Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm Back, I'm Excited and I'm Sharing!

Jeez, what a week can do to a girl.  I have so much to say, so much to write about that I can barely put it all in a coherent paragraph...therefore, I shall bullet! 

*  I started running again.  I got the okay from my doctor and was a bit nervous to start.  Love the "Tip of the Week"  I found in my Runner's World Log...
     Don't let a recently recovered injury keep you running tentatively.  If a doctor has given you the go-ahead, what's holding you back is probably mental.  Avoid injury anxiety through relaxtion and focus.  Zero in on small details, such as your pace or form, to distract your mind from negative thoughts about the old injury. 
So,  'I am running (yes, that was said in the Forrest Gump voice in my head).  I'm not going to lie.  It was difficult...lots of mental strength to get through at times.  We'll talk more about the quote that came into my head when running yesterday! It's copyright'able'...well my friends said so...we'll see what you think tomorrow!

*  HUGE and Exciting news...that I will be sharing with you this week so make sure to check back.  Here are some hints:  CLEANSE, KATHY FRESTON, GIVEAWAY and I'M JEALOUS (you'll understand why later!)

*  You have to appreciate the 'tailspins' you come across in life-if you don't, you won't learn from them.  Boy did I allow myself to spin a bit this past week...but glad I did.  Wouldn't be where I am now.  Allow yourself the freedom to not have all the will come...eventually!

*Thanks for all the responses on my last post.  I felt honored that you all shared things about yourself.  Writing about things big or small always seem to help so I am glad you joined me and were able to get something from what I went through.  It was such a difficult post to write and some even asked..."Why share it?"....I shared to get it out, to not have it as a secret anymore, to be free from it. 

* My two winners from the GU me your addresses!!!!! The GU is calling your name!!

* I will keeping a log on here along with my posts because MARATHON TRAINING HAS BEGUN!!!!!!

That's all for now folks. I have to run because my son is trying to hit his sister over the head with a pooper scooper!  You can't make this stuff up!


  1. yayyyy! so glad you are running! also...thanks for sharing that quote. I really need to do that...just run. No matter what I do...I hold myself back mentally thinking I am "still injured"...I need to get over it already! before my anxiety does injure me :)

    have a good day!

  2. I can feel the excitement in your post! Have fun running!! :)

  3. so Glad you are back!! I finally e-mailed you my address! :) :)

  4. Thanks for the follow...and good luck on your marathon training, it goes by fast!

  5. Congratulations on being back to running and best of luck with your marathon training. I love the quote you shared.

    Also I just read your previous post and it made me tear up. I am so much like you, I have always held things inside and blogging has been such an amazing opportunity to share some of my experience and only hope that people can relate. I am so excited to follow your blog!

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog! How great is it that you are running again!

  7. I sent my address to the wrong email. I re-sent it. Hope you got it.


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