the 30 day shred one too, but haven't started it. I'll let you know.

  8. Thanks for sharing pictures. Did you end up recording the dance party?

  9. It's unbelievable the amount of stuff you guys do before I get home.
    I could do without my son dressing up in my daughter's dress, but if you say it's "normal", then I'm not
    Yes - Maria - most of the dance party is on video!!!!

  10. Oh now now scotty all will be okay...he is very cute in it don't you think?
    Maria, yes i was a little nuts to think about skyping you in lol...

  11. Oh how cute are your little ones!!

    Loving your blog... I will be back, for sure

    Make it a great day!


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