Friday, June 24, 2011

My New Job and My New Bedtime

So school is out and I was able to relax for about 10 minutes...I relaxed until I realized I apparently have a new job...The Official JPP.  Johnson's Playground Police.  Honestly, Lucas is a walking accident and my pressure rises everytime he climbs the stairs to "his" new playset.  He likes to hang off the top, swing, do a little air time ...(that's about when my pressure rises) and then land on his rump to slide down.  This would be why I have to 'monitor' all the action on my 'tower'. Just an FYI...this was supposed to be something we got so the kids could go play and mommy could actually relax for a minute.  I think that may happen next year...but its not happening this year.
This is the swinging before the gliding in the air...that you can see I am absolutely thrilled about

Okay so maybe I need to relax...but HE COULD fall through that part in the side!!!!

New Bedtime- Along with marathon training is the need for a new bedtime.  I really think I was a bit delirious last night after hot yoga.  The class is at 8 and I like to go to the latest one so I can put the kids to sleep.  The problem is I am just so damn tired the next day!  Tomorrow I have to wake at 5!!!  FIVE!!! (Just in case you didn't hear that the first time).  Hal's plan for us tomorrow is a half-marathon.  I mean really....the guy just writes...Half-marathon...and that's its nothing!  Honestly, I'm really psyched to do it.  I think I will be nervous when it gets up to 16 and 18....that sh*ts crazy!...Good crazy...but crazy nonetheless! So tonights bedtime is going to be around 8:30. I'm crazy fun these days! lol


  1. Crazy kids needing supervision. Bummer. LOL :) All of my little boys have been daredevils and half of my girls have been to.

    And yup... I am definitely "early to bed early to rise" when I am marathon training... which seems to be all the time. :)

  2. Oh yeah, my pressure would be right up there with yours. I bet the kids love it, though!!

    Good luck with your half today!!! That is CRRRRAzy stuff! Look at you, just running 13 miles like its no big thing!!!

  3. btw.... started it. The new running blog:


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