Friday, May 13, 2011

Jumpin and a Skippin, Giveaways, Reviews...etc!

Okay so I'm literally jumping and skipping around the house tonight.  Tomorrow morning I have my "fake but not so fake" first Tri!!  It is the last class in the 9 week program and I am super pumped!  Not sure how I am going to fall asleep?!  I'm hoping to place at least 2nd or are only 10 in the class but heck I think I have a chance even though the guys have arms that are longer than half my body (talking swim here-I feel like their one stroke is my 3!)...I think I can pull through with the run...I checked out there times on the down-low lol. 

Honestly, I am just so excited that I'm able to participate!! Its such an awesome feeling to be back in the game.  Still haven't figured out the bathing suit/bra thing...meaning do I not wear one or do I wear one and be sopping wet?  Any Tri folks out there with good advice let me know...I do know that I tried the tri shirts and they didn't really give my girls the support I need. ;)

Random pieces of info (because my mind is jumpin and skippin too!)
Here are some of the races I will be doing in the summer series...

Race 1 6/13June 13. Heckscher - 5 Miles. Very flat.

Race 2 6/20June 20. Sunken Meadow - 10k. Very hilly. Cross country course. Some of the route on the boardwalk.  (This run is killer and I may have to avoid it due to the fact that I don't want to aggravate the ol' pubic bone with crazy hills. )

Race 3 6/27June 27. Caumsett - 5k. Please get there early. Carpooling recommended.
Race 4 7/11July 11. Hempstead Lake - 4k (2.49 miles). Flat, many turns. Get there early!!
Race 5 7/18 July 18. Belmont Lake - 5k. Mostly flat.
Race 6 7/25 July 25. Robert Moses - 5k.
Race 7 8/1 August 1. Bethpage - 5k. Paths through the golf course.
Race 8 8/8 August 8. Jones Beach - 5 Miles. Start and Finish in Parking field #5 by Zachs Bay.

An AWESOME giveaway is coming up and a super REVIEW!!!   Giveaway will hopefully be posted by the weekend, still working on the post. Review on awesome RYDER  Tri sunglasses will be done after Sundays run!  Check back.

Wish me luck!  I'll check in tomorrow!


  1. There is an event in my town called "Mighty Kids Triathlon." I wonder if they would let me join? Hahahah that is all I could do in that department right now! (I cannot swim!!) I may try to do a duathlon in September.

  2. Good luck girlie!! This is awesome! Wow, you have a full plate this summer! ;) Oooo, a sunglasses giveaway...I like! :)

  3. yay!!! good luck!!! this sounds awesome! cant wait to hear about it :)

  4. Good luck! Can't wait to read how it goes!!

  5. good luck, you'll do amazing!

  6. OMG I did not realize you were from LI!!! I think I am going to do some of those races! I've been considering it because I want to do them, but a lot of times after working for 8 hrs at the beach I don't feel like racing at 7 lol. I'm pretty sure I am going to sign up and then do whatever I can. We totally need to meet up :D


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